NBA Waiver Wire: Week 6 Look-Ahead

NBA Waiver Wire: Week 6 Look-Ahead

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Thanksgiving approaches! We're now one month into the season – a fairly significant sample size. A pair of Rockets, Fred VanVleet and OG Anunoby, are running away from the field for the "best waiver wire pickup of the seasons" award, but there is still enough time for another player or two to join their ranks. 

If this week's top recommended pickup can ever end up averaging more than 25 minutes per game (too soon to know), I could see him making a play for that title.

Whether you're gunning for the year's best pickup, or looking for more reliable short-term adds filling in for injured players, there are tons of great options this week. 

The Week 6 schedule demands some attention. Nineteen teams play four games, while the Nuggets, Rockets and Suns play just twice. However, due to another schedule nuance, that disparity means something different for all three teams. The games are spread very unevenly throughout the week, with four massive slates, two tiny slates, and zero games on Thanksgiving. Here's the breakdown:

Monday: 11 games

Tuesday: two games

Wednesday: 14 games

Thursday: Gobble gobble

Friday: 13 games

Saturday: four games

Sunday: nine games

With such an unbalanced schedule, daily lineups managers are not going to be able to use their waiver pickups at all on Wednesday and Friday, and may not be able to fit them in on Monday or Sunday either. When ranking players already on your rosters, teams with a two-game week are at a

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