Formula 1 DFS Picks and Singapore Grand Prix Preview

Formula 1 DFS Picks and Singapore Grand Prix Preview

Singapore Airlines Singapore Grand Prix

Location: Marina Bay, Singapore 
Course: Marina Bay Street Circuit
Course Length: 5.063 KM
Laps: 61

Singapore Grand Prix Preview

Max Verstappen has won five consecutive races to all but secure his second consecutive driver championship. It's possible he clinches that outcome as early as this weekend, but he'd need to outscore Charles Leclerc by 22 points, Sergio Perez by 13 points and George Russell by six points. Though that may be unlikely, we won't have a repeat of the theatrics from 2021.

That isn't to say there isn't plenty to race for. Red Bull is running away with the constructors championship — thanks in large part to Verstappen — but Mercedes is only 35 points away from catching Ferrari for the second position. Alpine and McLaren are in a battle for fourth, so four of the top five spots still remain up for grabs.

While not directly related to the race itself, it will be interesting to monitor the ongoing state of the driver market. Both Yuki Tsunoda and Zhou Guanyu were confirmed for another year at Alpha Tauri and Alfa Romeo, respectively. Williams and Alpine both have a confirmed opening on their team for the 2023 calendar, and Haas is rumored to be looking to separate itself from Mick Schumacher.

Key Stats at Marina Bay  

  • Races: 12
  • Winners from Pole: 8
  • Winners from Top-5 starters: 11

Previous 10 Winners

2019 - Sebastian Vettel 
2018 – Lewis Hamilton
2017 – Lewis Hamilton 
2016 – Nico Rosberg
2015- Sebastian Vettel
2014 – Lewis Hamilton 
2013 – Sebastian Vettel
2012- Sebastian Vettel 
2011 – Sebastian Vettel
2010- Fernando Alonso

The most defining characteristic of the Marina Bay Circuit is the environmental surroundings of Marina Bay itself. The heat itself isn't an outlier among races on the calendar, but the humidity is unrivaled. That — combined with 23 turns — makes this circuit arguably the most physically demanding. For that reason, the race is held at night. While that helps keep the drivers cooler, it's another relatively unique factor to Marina Bay. Perhaps a new addition to this year's edition of the race is rain, or at least wet conditions for qualifying and the race itself.

The 23 turns place an emphasis on traction and braking. It's not a surprise that Pirelli has sent the softest tire compounds as a result to maximize grip. Assuming relatively dry conditions, we may see teams may vary between a one- and two-stop strategy. The safety car could become a factor, as all 12 races at the circuit have had at least one instance of a safety car. A team on a one-stop plan and a long opening stint is likely to benefit — more on that later.

DRAFTKINGS VALUE PICKS for the Singapore Grand Prix (based on standard $50k salary cap)

DraftKings Tier 1 Values

Max Verstappen - $12,400
Charles Leclerc- $11,200

DraftKings Tier 2 Values

George Russell - $9,600
Carlos Sainz Jr. - $9,200

DraftKings Tier 3 Values

Lando Norris - $7,600
Fernando Alonso - $7,000
Esteban Ocon - $6,400

DraftKings Tier 4 Values

Sebastian Vettel - $5,000
Lance Stroll- $4,800
Alex Albon - $4,400
Mick Schumacher - $4,000
Kevin Magnussen- $3,200

Formula 1 DFS Picks for the Singapore Grand Prix

Captain – Max Verstappen - $18,600
Carlos Sainz Jr. - $9,200
Fernando Alonso - $7,000
Sebastian Vettel - $5,000
Mick Schumacher - $4,000
Constructor – Alpine - $5,300

If there are wet conditions come qualifying or race time, there are paths for many drivers to earn a race victory. However, the closer to the book things remain, the harder it is to picture anyone but Verstappen taking the checkered flag. He's the obvious captain to lock in as a result, though his $18,600 price tag is very difficult to pair with Red Bull as the constructor. That's particularly true because Sergio Perez has had some relative struggles, managing podium finishes in only two of his last seven races.

Sainz has similarly struggled to reach the podium at recent grand prix, but he has generally shown better pace than Perez in qualifying. He's slipped down the pack in part due to race pace, and also because of Ferrari's consistent strategic mistakes. Unfortunately, rostering either Charles Leclerc or Sainz isn't only about driver ability, but also the disadvantage their team seems to have consistently put them in this season.

Alpine is typically the fourth-fastest team on the grid, making both Ocon and teammate Fernando Alonso nice midfield options. Based on value, Ocon is the superior option given that he's $600 cheaper. The build listed above as an example allows Alonso to fit in the budget, but Ocon is an equivalent option for different builds. Zooming out to the constructor level, Alpine has a good chance for two-top 10 finishes, though a podium position is unlikely. Ocon has collected points in five of his last six races, finishing anywhere between fifth and ninth. Meanwhile, Alonso has been an even more consistent points finisher. That type of consistency isn't reflected in Alpine's price.

Vettel has a good history at the Marina Bay. Those results came with superior teams in Red Bull and Ferrari, and Aston Martin admittedly isn't of the same caliber. However, Vettel has shown to be competitive for points finishes in recent races. He's also a superior option to teammate Lance Stroll, and with only a $200 gap in pricing there isn't an incentive to pay down.

Schumacher is a value option and has finished out of points recently due to grid penalties and engine failures. He's racing for his F1 future and has shown pace that surpasses his current price point.

Formula 1 Betting Picks for the Singapore Grand Prix

Race Winner: Max Verstappen -125; George Russell +1100
Winning Constructor: Red Bull -170; Mercedes +470
Winning Margin: Between 5 and 10 seconds +225
Fastest Lap: Max Verstappen +130

Betting picks can largely follow the same analysis as above. Verstappen has been dominant across the latter half of the season and there's no reason to bet against him in a straightforward race. However, as was covered earlier, there's a strong chance this isn't a straightforward race. The likelihood of a safety car and wet conditions open the possibility of correct (or lucky) strategy calls replacing Verstappen atop the podium. Russell has regularly run long stints and made sharp strategy calls this season, and he's had no issues with trying to surpass Mercedes teammate Lewis Hamilton. Mercedes has made it known they want a race win on their ledger prior to the end of the season, and this could be their spot.

The top odds for the winning margin is between zero and five seconds, which is likely if we get a safety car late in the race. Otherwise, between five and 10 seconds is a strong bet given both the history of this race and results this season.

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