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Aggregate Rankings - Part 1

My plan this year was to create my cheat sheet by aggregating the best algorithmic projections with the best market-based ones. The idea was to optimize the available information and then tweak it slightly to accommodate only my strongest personal preferences, i.e., move ~25 players up or down from the aggregate rankings. To that end, I used Derek Carty's THE BAT and Steamer's season-long projections as the algorithms, and the NFBC's ADP as the market. But it's more complicated than that. 

For starters, I wanted the rankings to reflect the NFBC 12-team online format. (I'll tweak it for the 15 team closer to the Main Event.) The NFBC is unique in that roughly half your entry fee goes toward an overall prize, i.e., you must play to win the overall, not just your individual league. That means you need to be strong in every category, and you cannot tank (or even be below average in) any. That requirement changes the way people play the game. For example, while you can start nine pitchers of any kind, virtually everyone starts 2-3 closers and 6-7 starters. Accordingly, when I converted THE BAT's and Steamer's projections into dollar values, I made the assumption that 2.5 closers and 6.5 starters were actually required. Otherwise, the results vastly undershoot the market rate for closers.

Still, the Bat didn't (as of last week) project saves (or free agents), so I projected saves myself for that set of rankings, and while Steamer does project saves, it does a poor job, in my opinion, arbitrarily giving players like Anthony Swarzak and Ryan Brasier 34 saves each while leaving Blake Treinen with only 23. I'll probably overwrite them in the next iteration. (For unprojected free agent non-closers like Bryce Harper and Manny Machado in THE BAT, I just used Steamer's numbers.)

I had even more trouble accounting for the scarcity of steals, however, as there's no one position you can create for them the way I did for closers, and rather than 30 players getting all the steals (as is the case for saves), the number of steal candidates is not fixed. Rather than arbitrarily overweighting the steals category, I left it alone.

To counter some of the weaknesses in the projections systems, I made a few other adjustments too. I added a per-game replacement value bump to every (non-catcher) hitter projected for fewer than 145 games and every starting pitcher projected for fewer than 28 starts. Steamer, which is much more conservative (Mike Trout gets 136 games, 36 HR) had a lot of players getting this bump, while THE BAT (Trout gets 152 games, 44 HR) had far fewer. This affected the level of replacement value for each, and required different baselines from which to calculate value over replacement in each category, which is the basis for their rankings. I also had to separate catchers with their own special baseline and re-incorporate them back into the hitting pool afterwards for both projection sets.

Finally, I had to make a few assumptions, based on prior research on the NFBC. First, that the resource split for hitting and pitching was 66/34, second that of the 34 percent spent on pitching, 28 percent of that (roughly nine percent overall) was spent on closers, and third that seven percent of the hitting budget (~4.6% overall) was spent on catchers.

But by far the biggest - and most arbitrary assumption I made, you could actually call it a guess - was to weigh the NFBC ranks at 60 percent, and Steamer and THE BAT at 20 percent each. That heavier weighting of the market's rankings somewhat mitigates the weak save projections by Steamer and the lack of scarcity adjustment for steals in an overall contest. I haven't tested this, but I think the market's ADP in the contest for which I'm setting the rankings has better overall information than algorithmic projections run through my formula, adjusted imperfectly to model the contest. That said, there's likely information in the industry's top projection systems that the market is missing - both love Chris Sale far more than the market, for example, and both have him and Jacob deGrom ahead of the 35-year old Max Scherzer, likely because pitchers, no matter how great, tend to decline with age. The algorithms are less subject to groupthink and particular biases to which the market can fall prey.

I am still going to tweak these results with my own strong leans - as I mentioned, I'll move roughly 25 total players about whom I have the strongest opinions up or down. But I have yet to do that for the rankings below. These are simply 20 percent THE BAT, 20 percent Steamer (as run through my formula) and 60 percent NFBC ADP over last 10 days or so, calibrated for the 12-team NFBC Online Championships. One last caveat, the NFBC site's ADP went 400 deep, so anyone who was not listed on all three lists (mostly relievers) were manually tweaked, leaning heavily toward the NFBC's rankings.

Here are the rankings:

RankOverall (60/20/20)NFBCTHE BATSteamer
1.2Mike TroutMike TroutMike TroutChris Sale
2.4Mookie BettsMookie BettsChris SaleMike Trout
4.4Max ScherzerJose RamirezMookie BettsMookie Betts
5.4J.D. MartinezMax ScherzerJacob deGromMax Scherzer
5.6Jose RamirezJ.D. MartinezJ.D. MartinezJacob deGrom
7.8Jacob deGromRonald AcunaMax ScherzerJustin Verlander
9.2Nolan ArenadoTrea TurnerJustin VerlanderJ.D. Martinez
9.6Chris SaleNolan ArenadoLuis SeverinoFrancisco Lindor
9.8Ronald AcunaChristian YelichJose RamirezGiancarlo Stanton
13Christian YelichJacob deGromCorey KluberJose Ramirez
13.4Trea TurnerAlex BregmanNolan ArenadoNolan Arenado
14.4Trevor StoryJose AltuveCarlos CarrascoRonald Acuna
15.2Justin VerlanderTrevor StoryGerrit ColeEdwin Diaz
15.6Manny MachadoJavier BaezTrevor StoryTrea Turner
15.8Francisco LindorChris SaleManny MachadoManny Machado
16Jose AltuveManny MachadoJose AltuveChristian Yelich
18Alex BregmanFrancisco LindorBlake SnellLuis Severino
19.8Corey KluberAaron JudgeFreddie FreemanGerrit Cole
20.6Gerrit ColeFreddie FreemanRonald AcunaTrevor Story
21.4Freddie FreemanPaul GoldschmidtFrancisco LindorCorey Kluber
21.6Javier BaezJustin VerlanderAaron JudgeNelson Cruz
21.8Giancarlo StantonBryce HarperChristian YelichCarlos Carrasco
22.4Aaron JudgeCorey KluberBryce HarperBryce Harper
22.4Bryce HarperGerrit ColePaul GoldschmidtCharlie Blackmon
24.8Paul GoldschmidtGiancarlo StantonGiancarlo StantonAdalberto Mondesi
26Luis SeverinoAaron NolaStarling MarteAnthony Rizzo
27.8Charlie BlackmonAndrew BenintendiAlex BregmanCraig Kimbrel
27.8Blake SnellWhit MerrifieldCharlie BlackmonJose Altuve
28.4Carlos CarrascoCharlie BlackmonTrevor BauerBlake Snell
32.4Trevor BauerTrevor BauerJuan SotoAlex Bregman
33.4Aaron NolaBlake SnellJavier BaezJuan Soto
33.8Andrew BenintendiClayton KershawTrea TurnerFreddie Freeman
34.4Starling MarteKris BryantJoey GalloVladimir Guerrero Jr.
34.4Juan SotoStarling MarteAnthony RizzoAndrew Benintendi
35.4Anthony RizzoLuis SeverinoAroldis ChapmanJavier Baez
35.8Kris BryantCarlos CarrascoAaron NolaAroldis Chapman
36.4Clayton KershawJuan SotoGary SanchezAaron Judge
38.8Edwin DiazVladimir Guerrero Jr.Craig KimbrelKenley Jansen
43.2Khris DavisAnthony RizzoAnthony RendonKris Bryant
45.2Anthony RendonAdalberto MondesiKhris DavisPaul Goldschmidt
46.2Rhys HoskinsRhys HoskinsKris BryantYasiel Puig
48.6Vladimir Guerrero Jr.Khris DavisNelson CruzClayton Kershaw
49.6Cody BellingerAnthony RendonEdwin DiazTrevor Bauer
49.8James PaxtonNoah SyndergaardClayton KershawStarling Marte
51.6Adalberto MondesiWalker BuehlerJames PaxtonJames Paxton
52.6Xander BogaertsEdwin DiazEugenio SuarezMarcell Ozuna
54.4Whit MerrifieldCody BellingerYasiel PuigShohei Ohtani
55Craig KimbrelCarlos CorreaJose BerriosRhys Hoskins
56Patrick CorbinJ.T. RealmutoGeorge SpringerCody Bellinger
56.6Walker BuehlerXander BogaertsSean DoolittleKhris Davis
57.2Carlos CorreaTommy PhamXander BogaertsJose Abreu
57.2Gary SanchezPatrick CorbinJ.T. RealmutoEddie Rosario
57.4Aroldis ChapmanJames PaxtonKenley JansenAaron Nola
58.8Eugenio SuarezOzzie AlbiesAndrew BenintendiCorey Seager
59Kenley JansenJameson TaillonDaniel MurphyDaniel Murphy
61.6J.T. RealmutoLorenzo CainCarlos CorreaFelipe Vazquez
61.6Ozzie AlbiesEugenio SuarezJustin TurnerPatrick Corbin
61.6Daniel MurphyJean SeguraCody BellingerAnthony Rendon
62Noah SyndergaardGleyber TorresRougned OdorGeorge Springer
62Yasiel PuigGary SanchezRhys HoskinsMichael Pineda
65.4George SpringerBlake TreinenA.J. PollockJoey Gallo
66.6Lorenzo CainMadison BumgarnerOzzie AlbiesXander Bogaerts
70.8Joey VottoJose BerriosDavid PriceLorenzo Cain
72.2Marcell OzunaMike ClevingerScooter GennettWalker Buehler
74.8Corey SeagerJack FlahertyJoey VottoRyan Braun
75David DahlDaniel MurphyMarcell OzunaWhit Merrifield
75.6Nelson CruzDavid DahlPatrick CorbinBrad Hand
76Jean SeguraKenley JansenRoberto OsunaBuster Posey
76.2Brad HandJoey VottoJosh DonaldsonGary Sanchez
76.6Stephen StrasburgCraig KimbrelDavid DahlGerman Marquez
76.6Roberto OsunaStephen StrasburgEddie RosarioJustin Turner
77Joey GalloAroldis ChapmanSalvador PerezDavid Price
77.8Tommy PhamGeorge SpringerYadier MolinaChris Archer
78.6Eddie RosarioYasiel PuigBrad HandNicholas Castellanos
78.8Miguel AndujarZack WheelerJustin UptonBrandon Morrow
80.2Felipe VazquezJonathan VillarBlake TreinenStephen Strasburg
83.6Jose BerriosZack GreinkeCorey SeagerEugenio Suarez
84.6Jose AbreuMiguel AndujarVictor RoblesRoberto Osuna
85.8Blake TreinenRoberto OsunaTravis ShawMiguel Andujar
86.4Gleyber TorresBrad HandJesus AguilarAndrew McCutchen
86.6Josh DonaldsonCorey SeagerMiguel AndujarEloy Jimenez
87.4Zack GreinkeJesus AguilarRyan BraunJoey Votto
87.4Nicholas CastellanosMarcell OzunaGleyber TorresMiguel Cabrera
88.2David PriceMitch HanigerWalker BuehlerOzzie Albies
90.4Justin TurnerNicholas CastellanosRafael DeversRandal Grichuk
93.4Victor RoblesFelipe VazquezBuster PoseyCarlos Correa
93.6Sean DoolittleJose PerazaFelipe VazquezMichael Brantley
94.2Jack FlahertyMallex SmithJose PerazaMatt Olson
95.2Jesus AguilarVictor RoblesNoah SyndergaardNoah Syndergaard
95.4Jose PerazaEddie RosarioJose AbreuYadier Molina
98.4Mitch HanigerJosh DonaldsonAndrew McCutchenJosh Donaldson
98.6Justin UptonGerman MarquezJosh HaderRobbie Ray
100.4German MarquezSean DoolittleMichael BrantleyMatt Chapman
103.6Jameson TaillonJose AbreuStephen StrasburgAndrew Miller
104.2Matt CarpenterJosh HaderMike MoustakasMike Moustakas
104.4Travis ShawMax MuncyVladimir Guerrero Jr.Jean Segura
104.6Josh HaderJoey GalloMasahiro TanakaKirby Yates
105.2Mike ClevingerDee GordonDavid PeraltaRafael Devers
105.2Salvador PerezMike FoltynewiczMatt CarpenterRobinson Cano
105.4Madison BumgarnerScooter GennettTommy PhamZack Greinke
107.4Michael BrantleyMatt CarpenterAaron HicksC.J. Cron
109.2A.J. PollockDavid PriceLorenzo CainDavid Peralta
111.4Scooter GennettMiles MikolasKyle SchwarberNomar Mazara
111.8Mike FoltynewiczJustin UptonWil MyersDavid Dahl
112Jonathan VillarNelson CruzCody AllenJose Alvarado
112.6Rougned OdorRaisel IglesiasZack GreinkeJustin Upton
112.8Matt ChapmanMatt ChapmanBrian DozierA.J. Pollock
114.6Chris ArcherJustin TurnerNicholas CastellanosYasmani Grandal
115.4Buster PoseyMichael ConfortoCorey DickersonJ.T. Realmuto
117.6Kirby YatesJose LeclercJean SeguraTravis Shaw
117.8Yadier MolinaTravis ShawNomar MazaraRougned Odor
118.8Mallex SmithKirby YatesCollin McHughSalvador Perez
118.8Wil MyersLuis CastilloAdalberto MondesiWilmer Flores
119.4Rafael DeversSalvador PerezKen GilesMallex Smith
119.6Matt OlsonWade DavisRick PorcelloEdwin Encarnacion
121.4Michael ConfortoCorey KnebelAndrew HeaneyRich Hill
122.8Eloy JimenezMatt OlsonEric HosmerKyle Schwarber
123.4Corey KnebelCharlie MortonMichael ConfortoJorge Polanco
123.6Dee GordonMichael BrantleyAsdrubal CabreraMatt Carpenter
123.6Masahiro TanakaWil MyersMitch HanigerMitch Haniger
123.8Aaron HicksMasahiro TanakaMiguel CabreraWillson Contreras
124.6Raisel IglesiasEloy JimenezWhit MerrifieldVictor Robles
124.8Zack WheelerChris ArcherWade DavisJoe Ross
125.4Miles MikolasCarlos MartinezElvis AndrusCorey Dickerson
125.8Charlie MortonTim AndersonCorey KnebelYu Darvish
127.2Max MuncyA.J. PollockYasmani GrandalMike Foltynewicz
127.2Yasmani GrandalAaron HicksJose LeclercDerek Holland
128Robinson CanoDavid RobertsonEdwin EncarnacionJose Peraza
128.4Robbie RayRobbie RayWillson ContrerasRyan Zimmerman
129.6Edwin EncarnacionJurickson ProfarMike ClevingerWil Myers
129.6Andrew McCutchenRougned OdorChris ArcherWilson Ramos
130.6David PeraltaRobinson CanoRyan ZimmermanCharlie Morton
134Nomar MazaraBrandon NimmoMiguel SanoRaisel Iglesias
135Brian DozierYasmani GrandalJack FlahertyJonathan Schoop
137Mike MoustakasEdwin EncarnacionTyler WhiteIan Desmond
139.4Willson ContrerasKyle HendricksMike FoltynewiczTommy Pham
140.4Miguel CabreraBrian DozierDavid RobertsonAaron Hicks
140.6David RobertsonRafael DeversMiles MikolasEric Hosmer
145.4Andrew HeaneyWilson RamosMax MuncySean Doolittle
146.6Cody AllenBilly HamiltonDee GordonAndrew Heaney
148.8Ian DesmondBuster PoseyRandal GrichukLourdes Gurriel
149.6Ken GilesYadier MolinaJake BauersJack Flaherty
150Jose AlvaradoAmed RosarioCharlie MortonFranmil Reyes
151.4Yu DarvishIan DesmondShane BieberCorey Knebel
153Eric HosmerEnder InciarteRobinson CanoMaikel Franco
153.2J.A. HappKen GilesJonathan SchoopJosh Hader
153.6Wilson RamosYu DarvishAustin MeadowsCarlos Santana
154.4Kyle HendricksJ.A. HappEduardo RodriguezRick Porcello
156.6Luis CastilloWillson ContrerasJ.A. HappStephen Piscotty
158.8Rick PorcelloEduardo RodriguezMatt ChapmanJesus Aguilar
159Rich HillDavid PeraltaRich HillMiguel Sano
159.4Ender InciarteNomar MazaraEnder InciarteAdam Jones
159.8Eduardo RodriguezNick PivettaJustin SmoakJonathan Villar
160.6Tim AndersonCody AllenDJ LeMahieuDanny Jansen
161Wade DavisRamon LaureanoKirby YatesAsdrubal Cabrera
165Austin MeadowsJose AlvaradoGerman MarquezAustin Meadows
166.4Jonathan SchoopAndrew HeaneyPaul DeJongBrian Dozier
167.6Shohei OhtaniCesar HernandezOdubel HerreraMasahiro Tanaka
167.8Miguel SanoAndrew McCutchenMatt OlsonAdam Eaton
168.4Stephen PiscottyHarrison BaderShin-Soo ChooRyan Brasier
168.4Corey DickersonCole HamelsKyle HendricksRamon Laureano
171Ryan BraunHyun-Jin RyuFrancisco CervelliMichael Conforto
172Shane BieberShane BieberRobbie RayMadison Bumgarner
173Paul DeJongKyle FreelandMichael FulmerJose Quintana
175Ramon LaureanoMike MoustakasLeonys MartinPaul DeJong
177.2Elvis AndrusMiguel CabreraWilmer FloresCody Allen
179Yusei KikuchiTyler GlasnowEloy JimenezSteve Pearce
180Jurickson ProfarNathan EovaldiZack WheelerJose Martinez
180Jesse WinkerElvis AndrusYuli GurrielGregory Polanco
180.4Carlos SantanaEric HosmerCarlos SantanaBlake Treinen
181.4Kyle SchwarberStephen PiscottyTyler GlasnowMark Trumbo
184.4Jose LeclercByron BuxtonRaisel IglesiasGleyber Torres
184.6Tyler GlasnowYoan MoncadaKenta MaedaJ.A. Happ
186.6Adam EatonAustin MeadowsJameson TaillonTrey Mancini
187Hyun-Jin RyuSeranthony DominguezJorge PolancoShin-Soo Choo
187.4Franmil ReyesRich HillFranmil ReyesJesse Winker
188.6Andrew MillerRick PorcelloIan DesmondPeter Alonso
188.6Asdrubal CabreraJesse WinkerMadison BumgarnerJustin Smoak
190.6Nick PivettaYusei KikuchiJonathan VillarJameson Taillon
191Randal GrichukArodys VizcainoStephen PiscottyMiles Mikolas
192.2Byron BuxtonPaul DeJongJason KipnisJose Berrios
193.4Yoan MoncadaEduardo EscobarJackie BradleyDavid Robertson
193.6Jorge PolancoJackie BradleyAdam EatonKendrys Morales
195Jordan HicksJonathan SchoopChris TaylorDee Gordon
195.4Collin McHughMiguel SanoJosh BellJosh Bell
196Josh JamesJosh JamesEduardo EscobarTucker Barnhart
196.4Cole HamelsArchie BradleyJake LambYuli Gurriel
196.6Dallas KeuchelPedro StropNathan EovaldiHunter Renfroe
196.6Yuli GurrielJordan HicksCarlos MartinezJake Bauers
198.6Danny JansenForrest WhitleyJesse WinkerLuke Voit
200Seranthony DominguezDallas KeuchelYu DarvishFrancisco Cervelli
200Jose QuintanaJon LesterPedro StropAnthony Swarzak
200.4Carlos MartinezJoe MusgroveTim AndersonScooter Gennett
200.4Nathan EovaldiKevin GausmanMichael PinedaJustin Bour
202Odubel HerreraCarlos SantanaWill SmithHyun-Jin Ryu
203.8Billy HamiltonShohei OhtaniTucker BarnhartKen Giles
205.8Jackie BradleyAdam EatonAndrelton SimmonsCedric Mullins
206.6Justin SmoakCollin McHughSteven SouzaMatt Kemp
207.4Harrison BaderJose QuintanaScott ScheblerLuis Castillo
213Will SmithChris TaylorBrandon BeltMax Kepler
214Michael PinedaAndrew MillerMike ZuninoEduardo Rodriguez
215.6Amed RosarioWill SmithJoe JimenezNick Senzel
216.4Eduardo EscobarCorey DickersonShohei OhtaniKyle Hendricks
217.4Jake BauersHunter RenfroeJosh JamesMike Clevinger
220.4DJ LeMahieuJoey WendleDallas KeuchelDallas Keuchel
221.4Max KeplerFranmil ReyesWelington CastilloChristin Stewart
222.2Welington CastilloAlex ReyesKevin KiermaierDidi Gregorius
224.2Trey ManciniLuke VoitMax KeplerJung Ho Kang
224.8Andrelton SimmonsYuli GurrielDanny JansenMax Muncy
225Alex ColomeDanny JansenZack CozartEnder Inciarte
226Francisco CervelliAlex ColomeMaikel FrancoJosh Reddick
226.2Brandon NimmoJon GrayKyle GibsonWelington Castillo
228.6Ryan ZimmermanOdubel HerreraKendrys MoralesOdubel Herrera
229Shin-Soo ChooDrew SteckenriderArodys VizcainoGarrett Hampson
229.4Kenta MaedaYan GomesDustin PedroiaDaniel Palka
232.8Drew SteckenriderSean NewcombMallex SmithEvan Gattis
233.6Mike ZuninoJoey LucchesiJake ArrietaEduardo Nunez
233.6Tucker BarnhartMychal GivensDellin BetancesJosh James
235Trevor MayDJ LeMahieuAlex VerdugoYoan Moncada
235.4Arodys VizcainoJake ArrietaWilson RamosByron Buxton
235.8Cesar HernandezGarrett HampsonEvan LongoriaTyler O'Neill
235.8Joey LucchesiTrevor MayMarcus SemienCole Hamels
236.2Tyler WhiteAsdrubal CabreraKevin PillarEric Thames
238Luke VoitTyler SkaggsKyle SeagerJohn Hicks
240.8Josh BellJorge PolancoByron BuxtonKyle Tucker
241.6Marcus SemienMichael WachaRobinson ChirinosJoc Pederson
242.2Tyler SkaggsJimmy NelsonTrey ManciniShane Bieber
245Jorge AlfaroJesus LuzardoAdam FrazierChris Iannetta
245.4Jose MartinezKyle SchwarberYoan MoncadaAlbert Pujols
247.6Jon LesterAndrelton SimmonsLourdes GurrielRyan McMahon
248.2Archie BradleyWelington CastilloIan KinslerZack Wheeler
248.4Kyle FreelandJorge AlfaroKike HernandezJoey Lucchesi
249.2C.J. CronMax KeplerC.J. CronMatt Adams
249.8Ketel MarteJustin SmoakMatthew BoydMitch Moreland
251.4Scott ScheblerNick SenzelKyle FreelandTim Anderson
252.8Yan GomesRyan BraunNick PivettaMarcus Semien
253.4Chris TaylorRoss StriplingCesar HernandezAndrelton Simmons
255Marwin GonzalezBrandon MorrowTyler SkaggsBrandon Belt
257.4Wilmer FloresZack GodleyJose QuintanaTyler White
258.4Hunter RenfroeTrey ManciniMychal GivensEvan Longoria
258.4Robinson ChirinosMike ZuninoKetel MarteKurt Suzuki
259.8Mychal GivensReynaldo LopezTyler FlowersKenta Maeda
260Michael WachaRandal GrichukJorge SolerRaimel Tapia
263Jake LambKenta MaedaKole CalhounMike Zunino
265Hunter StricklandRobinson ChirinosLuis CastilloCarlos Gonzalez
266Francisco MejiaKetel MarteAndrew MillerSteven Souza
266.6Jon GrayBrad BoxbergerDrew SteckenriderTyler Flowers
268.6Pedro StropSonny GrayTyler NaquinTroy Tulowitzki
271.4Joe MusgroveWilly AdamesRamon LaureanoChristian Vazquez
271.4Kike HernandezMarcus SemienJake OdorizziJonathan Lucroy
273Jake ArrietaMarwin GonzalezDomingo SantanaTyler Glasnow
274Kevin GausmanJake BauersHarrison BaderNate Jones
275Greg HollandA.J. MinterJurickson ProfarNathaniel Lowe
275Touki ToussaintFrancisco MejiaHyun-Jin RyuJorge Soler
277Brad BoxbergerSteven MatzJose MartinezElvis Andrus
277.2Sean NewcombDomingo SantanaJake JunisLeonys Martin
278Brandon MorrowHunter StricklandMatt BarnesJurickson Profar
278.6Garrett HampsonPeter AlonsoJohn HicksNick Pivetta
279Steven SouzaFrancisco CervelliMike MinorYangervis Solarte
279.8Joey WendleJulio TeheranDrew SmylyScott Schebler
280Nick SenzelAnibal SanchezSean NewcombKike Hernandez
280Peter AlonsoTucker BarnhartYonder AlonsoHowie Kendrick
281Kevin PillarMatt StrahmMark TrumboFrancisco Mejia
283John HicksAlex WoodKurt SuzukiWill Smith
285.8Gregory PolancoGreg HollandBilly HamiltonKole Calhoun
287Cedric MullinsScott ScheblerMarcus StromanAvisail Garcia
287.8Jonathan LucroyJhoulys ChacinDansby SwansonLucas Duda
290Kyle SeagerJose MartinezBrad PeacockJeff McNeil
295Shane GreeneTyler WhiteJhoulys ChacinFranchy Cordero
295Lourdes GurrielShin-Soo ChooNiko GoodrumKetel Marte
295.4Domingo SantanaTouki ToussaintBrandon CrawfordCollin McHugh
300Julio UriasMichael PinedaDanny DuffyArchie Bradley
300Adam JonesWillians AstudilloCaleb SmithIan Happ
300.8Sonny GrayMatthew BoydMarco GonzalesWillie Calhoun
302Ian HappKelvin HerreraNick MarkakisDrew Steckenrider
302.8Alex ReyesManuel MargotLuis UriasNick Williams
302.8Jorge SolerTrevor WilliamsCole HamelsHernan Perez
303.6Forrest WhitleyJosh BellMike FiersMarwin Gonzalez
303.6Zack GodleyKevin PillarStarlin CastroAledmys Diaz
304Derek HollandElias DiazJason CastroJordan Luplow
304.2Steven MatzGreg AllenAmed RosarioKyle Seager
305Corbin BurnesJake LambChris IannettaJake Lamb
306.2Leonys MartinCarlos RodonRyan McMahonYoenis Cespedes
307.2Kevin KiermaierShane GreeneAustin BarnesRoman Quinn
307.8Hernan PerezJed LowrieChristian VazquezBilly McKinney
307.8Brandon BeltLourdes GurrielCarlos RodonDustin Fowler
309Alex WoodTeoscar HernandezRonald GuzmanAustin Hays
310Fernando TatisKike HernandezSonny GrayAustin Hedges
311Mike SorokaKyle TuckerJonathan LucroyAustin Barnes
312Freddy PeraltaMatt BarnesBrandon NimmoTeoscar Hernandez
312.2Kurt SuzukiMatt KempJosh PhegleyDJ LeMahieu
314.4Willy AdamesJay BruceColin MoranDenard Span
314.4Manuel MargotJake JunisJon GrayBrandon Lowe
316.6Matthew BoydRyan ZimmermanWily PeraltaTrevor Rosenthal
316.8Marco GonzalesZach EflinTrevor CahillJedd Gyorko
317.2Teoscar HernandezGregory PolancoJoey LucchesiMelky Cabrera
318Anibal SanchezDellin BetancesCC SabathiaAlex Verdugo
319.8Reynaldo LopezCorbin BurnesJoey WendleJackie Bradley
319.8Jhoulys ChacinJulio UriasAlex AvilaTyler Austin
319.8Isiah Kiner-FalefaJonathan LucroyJason HeywardPablo Reyes
320.4Matt KempNiko GoodrumAlex ColomeTyler Skaggs
320.6A.J. MinterIan HappJorge AlfaroMatt Duffy
321.2Austin HedgesFernando TatisHunter StricklandKevin Kiermaier
322.2Jake JunisC.J. CronKevin GausmanDevon Travis
322.6Evan LongoriaAdam OttavinoFrancisco MejiaHarrison Bader
322.8Jimmy NelsonIsiah Kiner-FalefaReynaldo LopezAnthony Santander
323.4Kyle GibsonCedric MullinsBrandon WoodruffYan Gomes
324.4Dellin BetancesDereck RodriguezHernan PerezRyon Healy
324.6Justin BourMike SorokaVince VelasquezMike Tauchman
327Willians AstudilloFreddy PeraltaZack GodleyNathan Eovaldi
327.4Matt BarnesJohn HicksJoe MusgroveIan Kinsler
327.4Michael FulmerJake OdorizziYan GomesLogan Morrison
327.6Ryan McMahonEduardo NunezAnibal SanchezClint Frazier
328.2Starlin CastroLuke WeaverA.J. MinterGreg Bird
330.8Kyle TuckerKyle SeagerJed LowrieMichael A. Taylor
332Niko GoodrumStarlin CastroDavid FletcherBrandon Dixon
332.6Jed LowrieSteven SouzaCedric MullinsKevin Plawecki
333.2Carlos RodonHernan PerezSteven MatzJeimer Candelario
333.4Daniel PalkaMike FiersAdam OttavinoRonny Rodriguez
334.4Yonder AlonsoEric ThamesMike LeakeFernando Tatis Jr.
335Seth LugoBrian AndersonAlex WoodMatt Wieters
335.2Jay BruceDerek HollandAustin HedgesJose Osuna
335.2Adam FrazierMichael FulmerTrevor RichardsAustin Riley
336.4Jason KipnisMarco GonzalesDylan BundyKeston Hiura
336.8Julio TeheranYonder AlonsoDaniel MengdenIsiah Kiner-Falefa
337.2Jesus LuzardoSeth LugoNick AhmedBrett Gardner
339Eduardo NunezDylan BundyJeimer CandelarioRowdy Tellez
339.8Kelvin HerreraRoman QuinnJoe PanikNoel Cuevas
340Eric ThamesKeston HiuraTony WatsonJon Lester
340Jeremy JeffressKyle GibsonWilly AdamesJonathan Davis
342.6Greg AllenOmar NarvaezIan HappRobinson Chirinos
343.4Ross StriplingAustin HedgesLance LynnBradley Zimmer
344.6Jake OdorizziTrevor CahillJon LesterDan Vogelbach
345Keston HiuraBrett GardnerMarco EstradaBilly Hamilton
345.4Matt StrahmAdam JonesZach EflinWilli Castro
347Roman QuinnWilmer FloresTrevor HildenbergerDerek Fisher
348.2Zach EflinJeremy JeffressZach DaviesWade Davis
350Merrill KellyBlake ParkerOrlando ArciaMarco Gonzales
350.6Mike FiersJorge SolerDiego CastilloJay Bruce
351Blake ParkerAaron SanchezJoe RossAlex Avila
351Dakota HudsonDanny DuffyTanner RoarkDustin Pedroia
352Ryan BrasierKevin KiermaierRyan O'HearnBen Gamel
354.4Brian AndersonDelino DeShieldsKeone KelaJarrod Dyson
354.6Austin BarnesMatt ShoemakerYolmer SanchezAdam Frazier
355Omar NarvaezWade MileyBrian AndersonKevin Pillar
355Lou TrivinoDaniel PalkaChad GreenOscar Mercado
355Scott KingeryMerrill KellyJordan LuplowA.J. Reed
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356Peter O'BrienLou TrivinoRyan PresslyEduardo Escobar
356.4Trevor WilliamsJoc PedersonJeremy JeffressDylan Cozens
358.2Danny DuffyKurt SuzukiLuke WeaverChristian Arroyo
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358.6Raimel TapiaBrad PeacockJulio TeheranJ.D. Davis
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360.8Delino DeShieldsMark MelanconTyler AndersonBrandon Phillips
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438.4Ryan YarbroughAustin BarnesIvan NovaNick Hundley