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The New About Our Re-Design

Peter Schoenke

Peter Schoenke is the president and co-founder of He's been elected to the hall of fame for both the Fantasy Sports Trade Association and Fantasy Sports Writers Association and also won the Best Fantasy Baseball Article on the Internet in 2005 from the FSWA. He roots for for the Minnesota Twins, Vikings and T-Wolves.

Welcome to the new It's been nearly seven years since we've changed our web site and it was time to take advantage of new technology to improve the user experience. At the same time we've kept the basic structure of the web site the same. The pages you had bookmarked for player news and feature stories are the same - the layout is just different.

The first change you'll notice is the navigation. Gone is the left navigation bar with a link to every feature. In its place we've put links to the most used pages in the header. Click on the sport icon and a menu of the top pages will appear. Check the footer if you want a complete listing of every page for each sport.

Our new design improves several areas specifically. Our feature stories are easier to read, the comment section is much more prominent, and we make it clear who from RotoWire is adding comments. We know you value interaction with the RotoWire staff, so this will make that a much more enjoyable experience.

We've also added more ways to sort our player notes. For Baseball, you can now filter updates for Closers, and RotoWire's list of Top 100 MLB Players and Top 200 Prospects.
We've also improved the layout of the player pages and added more information (such as round drafted).

While we've launched our new look, we're doing it in stages, as it's a work in progress. The header/footer for the redesign is on all the pages except the blog, forum and MLB Commissioner service. We'll fix those at a later date. While the header and footer will be new, only baseball pages have a full new look. The other sports will continue to have the old look along with left navigation. We'll update all the rest of the sports over the next few months. Not all the baseball pages have the new full look either. We'll fix all those in the next few weeks.

We've tested out the new design on most browsers and apps, but there could be some that cause problems. Let us know if you encounter any issues.

Lastly, we want to hear your feedback. Do you like it? Too confusing? Did we forget to include a feature you liked before? What could we do to make it even better? We want to hear your thoughts, so please respond in the comments below.

Thanks for being a customer and good luck to a great 2013 fantasy sports season.

Peter Schoenke

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