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Staff Picks: Backing the Vikings, Bucs and Jaguars

Chris Liss

Chris Liss is RotoWire's Managing Editor and Host of RotoWIre Fantasy Sports Today on Sirius XM radio.

DDD won the week at 11-5 to pull into second place, eight games behind Pianow, who more or less has this contest sewn up. Stopa and I are tied for fourth with Erickson two games back in last place.

We have three consensus picks this week, the Vikings, Bucs and Jaguars. And both DDD and I have the Texans as our best bets.

Happy Holidays.

Erickson Pianowski Liss Stopa Del Don
Texans -5.5 at Colts Colts Texans Texans Texans Texans
Dolphins +10 at Patriots Patriots Dolphins Dolphins Dolphins Patriots
Browns +13.5 at Ravens Ravens Ravens Browns Ravens Browns
Cardinals +4 at Bengals Cardinals Bengals Cardinals Cardinals Cardinals
Vikings +6.5 at Redskins Vikings Vikings Vikings Vikings Vikings
Broncos -1.5 at Bills Bills Broncos Broncos Broncos Broncos
Rams +16 at Steelers Rams Steelers Rams Rams Steelers
Giants +2.5 at Jets Giants Jets Jets Giants Giants
Buccaneers +8.5 at Panthers Buccaneers Buccaneers Buccaneers Buccaneers Buccaneers
Jaguars +8 at Titans Jaguars Jaguars Jaguars Jaguars Jaguars
Raiders +.5 at Chiefs Chiefs Chiefs Chiefs Raiders Raiders
Chargers +1.5 at Lions Chargers Chargers Chargers Chargers Lions
Eagles +1 at Cowboys Cowboys Cowboys Cowboys Eagles Cowboys
49ers -2 at Seahawks Seahawks 49ers Seahawks 49ers Seahawks
Bears +13.5 at Packers Bears Bears Bears Bears Packers
Falcons +7 at Saints Saints Falcons Saints Falcons Saints
Best Bet Ravens Chiefs Texans Broncos Texans
Last Week's Record 9-7 9-7 8-8 8-8 11-5
2011 Record 108-111-5 120-99-5 110-109-5 110-109-5 112-107-5
Best Bet Record 7-8 7-7-1 10-5 10-5 6-8-1
Consensus Pick Record 26-22-1
2010 Record 129-122-5 134-117-5 126-125-5 136-115-5 134-117-5
2009 Record 123-130-3 132-121-3 131-122-3 130-123-3 126-127-3
2008 Record 132-114-10 128-118-10 124-122-10 125-121-10 130-116-10
2007 Record 127-120 118-129 127-120 N/A 130-117
2006 Record 118-129 N/A 139-108 N/A N/A
2005 Record 121-126 N/A 127-120 N/A N/A
2004 Record 124-124 N/A 130-118 N/A N/A
2003 Record 121-126 118-129 124-123 N/A N/A
2002 Record 113-136 123-126 141-108 N/A N/A
2001 Record 124-113 117-120 118-119 N/A N/A
2000 Record 123-117 134-106 141-99 N/A N/A

Consensus Picks

This week we have three consensus picks: the Vikings, Buccaneers and Jaguars. We went 2-0 on consensus picks in Week 15 to go 26-22-1 on the year. We went 32-21-1 on consensus picks in 2010.


EricksonThere are a lot of teams on this slate I generally like as dogs but not as favorites - Bengals, Redskins, Jets (and Giants for that matter) and Broncos among them... The Jags pick is made on the notion that the Titans seem insistent on self-weighting by starting Matt Hasselbeck instead of Jake Locker.
PianowskiKyle Orton makes the Kansas City offense respectable, and Carson Palmer is good for a few mistakes every week, especially with Tamba Hali breathing down his neck. Arrowhead is still a factor when the Chiefs are relevant, and all of a sudden, they are. Happy and safe holidays, everyone.
LissTough slate - like the Texans, Dolphins, Bucs, Seahawks and Saints
StopaI really like the Texans and Broncos this week. The Colts got their victory to avoid 0-16, so they'll revert to apathy and suckitude. Plus, the Texans should bounce back after a bad loss. As for the Broncos, let me count the reasons I'd bet my own money on them this week: (i) giving less than a FG to a Bills team that's lost seven straight, five of which weren't competitive; (ii) Denver is run-oriented, and the Bills just let Reggie Bush have the best game of his career; (iii) only the Bucs and Vikings are worse on defense than the Bills right now; and (iv) Broncos bounce back in a must-win game after a loss... The number-crunching sharps (per Liss in ECO) are pounding the Dolphins, and I've been in the Dolphins corner much of the past several weeks, so I'll keep riding it... Rams getting that many points against an injured Roethlisberger doesn't make sense... If there was ever a time to buy ugly on the Bucs, particularly with the Panthers coming off a win, this is it. ... I don't think the Jets are a playoff team. I'm not sure the Giants are, either, but I trust the Giants offense to rebound more than I trust anything on the Jersey side... Seattle at home and selling the Niners high might be the sharp play, but I think the Seattle dream ends this week - not enough physicality on offense. ... Somewhere along the line in 2011, the Cardinals got better on defense and nobody realized... I far prefer the Redskins as a dog, not a TD favorite.
Del DonThe loss of DC Wade Phillips on the sideline proved drastic last week, but this seems like a good time to buy Houston low and sell Indy high.

The players:

Jeff Erickson: RotoWire Senior editor, 2001, 2008 Staff Picks Champ. Writes the Value Meter. Covers and roots for the Bengals.

Scott Pianowski: Fantasy expert for Yahoo! Sports, and also contributes to 2009 Staff Picks Champ. Roots for the Patriots.

Chris Liss: RotoWire Managing Editor, 2000, 2002, 2006 Staff Picks Champ, 2003, 2004 co-champ. Writes East Coast Offense, Beating the Book and Surviving the Week in addition to Staff Picks. Covers and roots for the Giants.

Mark Stopa: Staff Writer, 2010 Staff Picks Champ, Writes Working the Wire. Roots for the Bills.

Dalton Del Don: RotoWire Senior Staff Writer. 2007 Staff Picks Champ. Writes the Game Capsules and the Barometer. Covers the Eagles and roots for the 49ers.