Drake's Takes: UFC 263

Drake's Takes: UFC 263

This article is part of our Drake's Takes series.

Carlos Felipe (10-1-0) v. Jake Collier (12-5-0)

- Felipe comes in on a two-fight win streak and looks to extend it against Collier. He is a volume striker with quick hands for a heavyweight. He uses a nice jab to attack the head and the body and likes to pull guys into a brawl. He has decent striking defense, okay takedown defense and an excellent chin. He has no problem eating a shot to give a shot. He throws a lot of looping punches but overall doesn't have a ton of power. He has almost nothing when it comes to grappling offensively or defensively. He tends to give up his back to get back up, and against the cage does not show an immediate need to get off of it.

- Collier got back in the win column last time out with an upset win against Gian Villante. His match before that he was completely thrashed by Aspinall. He is also more of a volume striker rather than a power puncher. He likes to pressure forward with combos, while mixing in kicks to open up the body. You will see some spinning backfists, and a guy looking for a brawl. Collier has a good chin, but leaves himself open for a lot of strikes being a little wild. He works great in the clinch and can manage a takedown when he feels like it. 

My pick: Collier

Fares Ziam (11-3-0) v. Luigi Vendramini (9-1-0)

- Ziam is coming off a controversial win and looks to make in two in a row against Vendramini. He likes to keep things at a bit of a distance and land some big kicks to open up other areas. From range he has the advantage as a technical striker, and he looks to time his counters just right. He does not throw with a ton of power, or much volume, and typically is not aggressive enough to win most decisions. He does not have the greatest defense and struggles with forward pressure. When pressured, he attempts to put his opponent in the clinch and attack with nasty elbows and strong knees. He does set himself up with takedowns and has decent wrestling. If he gets put on his back he tends to struggle, and he has been submitted.

- Vendramini made easy work in his last fight and looks to continue that streak here. He is a good all-around fighter and can take the fight anywhere. He has great striking with decent power and mixes in takedowns with good grappling. He is quick with good movement and not the easiest to hit. He has a great counter and throws in combos and kicks to keep pressure on his opponent. He has decent defense overall and a good chin. I see Vendramini looking for takedowns before looking to take the back of Ziam, where he could lock up a sub.

My pick: Vendramini

Chase Hooper (10-1-1) v. Steven Peterson (18-9-0)

Editor's Note: Peterson weighed in at 148.5 pounds Friday morning, 2.5 pounds over the featherweight limit. He will not take the allotted extra hour to cut weight. Instead, he'll forfeit 20 percent of his purse and the fight will proceed as planned.

- We haven't seen Peterson in almost two years due to injuries. He is a good striker with strong kicks and combos. He can be wild at times and likes to fight in close, throwing a lot of volume with power in a hurry. He loves to brawl and does not mind taking the heat as long as he gets to dish it. Overall, he fights a slower pace and leaves himself very hittable with not much movement. Peterson does have good clinch work and commendable grappling. When in the clinch, he will throw heavy knees and work in some elbows. He works hard to get the back of his opponent and is excellent at finding submissions. 

- I am still not sold on Hooper. He is 2-1 in the UFC, as he manages to put himself in good situations during the fight. He is a lengthy fighter who loves to grapple. He has decent striking with developing combos and throws a lot of kicks because of it. He wants the fight on the mat, and the sooner it gets there, the more comfortable he is. Being forced into pressure and close quarters causes him all sorts of trouble. He does have a decent chin but takes a good amount of punishment that will hurt him in the long run. When he gets it to the mat is when he is dangerous. He is submission specialist but lacks the wrestling to put himself in better spots for them. His length gives him a lot of advantage on the mat, and he definitely uses it. 

My pick: Peterson

Matt Frevola (8-2-1) v. Terrance McKinney (10-3-0)

- Frevola lost a tough decision last time out after taking a fight on short notice. He does not offer much in the way of striking and sticks to his wrestling to carry him through a fight. He uses quick combos, and is not afraid to eat a shot to work inside for a takedown. He does have some good body kicks to also help set those up. He has slow movement, which makes him pretty hittable. He struggles with fighters who pressure him, but immediately goes to his wrestling to bail him out. He will likely come out looking for a quick takedown to take control of the fight right away. He is much more comfortable on the mat and will look to keep it there.

- McKinney just fought last Friday and won with a nasty knockout. He is a first-round fighter and looks to finish from the bell. All but one win has happened in the first round. He has decent striking, but his leg kicks are deadly. He uses combos and quick kicks to set up level changes and then throws the bangers. He is also great at locking in subs. He has great grappling, and has no issue taking the back of his opponent to put him away. Given how aggressive he is off the bat, it is hard to say how his cardio would hold up if the fight went past the first round.

My pick: Frevola

Pannie Kianzad (15-5-0) v. Alexis Davis (20-10-0)

- Kianzad rolls in on a three-fight win steak and seems to improve each time out. She is a boxer with good striking and quick hands. She throws a nice jab and sets herself up with good counter opportunities. She throws some solid combos that are aided by her kicks and has pretty good defense. She can be hittable at times, but she has a good chin and fires it right back. She has decent grappling, but in this fight I think she tries to keep this upright and in a striking battle where she will hold the advantage. She does do good work in the clinch with some knees and elbows, so look for her to find her way there instead of getting it to the mat.

- Davis dominated Mazo last time out, controlling her pretty much the length of the match. She got her takedown, and then just held her the entire match for an easy decision. She does not have the greatest striking and tends to be on the slower side of things. She does have a little power and can throw her opponent off balance when she lands clean. She does have some good leg kicks, and she will likely use them to help set up her takedowns. Once on the mat, she is good at taking the back and controlling from the top. She is difficult to get up against, but a submission is unlikely.

My pick: Kianzad

Movsar Evloev (14-0-0) v. Hakeem Dawodu (12-1-1)

- Evloev is on a four-fight win steak and has looked very good of late. He does not feature the greatest striking, but he walks his opponents down and throws a lot of volume with combos. He throws low and high leg kicks to set up level changes for takedowns. He tends to quickly move backwards against fighters that pressure him, but he does have decent defense and a good chin. Evloev is a top-tier grappler and wrestler and will look to get this fight to the mat right away. He changes levels really well and shoots at perfectly-timed spots. Once on the mat he is relentless and very difficult to pull away from. He will latch on to you for the remainder of the round or until he gets a submission. 

- Dawodu enters with a five-fight win steak and will look to keep this fight upright at all times. He is a quick, explosive striker with a lot of power. He throws good combos to the head and body and wears his opponents down with well-timed shots and power. He throws some nasty kicks to mix in with his combos and constantly looks to keep his opponent off balance. He is a pretty good grappler and continues landing hard shots with knees and elbows in the clinch. He tends to stand linear which makes him hittable, and he does not have the greatest takedown defense.

My pick: Evloev

Lauren Murphy (14-4-0) v. Joanne Calderwood (15-5-0)

- Calderwood had an impressive win against Eye last time out. She is a good stiker who throws a lot of volume using pressure. She throws hard quick kicks to help set up combos with her jabs. She makes good use of elbows and knees both in and out of the clinch. She is very durable have never been finished by KO/TKO, and will gladly eat one to give one. Her grappling has much improved, and it has shown out in the last couple fights. She mixes in takedowns but is also susceptible to being taken down and controlled. 

- Murphy is on a nice four-fight win streak and has looked great of late. She has decent striking, but not a whole lot of movement or footwork. She has some decent power in her hands and kicks, and she throws a solid volume. She will likely look to get this to the mat and let her wrestling take over in this one. She has some great takedown offense and sets herself up to shoot successfully. When she gets taken down she is quick to get back up, or reverses and finds herself on top where she can control.

My pick: Calderwood

Eryk Anders (13-5-0, 1NC) v. Darren Stewart (12-6-0, 2NC)

- Anders is a great combination pressure striker. He is constantly moving forward trying to suffocate his opponent with relentless punches. He has some big pop behind each strike and follows them up with some heavy kicks. His big issue in the past has been volume. He tends to throw a lower volume with a harder punch. He likes to brawl and takes some big shots, but has a really good chin. He is a pretty good grappler, and does good work in the clinch. He fights for takedowns once in the clinch, which can also tire him out somewhat quickly. His own takedown defense is rather good, and he does not really get controlled all that often.

- Stewart is also a good striker and he packs a punch. He has a quick combo and a nice counter to go with it. His movement is a lot of times slow without much range, which gets him into trouble against fighters that pressure. He tends to keep the fight at range and looks for an opening to land that kill shot. He has a decent ground game and shoots for takedowns when he sees the opening. In the clinch, he likes to throw some nasty elbows.

My pick: Anders

Drew Dober (23-10-0, 1NC) v. Brad Riddell (9-1-0)

- Dober has turned into a really well-rounded fighter. He has great striking that he backs up with good power and a lot of quick movement. He likes to fight at close range with combos and likes to constantly apply pressure. He tends to be hittable fighting much like a brawler, but he has a pretty good chin and doesn't mind eating a shot to dish it out. In the clinch he will look to get that body lock and take his opponent down, or shoot when he has an opening. In top control he will look to ground and pound his way to a finish. He has pretty good takedown defense, but once taken down he tends to give up his back to get back up which is always dangerous.

- Riddell is a pretty rangy fighter with good striking. He has great combos, and follows them up with counters. He will apply pressure to keep the fight close and brawl with those combos and heavy kicks. He has some good power and likes to hunt for that finish. He has decent grappling and good takedown defense. He does not shoot for takedowns often, but makes them count when he does. 

My pick: Dober

Paul Craig (14-4-1) v. Jamahal Hill (7-0-0, 2NC)

- Hill is a great striker who jumps on you from the get-go. He throws a lot of volume very quickly. He has some nasty power in his punches and his kicks. He does like to keep it close and brawl which makes him hittable, but he has a pretty good chin. He is able to fight at range just as well, and his counter is really good from a distance. He does not offer much in the way of grappling or wrestling and will likely look to keep this upright. He can shoot for takedowns, but he does not do well controlling once he has them down. When he gets his opponent in the clinch, he does throw some power knees. He has been taken down a number of times, but has shown he is hard to control and gets back up rather quickly.

- Craig has okay striking. He has a decent combo and a good counter, but does not put much behind his strikes. He throws a lot of kicks to all areas of the body, which helps change level to get the fight to the mat. He looks to shoot when he can, and once on the mat, he looks to control his opponent. He will hunt for the sub if he feels he has the chance, but generally just looks to control the round. His defense is shaky, but he does have a decent chin.

My pick: Hill

Demian Maia (28-10-0) v. Belal Muhammad (18-3-1, 1NC)

- Muhammed is a scrappy fighter with good technical striking. He throws good volume with quick combos and a nasty counter. He pressures forward and keeps his opponent in front of him to dictate the flow of the fight. He does not carry a ton of power in his hands but makes up for it with the volume he puts out. He fights hands down making him very hittable, but has shown a good chin and ability to recover quickly. He is not afraid to shoot for takedowns. He has strong wrestling to keep control, and he often uses it to take the back. If he does not, he looks to get his opponent in the clinch where he can throw out heavy elbows and knees. He has shown good takedown defense so far and does not back down from anything.

- Maia has never been much of a striker, but throws some good combos and kicks to set up his takedowns. He tends to pressure forward to keep the fight where he wants it, and to set up the rest of his game. He is usually very hittable, and doesn't offer great movement. He does have a good chin, and once he gets the fight to the mat its game on. He is a wizard and submission specialist once the fight hits the floor. He shoots at the perfect time, and then hunts for the submission. He can wrestle or grapple his way to take his opponents back, or just get a body lock and throw them down. Either way, once he gets on top it is very unlikely he is removed from that position. 

My pick: Muhammed

Leon Edwards (18-3-0, 1NC) v. Nate Diaz (21-12-0)

- Edwards is a rangy technical striker. He has great volume with very precise strikes. He has a great counter, and good powerful kicks that he can throw from anywhere. He will pressure his opponent with volume and good power. He has a very high fight IQ and excellent defense. In the clinch, he has some deadly knees and out of the clinch can shoot for takedowns at any time. Once he is on top, he is very difficult to move. His own takedown defense is great, and he does not give up his back when getting back up. 

- Diaz is back and ready to cause more mayhem. He is a volatile, high-volume and powerful striker. He pressures and is not afraid to stay in your face with a brawl. He has a great combo and counters with power. His big issue is he is very hittable, and he has been hit a lot in his career. He has a great chin and is relentless from start to finish. Aside from applying pressure, he loves to get the fight to the mat and hunt for a sub. He will tie his opponent up in the clinch and look for a quick trip, and then begin hunting. Once he is on top, he is very destructive and can end things in a hurry. 

My pick: Edwards

(C) Deiveson Figueiredo (20-1-1) v. Brandon Moreno (18-5-2)

- Fig is a monster of a fighter. He packs a lot of power, and always keeps his opponent right in from of him. He doesn't throw a ton of volume, but makes what he does throw count. His movement can be rather slow at times, and he throws looping punches that can be seen coming. His ground game is pretty good. He can be taken down but is usually pretty quick to get back up. If he winds up on his back, he can be controlled. If he shoots for the takedown, or reverses and get tops control, he is very difficult to move.

- Moreno has some greatly improved striking and striking defense. It was on full display last time out against Fig. He throws quick combos with some good power that knocks his opponents off balance. He has deadly kicks and often times mixes them into his combinations. He has a great chin and uses movement to set up his takedowns. Once he has his opponent down, he really shines. He has great wrestling and works hard to find the back. He can hunt for subs with the best of them and hardly finds himself in trouble on the mat. His own takedown defense is really good, and even when he is taken down, he quickly reverses and puts himself into a position he can control or hunt for a sub.

My pick: Figueiredo

(C) Israel Adesanya (20-1-0) v. Marvin Vettori (17-4-1)

- Adesanya is one of the greatest strikers of all time. He is a fast, rangy fighter and an extreme technician. His movement and awkward stances give him a lot of looks you would not normally see. He does not throw a ton of volume, but makes all of his strikes count, and he does have a bit of power behind them. He has great leg kicks to all parts of the body and precise movement throughout the fight. He has an excellent chin and world-class defense standing up. He is a good grappler, and has ever improving takedown defense. If his opponent is able to pressure and get inside, he can be taken down and controlled -- which will be his downfall. 

- Vettori is a high-volume pressure striker. He does not mind eating some shots to dish his own. He is quick, throws a lot of big combos and has really good movement. He throws some really powerful leg kicks and has a great chin. His path here is going to be on the mat. Shooting for takedowns in the middle to put his opponent on his back and controlling from the top position. He also works great in the clinch with heavy knees and elbows. Once on the mat, he can hunt for a sub or just control from the side or on top. He has excellent takedown defense himself but will not need to worry about the takedown threat from Adesanya at all.

My pick: Vettori

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