NHL Waiver Wire: Pickups of the Week

NHL Waiver Wire: Pickups of the Week

This article is part of our NHL Waiver Wire series.

There's plenty of negativity out there and many folks are feeling overwhelmed, but the NHL returning should come as a welcome distraction.  The players, the goals, the many drafts and many subsequent lineup changes.  It's all fun.

If you're a seasoned fantasy hockey participant, then you know how a standard waiver wire works. For those uninitiated — or requiring a quick refresher — here are a few tips:

Check the News

If you want to succeed, then you have to stay on top of all the latest hockey happenings.  Whether it's a trade, a personnel change or an absence, keeping current is key.

Check the Wire

After the news has been announced, head straight to the waiver wire to confirm availability.  Compare with other players to find the best candidate.

Check the Roster

Got anyone on your team worth dropping? Will the player you want to pick up qualify as an improvement? If the answer to both is yes, then make the move before others strike first.

Manage the Roster

Besides underperforming players, be sure to keep tabs on those who are injured.  Depending on how many IR slots your league allows, you may have to let one of the wounded warriors go.  Or if all of them are too valuable to lose, someone off your active bench could end up going.

Manage the Positions

Keep position eligibility in mind when evaluating free agents.  You might have to move on to secondary options, but make sure not to sacrifice too

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