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Collette Calls: 2021 AL West Bold Predictions
5 days ago
Jason Collette kicks off his annual Bold Predictions series with a pair of predictions for each of the five teams in the American League West. Is he in or out on Yuli Gurriel?
Collette Calls: Recycled McGee?
30 days ago
Jason Collette explains how Jake McGee rediscovered confidence in his fastball with the Dodgers.
Collette Calls: Shifting Targets
85 days ago
Jason Collette looks at pulled groundball data to find hitters to fade and pitchers to target late in 2021, including Colorado's German Marquez.
Collette Calls: The Impact of the Universal DH
96 days ago
Jason Collette examines the impact of the Universal DH on this year's 60-game National League season and whether we're likely to see it again next year.
Collette Calls:  Accountability Part 2 -- Pitcher Bold Predictions
104 days ago
Jason Collette revisits his bold predictions for pitchers this season. Does not being a Belieber overshadow his big wins?
Collette Calls: Accountability Part 1 -- Hitter Bold Predictions
111 days ago
Jason Collette revisits his bold predictions for hitters this season. Where did he hit and where did he miss? And what would his Sam Hilliard-inspired tattoo say?
Collette Calls: Martinez Malaise
117 days ago
Jason Collette analyzes the collapse of J.D. Martinez this season and whether it's more mental than physical.
Collette Calls: Preparing for Pitching in 2021
125 days ago
Jason Collette explores how this unprecedented baseball season could impact pitching 2021, and fantasy drafts.
Collette Calls: You Should Find My Lack of Belief in Bieber Disturbing
132 days ago
Jason Collette analyzes why he was so wrong on Shane Bieber this season and what the Indians ace is doing differently in 2020.
Collette Calls: Burnes is on Fire
139 days ago
Jason Collette analyzes the evolution of Corbin Burnes, who has drastically changed how he attacks hitters. The results are promising.
Collette Calls: Hidden RBI Chances
146 days ago
Jason Collette analyzes batters who are struggling to drive in runs. Is Oakland's Marcus Semien due for more RBIs?
Collette Calls: The Bullpen War of Attrition
153 days ago
With bullpens across the league losing the war of attrition, Jason Collette analyzes relievers who are in position to benefit, like Milwaukee's Freddy Peralta.
Collette Calls: Offense Has Opted Out of the Season
160 days ago
Jason Collette analyzes the reasons behind the lack of offense in baseball this season and explains why fantasy managers should adjust their expectations.
Collette Calls: End-Gamers Off to Hot Starts
167 days ago
Jason Collette looks at players who are outproducing their cheap draft status, like the Mariners' Yusei Kikuchi.
Collette Calls: Opening Weekend Pitching Observations
174 days ago
Jason Collette analyzes a handful of pitchers from baseball's opening weekend, including Robbie Ray, who is different ... but the same.
Collette Calls: Do We Need to Adjust Expectations for Offense?
181 days ago
Jason Collette looks at what to expect from the changes expected for this season. Do we need to adjust our expectations?
Collette Calls: Hidden Profit In New Pitching Landscape
188 days ago
Jason Collette analyzes the impact of the unique schedule on starting pitching and profiles pitchers who have hidden value in the new 2020 landscape, including Jeff Samardzija.
Collette Calls: The Three Most Intriguing New Pitches of 2020
223 days ago
Jason Collette has been tracking new pitches every spring since 2014. How often are those new pitches successfully incorporated? And which new pitches should we be watching closely in 2020?
Collette Calls: The Importance of a New Pitch
236 days ago
Jason Collette analyzes how the addition of a new pitch by the A's Frankie Montas changed his fortunes last season.
Collette Calls: FAAB Pursuits
274 days ago
Jason Collette profiles some of his favorite FAAB targets he'll spend on when the season gets going again, including the Phillies' Jay Bruce.
Collette Calls: The Changing Pitcher Market
292 days ago
Jason Collette looks at how the market has changed for pitchers in the latest NFBC auctions. Yu Darvish's price is spiking.
Collette Calls: My AL Tout Wars Team
305 days ago
Jason Collette reviews his AL Tout Wars auction, which had a different feel this year at it went from live to online.
Collette Calls: My 2020 AL LABR Team
318 days ago
Jason Collette returns to AL LABR in 2020. He details parts of his pre-auction plan and reviews how the draft went in his latest Collette Calls!
Collette Calls: More About the 200 IP Problem
328 days ago
Jason Collette analyzes the prospects of certain pitchers working 200 innings this season. Is Sonny Gray a safe bet to hit 200 IP?
Collette Calls: The 200 IP Problem
335 days ago
Jason Collette challenges the idea that more than a mere handful of starters will pitch 200 innings this season. Can Stephen Strasburg do it again?
Collette Calls: 2020 AL East Bold Predictions
341 days ago
Jason Collette turns to the AL East for more bold predictions. Will J.D. Martinez be a top-10 player this season?
Collette Calls: NL East Bold Predictions
351 days ago
Jason Collette continues his 2020 Bold Predictions series with a spin through the NL East.
Collette Calls: AL Central Bold Predictions
359 days ago
Jason Collette gazes into his AL Central crystal ball and sees more bad than good for Cleveland's Shane Bieber this year.
Collette Calls: 2020 NL Central Bold Predictions
January 16, 2020
Jason Collette offers predictions for the NL Central. Are fantasy owners guilty of recency bias with Ian Happ?
Collette Calls: 2020 NL West Bold Predictions
January 8, 2020
Jason Collette looks into his crystal ball for the NL West and sees a whole lot of plate appearances for the Dodgers' A.J. Pollock.