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Nerd Alert: Calling All Fantasy Owners

Jack Moore

Jack Moore is a freelance sports writer based in Minneapolis who appears regularly at VICE Sports, The Guardian and Baseball Prospectus Milwaukee, among others. Follow him on Twitter @jh_moore.

The fantasy basketball season is coming to a close. In Yahoo fantasy leagues, the final week is already upon us. By now, those of you with weekly leagues can do little but pray to the fantasy gods. For those out of the running, it's time for the postmortem. Why did we fail? What can we do to get to the finals next year?

To that end, I'd like to start collecting data from fantasy owners to begin a project I've had in mind for the entire season.

Here's what I'd like from you: your fantasy league's results. For example, if you use Yahoo, what I'm looking for is on the team data tab. If you play head-to-head, there's a report for both records in each category and overall totals in each category. For rotisserie, there's a report for roto points in each category and again overall totals in each category. The data I want for this project is both tables. If you'd like to help, please send both tables to

The point of the project is to put together baselines for fantasy basketball leagues. What kind of field goal percentage do you need to win most weeks? How big a difference is an extra 50 three-pointers made? We'll need to put together a large data set before we can draw any real conclusions from the data, and that's where you guys come in.

The questions we can answer with this data should be almost endless. On top of those already posed, I would include the following:

What kind of winning percentage is necessary to win a league?
Realistically, how well do you have to do in other categories to win despite punting one?
In rotisserie leagues, how many actual points lead to how many fantasy points? Assists? Steals?
Is there correlation between big winning percentages in certain statistics?
How many individual categories do overall league winners typically win?

With these questions answered, we can better define which kind of draft strategies are likely to work and which are doomed to failure without the best of luck or waiver-wire scavenging. I hope you'll take the short time necessary to help me with this project, and I thank you in advance.