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Split Squad: Hop on the Trade Rumor-Mobile

Conan Hines

Conan Hines writes about fantasy sports for RotoWire.

Justin Green

Justin Green writes about fantasy sports for RotoWire.

Itís trade deadline time and if certain players change uniforms, a change in fantasy value can occur. As fantasy owners look to make trades, pick up free agents, and forecast their teamís performance from now through the end of the year, consideration of the trade market is essential. Justin and I have both selected three players from each league who are on the trade market and could have their fantasy value affected Ė for better or for worse.

National League - by Conan Hines

Below you will find each player with the teams he is linked to.

Roy Oswalt Ė Cardinals, Phillies and Dodgers

Uncle Roy is finally on the trade market Ė and probably a year too late. The Astros are going to have trouble dumping Oswaltís salary and harnessing top talent. Still, outside of his horrendous record, Oswalt may be having his best year ever. He is striking out batters at an extraordinary clip (8.37 K/9) compared to his career numbers (7.35). I donít see how he could fail with any of these teams considering they are all in the playoff hunt. Oswalt looks ticketed for Philadelphia, where he should get the run support and defense he needs to be even more successful Ė especially once the team gets healthy. Oswalt is definitely worth taking a risk on. I say buy him. Value is UP.

*As of press-time, Oswalt is rumored to have been traded to the Phils, pending the pitcherís approval

Adam Dunn Ė Tigers, White Sox, Angels, Rangers and Giants

The good thing about Adam is you donít have to do much thinking. His numbers are as consistent as Oliver Perezís extended rehab assignments. The White Sox seem like the best fit for me; and if thatís the case, it should boost his value. On the other hand, playing in San Francisco could certainly suck some RBIs and runs from his production. The Rangers would be nice but Iím not sure if thatís plausible. For me, Dunn looks pretty much the same as always. I donít see a reason to think his value is going up or down by that much. Look to stay neutral on A-Dunn (what, not a cool enough nickname for you?) Value remains NEUTRAL.

Ted Lilly Ė Tigers, Mets and Dodgers

Looking at his cosmetic stats, Lilly seems to be a lot like Oswalt Ė pitching well with no run support. If you look closer, that doesnít seem to be the case. His K-rate has dropped below 7.0 for the first time since 2005. His FIP is nearly a run higher than his 3.69 ERA, and heís carrying an awfully low BABIP (.261). Add his age and injury history, and I just donít see a buy with him. Of course, Detroit, Queens and the Ravine are places where the baseball goes to die, so there may be some extra value to extract. But mostly, youíll be getting no more than the stats he already has Ė possibly a few more wins. Unfortunately, the time to trade him was before the All-Star break. Now itís too late. Value is DOWN.

American League - by Justin Green

Joakim Soria Ė Yankees

A deal that would send Soria to the Yankees would be catastrophic to Soriaís value in most formats. You may be aware that the team in the Bronx already has a closer, some guy who still wears Jackie Robinsonís number. This means Soria would be a setup man, taking the place of Joba-the-hut. Obviously, Soria's value in most leagues is as a closer. In AL-only or very deep mixed leagues, Soria may have some value as an eighth-inning guy, but moving from a closer to a setup man is a major detriment to Soria owners in the save category. Current news indicates that the Yankees made a major proposal to the Royals for Soria, one including catching prospect Jesus Montero, but the Royals balked. A move to New York may be unlikely given Soria's no trade clause, which allows him to block a deal to several teams, including the Yankees. Also, Soria is getting paid just $3 million this year and is under team control through 2014. That is a very team friendly contract and I see Soria staying in Missouri. Value is NEUTRAL.

Ty Wigginton Ė Yankees, Phillies, Rockies, Padres

I am surprised Wiggintonís name is even out there in the trade market. After a hot start to the season, Wigginton has gone ice cold, sporting a 7-3-9-0-.208 line in the last 30 days. It canít help he is on the Orioles, has no protection, and faces a lot of pitching the AL "Beast", but moving him to a different team will probably not help his numbers too much. Of the four teams rumored to be interested in the infielder, the Rockies would be the most advantageous. A deal with Colorado would send him to a weaker league and a weaker division. However, the Rockies lost seven games in a row recently and they may have gone from buyers to sellers. Value is DOWN.

Kerry Wood - ?

While pundits continually raise Woodís name as the trade deadline approaches, it has generally been to say that there is not much interest in the injury-prone closer. Woodís $11 million option for next season will kick in if he finishes out 39 more games, but that number seems all but impossible to reach. That means the Indians wonít be desperate to move Kerry, but they also donít have much incentive to keep him, as they are unlikely to retain Wood next year. Wood has minimal value, even as a closer, due to the Indiansí low number of save chances and his injury history. If he is moved, itíd definitely be to the bullpen of a contender, where he would not be the closer. Value is DOWN.