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NFL Draft: Whatcha Got On Draught?

Russell Okung to the Seahawks: The Seahawks did the right thing and took Okung with the sixth pick. Personally, I think the Rams shouldíve taken him number one overall and saved the money, but thatís a different story. The story here is that relevance is up on the offensive side of the ball in Seattle. When it comes to taking quarterbacks in fantasy drafts, my personal philosophy is to wait and look late, and as bad as heís looked of late, more time in the pocket could put a Hassled-beck on the road to a comebeck (sorry couldnít resist). Not every player drafts like I do, however, so even if youíre thinking backup with upside, I say go for it. I doubt Charlie Whitehurst will threaten Hasselbeck this year either. If one of Seattleís other receivers can manage to make an impact, Housh could be a nice number two for you. John Carlson should get increased usage as well. Okung will help in the running game too; so new editions like LenDale White and Leon Washington could make appearances in a few WR/RB flex spots this year. Itíll have to play out in training camp of course because there are other backs still in the mix, but a duo like this worked out pretty good for Carroll at USC.

C.J. Spiller to the Bills: If the Bills do whatís expected and deal Marshawn Lynch, it should clear the necessary time for Spiller in Buffaloís offense. If a guy like Fred Jackson can soften them up early, you better believe Spiller has the ability to run past them late. His size and skill set have him being compared to Reggie Bush, but I think thereís more potential here. Hopefully they coach some of that dancing and changing direction out of him, but he can still hit the hole. Nonetheless, Spiller will be best in space much like Bush so you canít expect too much, but Iíll definitely take a look, and I definitely like the upside. It all has to do with where you get a guy like this in your draft. If your number one and two backs have been secured, and this guyís just sitting there late? Then maybe you take a shot, but only with the understanding that the Bills could get this kid killed on special teams in the first game of the year, and then heís nothing to you.

Anthony Davis and Mike Iupati to the 49ers: One for the pass and one for the run huh? With increased protection from Anthony Davis and three legitimate weapons at his disposal, Alex Smith could have his best year as a pro, which isnít really saying much but itís more about the weapons around him for me. Vernon Davis will be overvalued after last year, so go ahead and take the pass on him, but guys like Josh Morgan could pay off, and maybe even Michael Crabtree if he takes that next step. Iupati will help the smash-mouth run game and there were more than a few reports this weekend that had San Francisco signing LeGarrette Blount. Iím an admitted Frank Gore fan myself. He always goes later in drafts than he should and I wouldnít refer to him as ďSaint Francis OíGoreĒ if he hadnít saved my season more than once, so itís good for his prospective owners that Blount ended up signing with the Titans instead. Glen Coffee was mostly ineffective last season so he shouldnít threaten Gore, nor should sixth-round pick Anthony Dixon. It looks like Francis is still the man.

Ben Tate to the Texans: Tate could win the running back job in Houston outright if you look up and down the roster. More importantly however, a guy like Tate just further gilds an already golden offense. Andre Johnson and Matt Schaub are the obvious gems but even Kevin Walter has moderately increased sleeper value. Maybe Jacoby Jones finally realizes his potential and steps up? Who knows? A physical downhill runner like Tate can have that domino effect. As far as Ben Tate having a spot on your roster? Itís getting a little crowded back there in Houston and Rick Dennisonís coming to town. Iíd probably go another way but Iím still going to keep a close eye on him in training camp, thatís for sure.

So there you have it, just a few of the storylines I found intriguing after three days of draft hysteria. Iím sure more than a few of you reading this are thinking ďwait a minute, what about Sam Bradford to the Rams? Or Dez Bryant to the Cowboys?Ē Well, I never thought Iíd steal a line from a cartoon rabbit but itís so apt in this instance: ďHe donít know me very well do he?Ē Rookie quarterbacks and receivers are nothing more than waiver-wire garbage, picked up only if your season goes horribly awry. If youíre forced to pick one up during the year I hope itís only for a bye-week fill in too, otherwise God help you. Chumps draft rookies at these positions, not champs. Besides, the Rams still have to sign him.