Team Previews: AL West
Team Previews: AL West

AL West Team Previews

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Projected Final Standings

Houston Astros: 89-73
Texas Rangers: 86-76
Seattle Mariners: 83-79
Oakland Athletics: 80-82
Los Angeles Angels: 77-85

Houston Astros

State of the Franchise

The Astros arrived a year early with a shocking 86-win campaign and ALDS appearance. The painful investment of four seasons that saw them lose 416 games began bearing fruit with 2012 draftees Carlos Correa and Lance McCullers Jr. having a huge impact. The stars they already had blossomed further into superstars with Jose Altuve adding power to his arsenal (career-high 15 HR) and Dallas Keuchel shocking the baseball world with a well-deserved Cy Young Award thanks to a 2.48 ERA in 232 innings. There are fantasy-relevant players littered throughout this roster including new closer Ken Giles and a full year of Carlos Gomez. Once an utter laughingstock, the Astros seem ready to compete for a prolonged window and even if they fall back from last year's win total, they will still have multiple worthwhile fantasy players, unlike in their nayday (ya know, like the opposite of "heyday") of 2011-13 when they had maybe one player per team who was guaranteed to go in all mixed leagues.

Pitcher to Watch

Ken Giles - It took a while, but he showed why many believed that the Phillies would trade Jonathan Papelbon early in 2015. Giles assumed the role on July

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