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Scouting Pitchers: Radar Love: Fastball Velocities for No. 3 Starters

James Benkard

James Benkard writes about fantasy sports for RotoWire.

Scouting Pitchers: Radar Love: Fastball velocities for No. 3 starters

Finals week is upon this eternal student here, so this column will be just a look at the velocities for each teamís No. 3 starter in his last game. Some of these are actually No. 2 starters who have come off the DL (Cliff Lee) or have slid up in the rotation. I have denoted them as such.

American League:

Baltimore: Brian Matusz: 89-91 in Minnesota on May 9.
Boston: John Lackey: 91-94 against his old team, the Angels, on May 5.
Chicago White Sox: Gavin Floyd: 92-95 against the Blue Jays on May 9.
Cleveland: Justin Masterson: 91-94 against the Tigers on May 8.
Detroit: Max Scherzer: 91-94 in Cleveland on May 9. Scherzer hit 95 in the first inning, but not thereafter.
Kansas City: Gil Meche (#2): 90-93 in Texas on May 8.
LA Angels: Ervin Santana: 91-95 in Seattle on May 9.
Minnesota: Carl Pavano: 89-91 against the Orioles on May 6.
NY Yankees: Andy Pettitte: 86-89 against the Orioles on May 5. He is not too happy about being skipped a turn to nurse a tender elbow.
Oakland: Gio Gonzalez: 91-94 against the Rays on May 7.
Seattle: Cliff Lee (#2): 91-92 against the Rays on May 5.
Tampa Bay: Jeff Niemann: 91-94 in Seattle on May 6. He lost a little velocity as the game wore on.
Texas: C.J. Wilson: 89-93 against the Royals on May 7. Wilson didnít hit 93 after the fourth inning.
Toronto: Brandon Morrow: 94-97 in Cleveland on May 5.

National League:

Arizona: Ian Kennedy: 87-91 against the Brewers on May 9.
Atlanta: Tommy Hanson (#2): 93-96 in Washington on May 5.
Chicago Cubs: Randy Wells: 89-91 in Pittsburgh on May 6. Wells threw just 47 pitches to 15 batters, eight of whom reached base, which has to be some sort of record.
Cincinnati: Johnny Cueto: 93-96 against the Mets on May 5.
Colorado: Jhoulys Chacin: 89-92 in Los Angeles on May 8. The Rockiesí rotation is up in the air with the injuries to Jorge de la Rosa, Jeff Francis and Jason Hammel, but Chacin has looked like a #3 by tossing 15 scoreless innings.
Florida: Nate Robertson: 85-89 against the Giants on May 5.
Houston: Brett Myers: 89-92 against the Astros on May 5.
LA Dodgers: Chad Billingsley (#2): 89-93 against the Brewers on May 5.
Milwaukee: Doug Davis: 80-85 with cutters and four-seamers in Los Angeles on May 5.
New York: Jon Niese: 90-92 in Cincinnati on May 5.
Philadelphia: Joe Blanton: 87-90 against the Braves on May 8.
Pittsburgh: Charlie Morton: 92-95 against the Cubs on May 5. Heís never been a hot prospect, has bounced around, and has control problems. But a consistent 93-94 is something you can work with.
St. Louis: Brad Penny: 91-96 in Philadelphia on May 5.
San Diego: Clayton Richard: 90-94 against the Rockies on May 5.
San Francisco: Matt Cain: 90-94 in Florida on May 6.
Washington: Scott Olsen: 88-92 against the Braves on May 6.

Article first appeared 5/10/10