MLB DFS: Tuesday Cheat Sheet
MLB DFS: Tuesday Cheat Sheet

This article is part of our DFS MLB series.

Here's a quick glance at Tuesday's slate(s).

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    Park Factors & Lines

    Park factors in this piece are a three-year average from 2015-2017, indexed (100 = average). For example, left-handed home runs at Guaranteed Rate Field (home of the White Sox) have a three-year index of 122, which means there have been 22% more homers hit by lefties from all teams during that span in that park compared to a completely neutral environment. Left-handed hitters have a significant advantage when hitting at Guaranteed Rate Field.

    AT&T Park (home of the Giants), has a three-year run index of 90, which means that games played at AT&T park have had 10% fewer runs scored overall than a completely neutral environment. Overall offensive production is reduced by a significant amount for games played in San Francisco, making it a safer environment than most for pitchers.

    Road StarterHome StarterHome TmRAVGHRAVGHRKO/UHmL1st Pitch
    Kenta MaedaTyler ChatwoodCubs989988981141001:05 PM
    David HessJefry RodriguezNationals1009889105114987:05 PM
    Marco GonzalesDomingo GermanYankees1039514299123929.0-1857:05 PM
    Freddy PeraltaJameson TaillonPirates969710110383948.0-1107:05 PM
    Luke WeaverVince VelasquezPhillies9895120971241098.5-1207:05 PM
    Mike SorokaJaime GarciaBlue Jays9910298101101979.0-1107:07 PM
    Matt BoydSal RomanoReds104100119981081069.0-1257:10 PM
    Carlos RodonMike ClevingerIndians11411411010298948.5-1957:10 PM
    Rich HillMike MontgomeryCubs989988981141008:05 PM
    Blake SnellJustin VerlanderAstros8393109941091017.0-2758:10 PM
    Chris SaleJose BerriosTwins10510395105113937.51458:10 PM
    Cole HamelsJason HammelRoyals1031028510276949.01158:15 PM
    Jason VargasGerman MarquezRockies1381211171161188711.5-1658:40 PM
    Matt KochFelix PenaAngels9196919610210910:07 PM
    Paul BlackburnEric LauerPadres92978597971038.5-10510:10 PM
    Dan StrailyDereck RodriguezGiants90975310074997.5-18010:15 PM

    Pitcher Skills

    These stats look at each starting pitcher's stats since the start of last season.

    The final two columns are team stats for each pitcher's opponent.

    OwRC+ is the team wRC+ for the current season, against the handedness of that pitcher.

    TeamK% is the strikeout rate of the opposing team for the current season, against the handedness of that pitcher.

    Note: Opponent team matchup data from 2018 season.

    Jose Berrios (R)v BOS235.323.76.517.20.993.751.12$9,300$9,60012119.0
    Paul Blackburn (R)at SD$5,300$5,5008625.8
    Matt Boyd (L)at CIN210.318.$7,600$7,00010121.8
    Tyler Chatwood (R)v LAD211.019.314.64.70.984.521.54$6,300$5,70010721.9
    Mike Clevinger (R)v CWS213.025.010.414.60.853.131.22$10,800$9,3009325.1
    Jaime Garcia (L)v ATL215.319.$5,400$6,10011919.1
    Domingo German (R)v SEA67.728.010.417.61.334.791.29$7,300$7,60011219.6
    Marco Gonzales (L)at NYY119.019.75.913.91.064.311.44$6,900$8,10012622.0
    Cole Hamels (L)at KC 233.319.48.810.61.394.011.22$9,700$8,6008921.4
    Jason Hammel (R)v TEX265.017.05.911.$5,000$7,4009424.5
    David Hess (R)at WAS32.713.$4,700$5,9009721.1
    Rich Hill (L)at CHC160.328.69.319.31.403.761.19$6,600$6,90010921.1
    Matt Koch (R)at LAA66.$5,600$6,00011119.8
    Eric Lauer (L)v OAK45.018.311.07.31.606.201.98$4,500$5,6009024.4
    Kenta Maeda (R)at CHC191.726.06.819.$9,400$8,80010621.0
    German Marquez (R)v NYM235.721.47.713.81.454.621.41$5,800$6,60010022.0
    Mike Montgomery (L)v LAD179.717.$7,000$6,80010322.5
    Felix Pena (R)v ARI37.023.210.712.52.435.591.57$4,400$5,5008023.8
    Freddy Peralta (R)at PIT9.745.$7,800$6,70010118.8
    Carlos Rodon (L)at CLE79.325.310.514.81.704.081.36$7,100$6,40011318.5
    Dereck Rodriguez (R)v MIA18.718.46.911.50.964.341.55$6,700$6,3008622.5
    Jefry Rodriguez (R)v BAL4.715.810.$5,900$5,5008424.2
    Sal Romano (R)v DET160.$4,800$5,7008921.3
    Chris Sale (L)at MIN309.335.55.629.90.992.850.97$12,700$11,4009322.5
    Blake Snell (L)at HOU216.724.19.814.31.083.451.21$9,500$9,00012820.1
    Mike Soroka (R)at TOR21.021.35.615.70.432.571.29$8,900$7,20010223.3
    Dan Straily (R)at SF 226.321.68.613.01.594.251.32$6,400$6,20010124.5
    Jameson Taillon (R)v MIL211.321.57.414.20.854.261.38$8,400$7,70010323.9
    Jason Vargas (L)at COL215.018.07.810.21.474.691.39$4,600$5,8009921.7
    Vince Velasquez (R)v STL146.024.99.515.41.544.931.40$8,600$8,8009622.5
    Justin Verlander (R)v TB 306.327.67.520.11.032.791.04$13,300$11,5009822.2
    Luke Weaver (R)at PHI134.023.97.616.40.944.231.31$8,000$6,5009526.4

    Pitcher Splits

    These splits cover each pitcher's performance against left-handed and right-handed hitters since the start of the 2016 season.

    Stats highlighted yellow indicate matchups favoring the pitcher. Stats highlighted blue indicate matchups favoring opposing hitters.

    v. Leftiesv. Righties
    Jose Berrios (R)v BOS20.710.310.31.240.32823.95.518.41.100.304
    Paul Blackburn (R)at SD 8.29.0-
    Matt Boyd (L)at CIN18.
    Tyler Chatwood (R)v LAD18.313.
    Mike Clevinger (R)v CWS22.511.011.40.810.30025.510.714.91.050.304
    Jaime Garcia (L)v ATL23.84.819.01.260.30518.810.
    Domingo German (R)v SEA23.89.814.01.290.28732.
    Marco Gonzales (L)at NYY17.64.413.21.270.31220.
    Cole Hamels (L)at KC
    Jason Hammel (R)v TEX18.38.310.11.270.33018.54.913.61.230.319
    David Hess (R)at WAS17.
    Rich Hill (L)at CHC20.311.88.50.800.31231.47.723.71.010.267
    Matt Koch (R)at LAA16.
    Eric Lauer (L)v OAK9.311.6-
    Kenta Maeda (R)at CHC19.78.710.91.310.32831.
    German Marquez (R)v NYM18.
    Mike Montgomery (L)v LAD19.17.811.30.620.27119.
    Felix Pena (R)v ARI23.317.85.61.800.35127.44.423.02.420.346
    Freddy Peralta (R)at PIT41.720.820.81.690.30450.018.831.30.000.208
    Carlos Rodon (L)at CLE27.
    Dereck Rodriguez (R)v MIA15.
    Jefry Rodriguez (R)v BAL0.07.7-
    Sal Romano (R)v DET17.410.37.10.980.35417.
    Chris Sale (L)at MIN31.73.728.00.870.24731.35.625.71.050.274
    Blake Snell (L)at HOU27.69.917.70.150.23723.410.912.51.100.318
    Mike Soroka (R)at TOR25.06.318.80.000.22117.14.912.21.040.371
    Dan Straily (R)at SF 20.411.
    Jameson Taillon (R)v MIL16.
    Jason Vargas (L)at COL13.
    Vince Velasquez (R)v STL25.510.215.31.650.35326.87.519.31.340.316
    Justin Verlander (R)v TB 31.18.722.41.190.27024.85.419.41.000.266
    Luke Weaver (R)at PHI22.

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