Dustin Stoltzfus


First UFC fight in November
August 18, 2020
Stoltzfus will take on Kyle Daukaus in a middleweight matchup at the UFC event scheduled for November 7, according to the ESPN+ telecast of Dana White's Contender Series on Tuesday.
Stoltzfus is a product of Contender Series, getting his UFC contract with a win over Joe Pyfer via TKO (injury stoppage) in Week 2 of 2020. He'll take on an opponent in Daukaus who came up empty in his UFC debut in June, but not by much. Daukaus was arguably the more effective grappler and landed more total strikes, but Brendan Allen bested him by landing the more significant shots of the two. Stoltzfus will be at a slight height and reach disadvantage when he makes his first official walk to the Octagon. Stoltzfus also has more pro fights than Daukaus, plus momentum on his side given his 10-fight winning streak.
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Gets fifth and final contract
August 11, 2020
Stolzfus defeated Joe Pyfer via TKO (injury stoppage) at 4:21 of Round 1 at Dana White's Tuesday Night Contender Series. He was the last of five fighters to get awarded an official UFC contract.
Stolzfus entered this headline fight as a (-255) betting favorite, but it looked like fight fans were going to be in for a high-quality, evenly-matched scrap after the first few minutes. Stolzfus had been searching for a heel hook on the mat, and Pyfer was able to roll out and get to his feet, but not completely get away from Stolzfus' grip. The favorite picked Pyfer up into the air and sent him to the mat with a big slam, but Pyfer attempted to break the fall with his hand and brutally dislocated his elbow in the process. The outcome itself may not have been fluky, but the exact method of victory certainly was. It's a great break for Stolzfus, who brings his winning streak to 10, including five consecutive stoppages. The 28-year-old will look to make his UFC debut at middleweight in the near future after taking little damage here.