Job Battles: Jones vs. Vaughn in TB

Job Battles: Jones vs. Vaughn in TB

This article is part of our Job Battles series.

This Job Battles article will look at the Tampa Bay running backs, New England wide receivers (behind Edelman) and the Las Vegas wide receivers.

Tampa Bay Running Backs

Ronald Jones
Ke'Shawn Vaughn
Raymond Calais
Dare Ogunbowale

Ronald Jones is listed first, but until recently his ADP and ranking was almost always behind Ke'Shawn Vaughn, the rookie third-round pick from Vanderbilt. It makes sense to rank them alongside each other in whichever order because it's difficult to tell where this backfield is headed. That confusion is true of the RB3/third-down back role as well, where incumbent Dare Ogunbowale might face a threat from Raymond Calais, a seventh-round speed back out of Lafayette.

Vaughn's fit on the roster might be comparable to free-agent departure Peyton Barber, who as a 25-year-old fourth-year back earned 347 snaps last year, drawing 154 carries and 24 targets. At 2.5 years younger and in his second season out of USC, Jones earned 422 snaps, attempting 172 carries and drawing 40 targets. The results were brutal in Barber's case (3.1 YPC), but Jones had his own complications, drawing the ire of coach Bruce Arians for poor blitz pickup at one point, and three fumbles on 203 touches from scrimmage isn't any good, either.

The biggest question for this backfield might have less to do with how good Vaughn is and more to do with whether Jones' prior struggles were attributable to his age disadvantage. Even as a third-year NFL runner, Jones is actually younger than

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