The Daily Duel: What Can Brown Do For You?

The Daily Duel: What Can Brown Do For You?

This article is part of our The Daily Duel series.

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Here are some guys who are good additions to your team who are currently out-producing their value. Keep in mind that these prices can change daily, so take advantage of them while you can.


Andrew Brown, 1B, COL, $2400 -- The price couldn't be better for Brown if you're looking for a cheap first baseman, plus he found himself in the cleanup role Wednesday night. Before his call-up he had mashed a whopping 20 home runs at Triple-A and is worth a look, especially when playing at Coors. At 27, he's not an elite prospect by any means and could be sent back down once Todd Helton comes off the DL. Still, the Rockies return home later this week, making him an attractive option considering his price. Just check to see if he's in the starting lineup each game.

Mike Carp, 1B, SEA, $2600 -- Carp appears to be the regular first baseman for the Mariners going forward since Justin Smoak was optioned to Triple-A. Carp was a castoff from the Mets and not surprisingly had a slightly better OPS on the road (.811) than at home (.769) last season. He's not someone I'd recommend unless he catches a hot streak or has a very favorable matchup. Think of him as a pot odds play in a tournament where you'll be the only one using him while others take other options.

Sam Fuld, OF, TB, $2500 -- The speedy Fuld is probably a better real-life baseball player considering the incredible defense he plays (ask the Chicago White Sox after the catch he made last season). The value of Fuld in this type of format is both his cheap price and his ability to steal bases as well as turn a single into a double. He probably won't be an everyday player but is worth a look if you need a cheap outfielder.

Players Looking To Rebound Or Are Starting To

Here are some players who have seen their value drop significantly due to poor production recently. You might be surprised at some of the names and how much their stock has fallen. This section will also include players who seem to be turning things around as we speak but come at a discounted price due to their recent slump.

Josh Hamilton, OF, TEX, $3600 -- At one point this season, Hamilton was the highest priced player on Fanduel, but that was awhile ago. Hamilton has been criticized by Nolan Ryan for chasing too many pitches, which is spot on about the Rangers' slugger. However, his .551 OPS in July can in part be blamed on playing 11 of his 17 July games on the road in places like Oakland and Seattle and facing tough pitching in Los Angeles.

Hanley Ramirez, 3B, LAD, $3500 -- Ramirez is the type of player who should benefit from a new playing environment and has the potential to be one of the elite players at the position. A constant speed/power threat, he should fit in nicely hitting in front or behind of players like Andre Ethier and Matt Kemp. Keep in mind Hanley is a 30/30 threat who is in the prime of his career and has a season of 29 home runs, 51 stolen bases, 125 runs, and a .332 batting average under his belt. While it's likely that was his career season, it shows what Hanley is capable of and why the Dodgers wanted him.

David Murphy, OF, TEX, $3200 -- Because Murphy doesn't play every day, it has driven his price down. He has nine home runs and seven stolen bases in only 229 at-bats, which isn't shabby. Murphy is another guy to take a chance on while in Arlington given his .977 OPS at home.

Currently On Fire

Here are some players who have caught fire lately. I'm going to point out players who might have a bigger price than most of the value players I usually discuss, but aren't quite at the price the elite players command.

Yoenis Cespedes, OF, OAK, $3900 -- Is the price attractive? No. But it's hard to argue against slotting Cespedes into your lineup. My main criticism of Cespedes has been his high strikeout rate, but it's hard to argue against what he does when he makes contact with the ball. He's gone 23-for-46 over his last 12 games and has four home runs during that time.

Paul Konerko, 1B, CHI, $3400 -- I don't think there's a more underrated player in all of baseball than Konerko, right? The guy has hit .300 with at least 31 home runs, 105 RBI each of the last two seasons yet doesn't get ranked high enough in preseason rankings in my opinion. As of late he's been especially good going 16-for-31 with two home runs over his last nine games. He's not a sexy option but he's very reliable.

Ryan Howard, 1B, PHI, $3600 -- Howard has come from my "newbie" list onto the "on fire" list in a hurry. The big slugger has had no problem picking up where he left off going 9-for-29 (.310) with four home runs in his last nine games.

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