Tuesday Lineup Card: No Lockout Here

Tuesday Lineup Card: No Lockout Here

This article is part of our The Lineup Card series.

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Projected Starters - A look at Tuesday's matchups (all times Eastern).

Pirates (Charlie Morton - R) v Nationals (Jordan Zimmerman - R), 1:05
Astros (Wandy Rodriguez - L) v Braves (Derek Lowe - R), 1:05
Giants (Jonathan Sanchez - L) v Rockies (Ubaldo Jimenez - R), 3:10
Yankees (Ivan Nova - R) v Rays (James Shields - R), 6:40
Blue Jays (Jesse Litsch - R) v Tigers (Rick Porcello - R), 7:05
Orioles (Zach Britton - L) v Red Sox (TBD), 7:10
Marlins (Ricky Nolasco - R) v Mets (Jon Niese - L), 7:10
Cubs (Matt Garza - R) v Reds (EdinsonVolquez - R), 7:10
Indians (Carlos Carrasco - R) v Royals (Vin Mazzaro - R), 8:10
Rangers (Matt Harrison - L) v White Sox (John Danks - L), 8:10
Phillies (Roy Oswalt - R) v Cardinals (Jaime Garcia - L), 8:15
Padres (Tim Stauffer - R) v Diamondbacks (Daniel Hudson - R), 9:40
Angels (Tyler Chatwood - R) v A's (Gio Gonzalez - L), 10:05
Twins (Francisco Liriano - L) v Mariners (Felix Hernandez - R), 10:10
Brewers (Randy Wolf - L) v Dodgers (Hiroki Kuroda - R), 10:10

OFF: None

Day Game After a Night Game: Astros/Braves, Pirates/Nationals, Giants/Rockies

Injuries - A brief look at players that have been missing time with minor ailments and their expected returns.

Day-to-Day (includes players expected to make their return from the DL)

Mitch Moreland, 1B, TEX - (Leg) Missed Monday's game because of leg soreness
Rafael Soriano, P, NY-A - (Elbow) Stiffness in Monday's bullpen session
Adam Lind, 1B, TOR - (Back) Took part in Monday's drills, could DH Tuesday

Tim Hudson, P, ATL - (Hip) Felt a "pop" Sunday
Chris Capuano, P, NY-N - (Finger) Might have developed a blister Sunday
Juan Miranda, 1B, AZ - (Thumb) DL bound?
Todd Coffey, P, WAS - (Elbow) Could pitch Tuesday
David Wright, 3B, NY-N - (Back) will get a second opinion
Chris Johnson, 3B, HOU - (Wrist) Did not start Monday
Colby Rasmus, OF, STL - (Ribs) Underwent an ultrasound
Chipper Jones, 3B, ATL - (Knee) Might take BP on Tuesday
Jason Heyward, OF, ATL - (Shoulder) Should return Tuesday

Players on the DL

Kendrys Morales, 1B, ANA - (Ankle) Season-ending injury will not end career
Scott Kazmir, P, ANA - (Back) Still no schedule for rehab assignment
Vernon Wells, OF, ANA - (Groin) Injury not as bad as once thought
J.P. Howell, P, TB - (Shoulder) Should re-join Rays on Friday
Marco Scutaro, SS, BOS - (Oblique) Close to swinging a bat
Jim Thome, DH, MIN - (Back) Will play in extended spring training this week
Junichi Tazawa, P, BOS - (Elbow) Will start at High-A Salem on Friday
Jason Repko, OF, MIN - (Quads) Rehab assignment with Triple-A began Monday
Joe Mauer, C, MIN - (Leg) will head to the team's spring training facility
Mitch Talbot, P, CLE - (Elbow) Felt OK after five innings Saturday
Grady Sizemore, OF, CLE - (Knee) Hit the DL on Monday
Phil Hughes, P, NY-A - (Shoulder) Threw 45 pitches from 90 feet Sunday
Brandon Webb, P, TEX - (Shoulder) Will throw in extended spring training Tuesday
Julio Borbon, OF, TEX - (Hamstring) No muscle tears
Scott Feldman, P, TEX - (Knee) Will make second rehab start Thursday
Josh Hamilton, OF, TEX - (Shoulder) A week away from returning?
Dallas Braden, P, OAK - (Shoulder) Surgery postponed to Tuesday
Bobby Jenks, P, BOS - (Arm) Slated to play catch Monday
John Lackey, P, BOS - (Elbow) Landed on DL on Monday

Willie Bloomquist, OF, AZ - (Hamstring) Got five at-bats Monday, will play again Tuesday
Chris Young, P, NY-N - (Shoulder) Underwent season-ending surgery Monday
Chase Utley, 2B, PHI - (Knee) Slated to play for High-A on Monday
Andrew Cashner, P, CHI-N - (Shoulder) Felt some tightness Monday
Rick Ankiel, OF, WAS - (Wrist) Will need rehab assignment
Rafael Soriano, SS, LA - (Thumb) Was not activated Monday, could be this week
Ike Davis, 1B, NY-N - (Calf) Headed to team's Florida facility
Brian Tallet, P, STL - (Hand) Will begin rehab assignment Tuesday
Aroldis Chapman, P, CHI - (Shoulder) Hit the DL With shoulder inflammation
Esmil Rogers, P, COL - (Back) Will throw from flat ground Monday
Casey Blake, 3B, LA - (Elbow) Could start a rehab assignment this week
Orlando Hudson, 2B, SD - (Hamstring) Will be activated Tuesday
Blake Hawksworth, P, LA - (Groin) Hit DL Sunday
Jarrett Hoffpauir, 2B, SD - (Quadriceps) Began rehab with Triple-A Tucson

Transactions - Players that have been demoted, called up, traded, released, you name it. We'll cover it here.

Activated from the DL
Roy Oswalt, P, PHI
Jayson Nix, 3B, TOR

Mike Wilson, OF, SEA
Chris Peguero, OF, SEA

Sent Down
Vance Worley, P, PHI
Jess Todd, P, STL (after claimed off waivers from NY-A)
David Cooper, 1B, TOR
Jim Hoey, P, MIN

Placed on DL
John Lackey, P, BOS
Grady Sizemore, OF, CLE
Aroldis Chapman, P, CIN

Closer Watch - A closer look at intriguing ninth-inning situations (check out our Closer Grid with the link to the left).

Seattle - Manager Eric Wedge said he gave League off on Sunday so he could "watch a ballgame." Usually managers give their closers votes of confidence when speaking in public, so this might not bode well for League's standing after three blown saves. Jamey Wright is probably second in line for save chances.

Key Matchups


David Ross v Wandy Rodriguez - 6-for-18 (.333), 2 2B, 6:1 K:BB
Carlos Lee v Derek Lowe - 16-for-38 (.421), 4 2B, 2 HR, 2:1 K:BB
Michael Bourn v Derek Lowe - 6-for-13 (.462), 1 2B, 1 3B, 1:0 K:BB
Mike Fontenot v Ubaldo Jimenez - 3-for-10 (.300), 2 3B, 2:5 K:BB (1.233 OPS)
Troy Tulowitzki v Jonathan Sanchez - 7-for-20 (.350), 1 2B, 1 3B, 1 HR, 1:2 K:BB
Derek Jeter v James Shields - 17-for-50 (.340), 1 2B, 1 HR, 5:1 K:BB
Robinson Cano v James Shields - 16-for-41 (.390), 4 2B, 2 3B, 3 HR, 9:1 K:BB (1.210 OPS)
Jorge Posada v James Shields - 8-for-27 (.296), 3 2B, 1 HR, 3:4 K:BB (.925 OPS)
Miguel Cabrera v Jesse Litsch - 4-for-11 (.364), 2 HR, 2:1 K:BB
Jose Bautista v Rick Porcello - 5-for-10 (.500), 0 XBH, 0:1 K:BB
David Wright v Ricky Nolasco - 19-for-30 (.380), 4 2B, 4 HR, 15:3 K:BB
Jose Reyes v Ricky Nolasco - 15-for-43 (.349), 1 2B, 1 3B, 3 HR, 7:2 K:BB
Carlos Beltran v Ricky Nolasco - 12-for-36 (.333), 1 HR, 9:5 K:BB
Dan Murphy v Ricky Nolasco - 6-for-17 (.353), 2 2B, 3:0 K:BB
Hanley Ramirez v Jonathon Niese - 3-for-11 (.273), 1 2B, 1 HR, 2:2 K:BB (1.021 OPS)
Aramis Ramirez v EdinsonVolquez - 4-for-11 (.364), 0 XBH, 2:1 K:BB
Albert Pujols v Roy Oswalt - 29-for-89 (.326), 6 2B, 7 HR, 7:7 K:BB
Alberto Callaspo v Gio Gonzalez - 5-for-14 (.357), 1 2B, 1 3B, 2:0 K:BB
Miguel Olivo v Francisco Liriano - 5-for-16 (.313), 2 2B, 1 HR, 4:2 K:BB (1.014 OPS)

Jon Niese v Marlins Batters - .207/.316/.341, 8 2B, 1 HR, 14:12 K:BB in 102 PA
Felix Hernandez v Twins Batters - .169/.237/.237, 1 2B, 2 3B, 1 HR, 28:11 K:BB in 133 PA


Alex Gonzalez v Wandy Rodriguez - 2-for-20 (.100) 0 XBH, 5:0 K:BB
Dan Uggla v Wandy Rodriguez - 3-for-15 (.200), 2 2B, 3:1 K:BB
Clint Barmes v Derek Lowe - 4-for-18 (.222), 0 XBH, 1:1 K:BB
Aaron Rowand v Ubaldo Jimenez - 6-for-37 (.162), 2 2B, 1 HR, 13:1 K:BB
Aubrey Huff v Ubaldo Jimenez - 3-for-17 (.176), 2 2B, 4:3 K:BB
Buster Posey v Ubaldo Jimenez - 2-for-13 (.154), 1 2B, 4:5 K:BB
Nate Schierholtz v Ubaldo Jimenez - 2-for-14 (.143), 1 2B, 7:0 K:BB
Andres Torres v Ubaldo Jimenez - 1-for-13 (.077), 0 XBH, 7:1 K:BB
Ryan Spilborghs v Jonathan Sanchez - 6-for-26 (.231), 2 2B, 3:7 K:BB
Carlos Gonzalez v Jonathan Sanchez - 0-for-14 (.000), 0 XBH, 6:1 K:BB
Brett Gardner v James Shields - 1-for-11 (.091), 0 XBH, 3:1 K:BB
Curtis Granderson v James Shields - 3-for-31 (.097), 1 2B, 1 3B, 9:1 K:BB
Mark Teixeira v James Shields - 6-for-33 (.182), 0 XBH, 13:2 K:BB
Adam Lind v Rick Porcello - 2-for-10 (.200), 1 HR, 0:2 K:BB
Aaron Hill v Rick Porcello - 2-for-11 (.182), 1 HR, 0:0 K:BB
Omar Infante v Jonathon Niese - 3-for-18 (.167), 2 2B, 2:1 K:BB
Gaby Sanchez v Jonathon Niese - 3-for-14 (.214), 1 2B, 1:3 K:BB
Chris Coghlan v Jonathon Niese - 2-for-10 (.200), 1 2B, 1:0 K:BB
Ramon Hernandez v Matt Garza - 2-for-12 (.167), 0 XBH, 2:0 K:BB
KosukeFukudone v EdinsonVolquez - 1-for-10 (.100), 1 2B, 1:2 K:BB
Mike Napoli v John Danks - 2-for-13 (.154), 0 XBH, 8:0 K:BB
Michael Young v John Danks - 2-for-13 (.154), 0 XBH, 6:0 K:BB
Kelly Johnson v Tim Stauffer - 2-for-10 (.200), 2 2B, 2:0 K:BB
Bobby Abreu v Gio Gonzalez - 1-for-14 (.071), 1 2B, 7:1 K:BB
Torii Hunter vGio Gonzalez - 2-for-15 (.133), 0 XBH, 5:2 K:BB
Jack Cust v Francisco Liriano - 2-for-10 (.200), 1 HR, 5:0 K:BB
ChoneFiggings v Francisco Liriano - 3-for-13 (.231), 1 2B, 5:0 K:BB
Justin Morneau v Felix Hernandez - 4-for-25 (.160), 1 HR, 6:4 K:BB
Michael Cuddyer v Felix Hernandez - 3-for-21 (.143), 0 XBH, 7:1 K:BB
Jason Kubel v Felix Hernandez - 3-for-19 (.158), 0 XBH, 5:1 K:BB
Denard Span v Felix Hernandez - 1-for-12 (.083), 1 2B, 3:4 K:BB
Delmon Young v Felix Hernandez - 3-for-15 (.200), 1 3B, 1:0 K:BB
Juan Uribe v Randy Wolf - 3-for-13 (.231), 0 XBH, 3:2 K:BB
Juan Castro v Randy Wolf - 2-for-12 (.167), 2 2B, 3:1 K:BB

Ricky Nolasco v Mets Batters - .316/.357/.524, 8 2B, 1 3B, 11 HR, 45:13 K:BB in 223 PA
Roy Oswalt v Cardinals Batters - .305/.337/.472, 12 2B, 7 HR, 16:10 K:BB in 213 PA

Recommended Pickup

Laynce Nix, OF, WAS - Nix Has been a fixture in left field since Mike Morse went down with a knee injury toward the beginning of the month, and he has held onto the spot even with Morse able to play. Part of that staying power has been due to Nix's bat power - he has five extra-base hits (including two home runs) over his last seven games to go with a .400 batting average in those 30 at-bats. Nix displayed 20-home run power during his many seasons at Triple-A, and he could conceivably hit 15+ even if he does fall into a platoon with Morse. Add in a few steals, and that's a productive, yet affordable, third or fourth outfielder.

Draft Street Competition

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Draft Street Lineup

C -Miguel Olivo, $3,346
1B-Albert Pujols, $7,274
2B - Robinson Cano, $7,187
3B - Alberto Callaspo, $6,454
SS - Troy Tulowitzki, $9,274
OF -Carlos Lee, $6,785
OF - Michael Bourn, $6,951
OF - Jose Bautista, $13,872
UTIL - Cameron Maybin, $7,161
UTIL - Jose Reyes, $9,430
SP - Jonathon Niese, $7,696
SP - Ubaldo Jimenez, $9,271
RP - Drew Storen, $2,501
P - J.J. Putz, $2,170

Total: $99,372

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