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PGA Tour Stats Review: Tour Card Winner Stats

Ed Cushing

Cushing covers the PGA Tour for RotoWire, bringing a sabermetric approach to golf stats. Retired and living in the mountains of North Carolina, Cushing is in the running for the Most Interesting Man in Fantasy Sports. He's golfed the Doral Blue Monster, Harbour Town GC, Hilton Head and Augusta National, among many other tough courses. A classically trained pianist, Cushing still plays professionally. He roots for the University of Virginia because the Cavaliers may lose the game, but they ALWAYS win the party. He also made a fortune off the '72 Dolphins.

The Nationwide Tour "25" who earned PGA Tour cards for 2012 and their 2011 statistics.

J. Killeen1296267.7811.7128.24164.752
M. Goggin1153773.351.797529.77863.5122
J. Kokrak761172.2171.763229.45263.1162
J. Blisk16411167.3881.71228.3262.1210
D. Lee1275872.5121.73628.91364.571
K. Duke15410270.8311.774229.44861.7242
S. Brown1073067.3891.7738292060.9350
G. Christian881472.5131,7552529.12266.621
M. Caballo1357569.1671.752328.91762.1191
T. Kelly1316770.7331.763229.34269.210
R. Knox1073072.981.763529.45563.4141
E. Compton17011567911.762928.7863.6111
J. Mallinger**72.7*1.72*29.1*59.9*0
K. Thompson1286069701.775029.56256.9781
K. Keifers1275870.9301.797529.99659.1530
G. Coles1448563.81191.7854292261.2281
M. Every115377371.751829.45559.5480
D. Chopra1367764.81141.73628.7958.9551
S. Wheatcraft1093466.3991.73428.4361.7231
G. Mulroy932171.6251.762529.56457.7691
M. Anderson1458969.6551.786829.33963170
R. Castro66473.441.79833010259.21510
M. Flores1083270.2451.774329.44760.1430
B. Hurley1326869.8531.762828.81064.840

* Number of rounds did not meet the minimum for ranking

TTDR - total driving
GIR - greens in regulation
PTGR - putts per green
TOPT - total putts
SCR - scrambling
W - wins
rk - rank

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