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The Z Files: Putting a Price on Multiple Eligibility
5 days ago
Todd Zola examines the added value provided by players eligible at multiple positions, such as Cavan Biggio, in different league formats.
The Z Files: Best Ball Fever
12 days ago
Todd Zola offers his tips for best ball leagues and explains why he shies away from utility-only players like Nelson Cruz.
The Z Files: Revisiting Component Average Exit Velocity
20 days ago
Todd Zola considers the perils of relying on average exit velocity for analysis rather than looking at the component batted-ball types that drive BABIP for a player like Atlanta's Austin Riley.
The Z Files: Dissecting Draft Dynamics
27 days ago
Todd Zola takes a look at real-time roster construction during drafts and how staying the course, from Mookie Betts in the first round on down, can produce a winning foundation.
The Z Files: 2021 Positional Player Pool Analysis
31 days ago
Todd Zola breaks down the player pool to look for actionable trends and is amazed by the depth of talent at shortstop, headlined by Fernando Tatis.
The Z Files: Keeper League Inflation Dos and Don'ts
41 days ago
Todd Zola looks ahead to keeper auctions and how inflation can affect pricing, and when it might make sense to protect an expensive ace like Jacob DeGrom.
The Z Files: Outfield Studs to Duds
48 days ago
Todd Zola wraps up his positional tiers with the outfield, and finds he can't quit Marcell Ozuna even without knowing what uniform he'll be wearing in 2021.
The Z Files: Your Favorites At Six
55 days ago
Todd Zola marvels at the depth and quality available at shortstop and offers some advice on how to construct an offense around an early-round speedster like Trea Turner.
The Z Files: Hot Tracks at the Hot Corner
62 days ago
Todd Zola spins the hits at third base, where his tiers approach leaves Jose Ramirez in a class all by himself.
The Z Files: Flexibility Second To None
69 days ago
Todd Zola breaks down his tiers at the keystone and finds a plethora of multiple eligibility options, including the Mets' Jeff McNeil.
The Z Files: Who's on First?
76 days ago
Todd Zola offers up his first base tiers, where Freddie Freeman finally seems to be getting his due.
The Z Files: Catch as Catch Can
84 days ago
Todd Zola breaks down his catcher tiers and notes that Will Smith has the skills, if not the playing time projection, to be his top-ranked backstop.
The Z Files: Starting Pitchers -- A Tierful Experience
91 days ago
Todd Zola offers an alternative to a standard tiered approach to drafting, intended to help determine whether rostering an aging ace like Max Scherzer is right for your squad.
The Z Files: Relievers -- From Tears to Tiers
99 days ago
Todd Zola looks at a volatile reliever pool heading into 2021 and finds that Aroldis Chapman is part of a much smaller elite tier than usual.
The Z Files: Should Playoff Performance Influence Projections and Rankings?
106 days ago
Todd Zola ponders whether it makes sense to include 2020 postseason performances in 2021 projections, and looks at how considering different factors impacts Randy Arozarena's projected numbers.
The Z Files: Early Draft Pick Follies
114 days ago
Todd Zola looks at how early selections can impact subsequent picks when constructing a roster, and why simply taking the "best" player available isn't always the best course of action.
The Z Files: Focusing On the Big Picture
121 days ago
Todd Zola considers how to handle the extra uncertainty that will accompany projections for 2020 breakout players like Zach Plesac, no matter how much effort is put into generating them.
The Z Files: The Two-Headed Monster
130 days ago
Todd Zola reviews his first draft of 2021 and explains why he finds value in co-managing the team, as well as why Juan Soto got the nod with the eighth overall pick.
The Z Files: Adjusting 2021 Projections for the Regional Schedule
139 days ago
Todd Zola considers how to approach 2020's regional schedule when it comes to next year's projections, and what it might mean for Central-division stars like Yu Darvish.
The Z Files: So Much To Think About
153 days ago
Todd Zola contemplates all the extra factors that will go into his 2021 projections and wonders if a significant postseason workload might be an advantage for pitchers like Jesus Luzardo.
The Z Files: Under the Microscope -- Fernando Tatis
160 days ago
Todd Zola breaks down Fernando Tatis' stellar 2020 performance and considers the question of whether he'll emerge as the consensus first overall pick in next year's drafts.
The Z Files: Three-Week Planner
171 days ago
Todd Zola shares his charts of remaining schedules so fantasy managers can take advantage of players with the most games left.
The Z Files: Top 50 Fantasy Pitchers So Far
180 days ago
Todd Zola looks over the top pitching earners so far in 2020 and finds that Liam Hendriks has proven to be one of the few closers worth a big investment.
The Z Files: Top 50 Fantasy Hitters So Far
187 days ago
Todd Zola compiles his top 50 fantasy earners among hitters to date, and it should be no surprise which young star tops the list.
The Z Files: New Beginnings
194 days ago
Todd Zola looks at starting pitchers he may have underestimated coming into the season, including a trio of Cubs and Atlanta's Max Fried.
The Z Files: It's Early, But ...
202 days ago
Todd Zola recommends not putting too much emphasis on early-season data but notes that, unlike Aaron Judge, many batters aren't making contact with their usual authority so far.
The Z Files: Last Minute Draft and FAAB Advice
219 days ago
Todd Zola looks at some wrinkles in the 2020 schedule and thinks the regional alignment will allow Phillies like Bryce Harper to add extra value on the basepaths.
The Z Files: The Schedule's Effect on Player Expectations
229 days ago
Todd Zola looks at the potential impact of MLB's new schedule and thinks a number of Atlanta hitters could benefit, including Ozzie Albies.
The Z Files: Monitoring National League Camps
235 days ago
Todd Zola indicates what he'll be looking for in terms of news out of NL summer camps, where Dylan Carlson is one of a number of promising prospects with uncertain debut dates.
The Z Files: Monitoring American League Camps
237 days ago
Todd Zola previews the current state of American League rosters and notes that Aaron Judge and the formidable Yankees offense should be fully healthy for Opening Day.