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The Z Files: Trading Ethics
4 days ago
Todd Zola discusses the ethics of dealing top players like Whit Merrifield when you're out of the title picture in your league.
The Z Files: What a Relief
17 days ago
Todd Zola looks over the top relief options for any open roster spots on your staff coming out of the All-Star break, including potential new Phillies closer Ranger Suarez.
The Z Files: A Practical Approach to Standings Analysis
25 days ago
Todd Zola takes a look at how much second-half movement is generally possible in each roto category and how much impact an elite base stealer like Whit Merrifield can have on your fortunes.
The Z Files: In Case You Missed It
32 days ago
Todd Zola takes a look at 10 hitters who have turned their seasons around, including Seattle shortstop J.P. Crawford.
The Z Files: Okay, Now What?
37 days ago
Todd Zola takes another dive into spin rate and tries to establish some parameters on what a significant change in rpm might look like for pitchers such as Sonny Gray.
The Z Files: Spin City
42 days ago
Todd Zola takes a look at the spin rate leaderboards on individual pitches and finds some surprising numbers from veteran hurlers like Adam Wainwright.
The Z Files: Changes in Latitudes, Changes in Attitudes
51 days ago
Todd Zola takes a look at the narratives being used to explain league-wide numbers so far in 2021, as spin rate artists like Trevor Bauer come under increasing scrutiny.
The Z Files: Memorial Day Weekend Thoughts
60 days ago
Todd Zola offers up the top of his draft board for second-chance leagues and factors in more than just projected earnings for Jacob deGrom.
The Z Files: Six Underperforming Arms
67 days ago
Todd Zola takes a dive into the numbers on a half-dozen disappointing hurlers, including the Angels' Dylan Bundy.
The Z Files: Five Surprise Arms
74 days ago
Todd Zola takes a look at some early-season pitching surprises, including Taijuan Walker, to try and determine who will regress and who might maintain their gains.
The Z Files: Early Season Power Targets
80 days ago
Todd Zola takes a look at early-season data on average flyball exit velocity and distance and thinks there is a power surge in C.J. Cron's future.
The Z Files: Investigating Strikeout Rate Gains
87 days ago
Todd Zola breaks down pitchers who have seen big spikes in their strikeout rates, such as Dustin May, to try and determine if the improvements are sustainable.
The Z Files: What is Behind the Increase in Strikeouts?
95 days ago
Todd Zola dives into the data on early-season strikeouts to try and figure out why pitchers like Corbin Burnes are racking up such huge numbers.
The Z Files: Maximum Exit Velocity, Minimum Value
102 days ago
Todd Zola takes a look at how much predictive value a metric like maximum exit velocity actually has, and what it might mean for a hitter high on the MaxEV leaderboard like Willi Castro.
The Z Files: The Fallacy of Stabilization and an Early Look at Home Runs
108 days ago
Todd Zola offers some thoughts on early-season trends, including the home run surge led by Nick Castellanos and the Reds.
The Z Files: Weekly Rankings Primer
116 days ago
Todd Zola breaks down how the Weekly Pitcher and Hitter Rankings are generated, and explains what to consider when deciding between a speedster and a slugger like Bobby Dalbec.
The Z Files: Pitchers Possibly Helped Most By the New Ball
123 days ago
Todd Zola takes a look at pitchers who could benefit if MLB's new ball does curtail homers and finds some support for Lucas Giolito's rise up draft boards.
The Z Files: Candidates To Lose Homers With the New Baseball
130 days ago
Todd Zola tries to determine whose power numbers might be impacted the most by MLB's new baseball, and finds reason to be concerned about Cavan Biggio.
The Z Files: Adjusting on the Fly
137 days ago
Todd Zola breaks down his thought processes in the middle of some recent drafts and explains how he adjusted to winding up with Zac Gallen as his staff ace in a 12-team league.
The Z Files: Salary Cap Drafts in a Remote Setting
143 days ago
Todd Zola takes time out from his AL LABR prep to offer tips on how to handle online salary cap leagues, and advises you not to get cute with the timing of your bids on a target like Dansby Swanson.
The Z Files: Changing Wins to Innings and Saves to Solds
151 days ago
Todd Zola examines the impact of new scoring categories on the pitching side, including the rise in value of top set-up men like Tyler Duffey.
The Z Files: Putting a Price on Multiple Eligibility
158 days ago
Todd Zola examines the added value provided by players eligible at multiple positions, such as Cavan Biggio, in different league formats.
The Z Files: Best Ball Fever
165 days ago
Todd Zola offers his tips for best ball leagues and explains why he shies away from utility-only players like Nelson Cruz.
The Z Files: Revisiting Component Average Exit Velocity
173 days ago
Todd Zola considers the perils of relying on average exit velocity for analysis rather than looking at the component batted-ball types that drive BABIP for a player like Atlanta's Austin Riley.
The Z Files: Dissecting Draft Dynamics
180 days ago
Todd Zola takes a look at real-time roster construction during drafts and how staying the course, from Mookie Betts in the first round on down, can produce a winning foundation.
The Z Files: 2021 Positional Player Pool Analysis
184 days ago
Todd Zola breaks down the player pool to look for actionable trends and is amazed by the depth of talent at shortstop, headlined by Fernando Tatis.
The Z Files: Keeper League Inflation Dos and Don'ts
194 days ago
Todd Zola looks ahead to keeper auctions and how inflation can affect pricing, and when it might make sense to protect an expensive ace like Jacob DeGrom.
The Z Files: Outfield Studs to Duds
201 days ago
Todd Zola wraps up his positional tiers with the outfield, and finds he can't quit Marcell Ozuna even without knowing what uniform he'll be wearing in 2021.
The Z Files: Your Favorites At Six
208 days ago
Todd Zola marvels at the depth and quality available at shortstop and offers some advice on how to construct an offense around an early-round speedster like Trea Turner.
The Z Files: Hot Tracks at the Hot Corner
215 days ago
Todd Zola spins the hits at third base, where his tiers approach leaves Jose Ramirez in a class all by himself.