Rounding Third: Playing-Time Neutral SP Rankings
Rounding Third: Playing-Time Neutral SP Rankings

This article is part of our Rounding Third series.

Clayton Kershaw's rank and projection inspired two blogs by me on the notion of replacement value, how to apply that value to an otherwise incomplete projection and what risks are involved when doing so. But I thought I'd take this one step farther, and provide a set of playing-time neutral rankings for starting pitchers. This is something I've done for batters, but only twice in 2013 and 2012, and never for starting pitchers.

The goal is to identify some starting pitchers who might be undervalued on the basis of projected playing time, when otherwise their skills merit taking earlier than they are going, or how they are projected. This is especially helpful when hitting the middle to later rounds and you're looking to fill out your pitching staff.

First, here's a list of the current top 130 starting pitchers in a sortable chart:

1 Max Scherzer 33 4.737 6.575 2.821 2.162 16.295 10.972 38.016 38
2 Jacob deGrom 33 3.947 5.977 3.154 1.470 14.548 9.225 32.122 32
3 Chris Sale 30 3.947 5.977 2.338 1.810 14.072 8.749 30.516 31
4 Justin Verlander 33 4.211 6.000 2.144 1.637 13.992 8.669 30.246 30
5 Corey Kluber 32 4.474 5.448 2.333 1.705 13.960 8.637 30.138 30
6 Aaron Nola 33 4.211 5.080 1.928 1.120 12.339 7.016 24.670 25
7 Blake Snell 32 3.947 4.598 2.617 1.048 12.210 6.887 24.234 24
8 Carlos Carrasco 32 4.211 5.310 1.142 0.873 11.536
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