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Fantasy Football Draft Strategy

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Fantasy Football Draft Strategy: My Game Plan for 2017

RotoWire President Peter Schoenke shares his strategy for fantasy football drafts and auctions for 2017, which focuses on taking wide receivers early.

Fantasy Football Draft Strategy: Is the WR Market Back to Normal?

RotoWire President Peter Schoenke analyzes the early trends in fantasy football drafts and notices a discount on top wide receivers.

Fantasy Football Draft Strategy: My Game Plan for 2016

RotoWire President Peter Schoenke shares his draft plan for 2016 that still features wide receivers prominently.

Draft Strategy: Does Math Still Support Taking WRs Early?

RotoWire President Peter Schoenke looks at historical trends to see if drafting wide receivers early still adds up.

Fantasy Football Draft Strategy: Are Top RBs Undervalued?

RotoWire President Peter Schoenke breaks down the overall strategy questions for 2016. Are wide receivers so valued now that the top running backs are being overlooked?

Fantasy Football Draft Strategy: Dilemmas For 2015

Take a WR like Antonio Brown early? What's the best draft slot to choose? Peter Schoenke breaks down those questions and offers his game plan for fantasy drafts this season.

Fantasy Football Draft Strategy: 10 Things to Know

Chris Liss lays out 10 key pieces of advice for fantasy drafts, because it takes more than a cheat sheet to conquer your league.

Fantasy Football Draft Strategy: Combating WR Inflation

Does the WR-WR strategy work in leagues suddenly hot and heavy for wideouts?

Fantasy Football Draft Strategy: Implementing The WR-WR Plan

Taking wide receivers early has been a winning strategy the past few years and here's how to put it into practice.

Fantasy Football Draft Strategy: The Case For Going WR-WR

Using historical data to map out the best draft strategy

Draft Slot Selection Analysis: Snake, 3RR and Banzai Analysis

What's the optimal pick in a snake draft? How about third-round reversal? We break down the choices.

Historical Position Comparison: Positional Scorecard

Should you take a first-round QB? Here are the historical comparison of positions in drafts by round.

Historical Fantasy Draft Pick Chart: Computing Draft Pick Trade Value

How do you value trading picks in a fantasy draft? What is trading away the shot at Chris Johnson worth? We've got a historical comparison of what each spot produced.

Don't Draft Like It's 2009: RBs Unlikely to Repeat Success

Last season was a remarkably productive season for top running backs, but don't expect it to happen again in 2010. Late-round picks like Donald Brown should pan out more this season.