Staff Picks: Cardinals, Titans, Jaguars and Redskins
Staff Picks: Cardinals, Titans, Jaguars and Redskins

This article is part of our Staff Picks series.

It was an uneventful week for the Staff with everyone around .500. Pianowski still has a four game lead over me, and the other three are tied for last place.

This week, we have four unanimous picks: the Cardinals, Titans, Jaguars and Redskins. The Jaguars are my, DDD's and Stopa's best bets, while the Redskins are Pianowski's.

EricksonPianowskiLissStopaDel Don
Broncos -1.5 at CardinalsCardinalsCardinalsCardinalsCardinalsCardinals 
Titans +6.5 vs Chargers (London)TitansTitansTitansTitansTitans
Patriots -3 at BearsPatriotsBearsBearsBearsPatriots 
Browns +3 at BuccaneersBuccaneersBuccaneersBrownsBrownsBrowns
Lions -1 at DolphinsDolphinsLionsDolphinsLionsLions
Panthers +4.5 at EaglesPanthersEaglesEaglesPanthersPanthers  
Bills +7.5 at ColtsBillsBillsBillsBillsColts
Vikings -3 at JetsJetsJetsJetsVikingsJets
Texans +4.5 at JaguarsJaguarsJaguarsJaguarsJaguarsJaguars  
Saints +2.5 at RavensSaintsRavensRavensRavensRavens 
Cowboys +1.5 at RedskinsRedskinsRedskinsRedskinsRedskinsRedskins
Rams -10 at 49ersRams49ers49ersRams49ers
Bengals +6 at ChiefsChiefsBengalsBengalsChiefsBengals
Giants +5.5 at FalconsGiantsFalconsGiantsFalconsGiants
Best Bet
Last Week's Record6-97-87-88-77-8
2018 Record43-47-356-34-352-38-343-47-343-47-3
Best Bet Record3-34-23-34-22-3-1
2017 Best Bet Record8-7-29-7-112-4-18-7-211-6
Unanimous Pick Record9-9-2
Majority Pick Record51-39-3
2017 Record117-125-14128-114-14117-125-14119-123-1498-144-14
2016 Record133-102-5122-113-5115-120-5108-127-5
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