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NBA Draft Kit: Unconventional Contributions

Michael Chua

Michael Chua is a basketball statistics expert from the Philippines. He has worked as a student manager for the University of Wisconsin Men's basketball team. He is also the basketball program consultant for his high school alma mater, Shanghai American School, in China.

Have you ever faced a head-to-head matchup against a team with only two point guards, with your loaded roster of Chris Paul, Brandon Jennings, Kemba Walker and Greivis Vasquez, only to end the week with a loss in the assists column? Or could it be that your rotisserie team with that same group of players came up second overall because a certain team full of pesky big men somehow took the lead in steals?

When we think of certain positions, we often align expected performances with a traditional set of stats. Guards are usually associated with assists, steals and three-pointers made, whereas power forwards and centers are usually associated with rebounds and blocks. Small forwards on the other hand are usually more versatile, and so we don't always limit their categorical associations. While this is usually the standard due to the nature of the game, some players break the mode and put up numbers in categories their positions aren't normally associated with. These players provide unconventional contributions that help fantasy teams "sneak by" their opponents in accumulating stats uncommon to others in their position.

Note that multi-positional players like Paul George (SG/SF) and LeBron James (SF/PF) are included in "guard" and "power forward and center" categories respectively. All stats are based on the 2012-13 regular season.

Rebounds (Guards)
Paul George7.6
Evan Turner6.3
Rajon Rondo5.6
Kobe Bryant5.6
Nicolas Batum5.6
J.R. Smith5.3
Andre Iguodala5.3
Russell Westbrook5.2
Wilson Chandler5.1

Assists (Power Forwards and Centers)
LeBron James7.3
Josh Smith4.2
Pau Gasol4.1
Joakim Noah4.0
Marc Gasol4.0
Blake Griffin3.7
David Lee3.5
Greg Monroe3.5
Anderson Varejao3.4

Steals (Power Forwards and Centers)
Thaddeus Young1.8
LeBron James1.7
Metta World Peace1.6
Andrei Kirilenko1.5
Rudy Gay1.5
Gerald Wallace1.4
DeMarcus Cousins1.4
Greg Monroe1.3
Paul Millsap1.3
Josh Smith1.2

Blocks (Guards)
Nicolas Batum1.1
Dwyane Wade0.8
John Wall0.8
Eric Bledsoe0.8
Danny Green0.7
Andre Iguodala0.7
Tony Allen0.6
Paul George0.6

Three-Pointers Made (Power Forwards and Centers)
Ryan Anderson2.6
Carmelo Anthony2.3
Metta World Peace1.9
Steve Novak1.8
Kevin Durant1.7
LeBron James1.4
Ersan Ilyasova1.3
Charlie Villanueva1.3
Dirk Nowitzki1.2
Byron Mullens1.2