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Staff Picks: Jaguars, Seahawks and Dolphins

Chris Liss

Chris Liss is RotoWire's Managing Editor and Host of RotoWIre Fantasy Sports Today on Sirius XM radio.

Pianowski had another 10-win week to pull into sole possession of first place. I went 8-7-1 and am now two games back. Stopa turned it around after a bad Week 1, going 9-6-1 and is not back in the thick of things. We also went 4-3-1 on our eight consensus picks last week, which doesn't sound too impressive, but if you made seven $11 bets at -110, you'd win $40 and lose $33 for a profit of $7 after paying the juice, i.e., 4-3 is 57 percent. This week we have three consensus picks: Seahawks, Jaguars and Dolphins.

Enjoy the games.

Erickson Pianowski Liss Stopa Del Don
49ers -2 at Chiefs 49ers 49ers 49ers Chiefs 49ers
Bengals -3 at Panthers Bengals Panthers Panthers Panthers Panthers
Browns +11 at Ravens Ravens Ravens Ravens Browns Ravens
Lions +11.5 at Vikings Lions Lions Lions Vikings Lions
Titans +3 at Giants Giants Titans Giants Giants Giants
Steelers -2.5 at Buccaneers Steelers Steelers Buccaneers Buccaneers Steelers
Falcons +3.5 at Saints Saints Falcons Falcons Falcons Falcons
Bills +14.5 at Patriots Bills Patriots Bills Bills Bills
Cowboys +3 at Texans Texans Cowboys Cowboys Cowboys Cowboys
Redskins -3.5 at Rams Rams Rams Rams Rams Redskins
Eagles -3 at Jaguars Jaguars Jaguars Jaguars Jaguars Jaguars
Chargers -5.5 at Seahawks Seahawks Seahawks Seahawks Seahawks Seahawks
Colts -6 at Broncos Broncos Colts Broncos Broncos Broncos
Raiders +4 at Cardinals Raiders Raiders Cardinals Raiders Raiders
Jets +1.5 at Dolphins Dolphins Dolphins Dolphins Dolphins Dolphins
Packers -3 at Bears Packers Packers Bears Packers Bears
Best Bet Lions Cowboys Dolphins Raiders 49ers
Last Week's Record 8-7-1 10-5-1 8-7-1 9-6-1 7-8-1
2010 Record 16-13-3 20-9-3 18-11-3 13-16-3 15-14-3
Best Bet Record 1-1 0-1-1 1-1 1-0-1 0-1-1
Consensus Pick Record 5-4-1
2009 Record 123-130-3 132-121-3 131-122-3 130-123-3 126-127-3
2008 Record 132-114-10 128-118-10 124-122-10 125-121-10 130-116-10
2007 Record 127-120 118-129 127-120 N/A 130-117
2006 Record 118-129 N/A 139-108 N/A N/A
2005 Record 121-126 N/A 127-120 N/A N/A
2004 Record 124-124 N/A 130-118 N/A N/A
2003 Record 121-126 118-129 124-123 N/A N/A
2002 Record 113-136 123-126 141-108 N/A N/A
2001 Record 124-113 117-120 118-119 N/A N/A
2000 Record 123-117 134-106 141-99 N/A N/A

Consensus Picks

This week we have three consensus picks: Jaguars, Seahawks and Dolphins.

Last week we went 4-3-1 on consensus picks, winning with the Bengals, Steelers, Chargers and 49ers, losing with the Browns, Panthers and Giants and pushing with the Redskins.

We're 5-4-1 on consensus picks this year. We finished 2009 at 19-23-1 on consensus picks, and were 24-19-2 on them in 2008.


EricksonThere are a lot of "trap" lines this week, some of which I'm going to jump right into, like Bengals-Panthers. Love the Lions getting so many points - while their LB/DB's need work, they're still a much better team than they were a year ago. Plus, they've given the Vikings their share of fits over the last couple of years.
PianowskiI recognize Dallas hasn't shown a thing, but desperation and a line adjustment makes for an obvious lean... I get the idea I might be on the Rams most of the year, not sure how I feel about that.
LissBy far the toughest week to date. A lot strange lines that seem too good to be true, and the question is whether the obvious is the sucker play, or just the obvious.
StopaThe Jaguars, Broncos and Seahawks have significant home/road splits over the past few years. I'll take all three as home dogs... I agree with what Chris said about the Dolphins in ECO... The Steelers can't go undefeated without Roethlisberger at QB, can they? I don't see the Chiefs or Bucs as 3-0 teams, but I'll take both getting points at home... Last week the Bills got less than 14; this week it's more. It's only a point, but that point is huge, I think... Best bet is a Raiders team that is markedly better with Gradkowski under center. I see that as a 50/50 type of game, so getting more than a FG against a bad Cardinals team is nice value.
Del DonNot one "best bet" jumped out at me this week, and I know I'm taking the sucker side with S.F. - a road favorite coming off a short week after playing Monday night.

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