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NBA Waiver Wire: Working the Wire-Week 15

Charlie Zegers

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Working the Wire
By Charlie Zegers
RotoWire Hoops Editor

A rash of injuries - major and minor - left fantasy player scrambling for last-minute replacements this week. Here's a look at some of the players who are sidelined, and some options to consider when filling their spots:

If you lost: Andrew Bynum
Take a look at: Ronny Turiaf

First off… let's consider Bynum's potential for return. The best case scenario is that he'll be back in eight weeks - which means the first week in April, which means about a week left in the season, which ends on April 15. If holding on to Bynum means you can't pick up a player that might help you in February and March, you've got to strongly consider cutting him loose.

(Obviously, in keeper leagues, different considerations apply.)

You can replace Bynum's points and boards in a variety of ways; his blocks are a different story. If you need the rejections, consider Ronny Turiaf. Turiaf, despite playing around 20 minutes per game, is tied with Tim Duncan for second in the league in blocks over the last month. (Philly's Sam Dalembert is first.) And Turiaf is just 23 percent owned.

If you need the scoring and boards more than you need the blocks, Sacramento's Jason Thompson is just 50% owned.

If you lost: Jameer Nelson
Take a look at: Luke Ridnour

It's a shame to see Nelson injured while right in the midst of a career year. As of press time, it's far from clear when (or if) he'll be able to return this season. There aren't any point guards of his caliber sitting on the wire - he is an all-star, after all - but you do have options. The best is probably Milwaukee's Luke Ridnour, who is under 60 percent owned. Other options to consider: the Lakers' Derek Fisher (52%) and Sacramento's Francisco Garcia (49%), who will reportedly be seeing some minutes at the point in the weeks ahead.

If you lost: Michael Redd
Take a look at: Flip Murray

The loss of Redd stings - and big-time scorers are hard to find on the wire. But consider Atlanta's Murray, who is averaging over 18 a game over his last five, despite playing just 27 and change minutes off the bench per night.

Picks for the Week

The first set of picks is for players in standard leagues - guys who will typically be available in your average 10 team/15 player roster league. The second group is for owners in very deep leagues, and will be based more on speculation than actual numbers. The third batch of players will be guys I've mentioned in previous columns that still seem to be available in a lot of leagues and worth a look.

Standard Leagues

Kyle Weaver (OKC) - The Thunder's youth movement continues, with Weaver recently named the starter at shooting guard. A second-round pick in 2008, Weaver is a point/combo guard with good touch from three (over 39 percent shooting from long range). He hasn't shown much in limited exposure so far; keep an eye on his progress.

Steve Novak (LAC) - The three-point specialist has found a productive niche in the Clippers' rotation, and is averaging 14.4 points and 3.6 threes over last his five games.

Antonio Daniels (NOR) - We don't yet know the severity of Chris Paul's groin injury; Daniels - who has put up excellent numbers filling in for the likes of Gilbert Arenas in the past - will be the guy for as long as Paul is out.

Deep Leagues

Adam Morrison (CHA) - Morrison could get an extended look with Gerald Wallace likely out for an extended period.

Eddie House (BOS) - Don't look to House for game-to-game consistency. His scoring totals in his last six games: 25, 0, 23, 28, 3, 5. But if you average that out, he's a 14 ppg scorer.

Francisco Elson (MIL) - The Bucks are considering shutting Andrew Bogut down until after the break to give their center's back a little extra rest. That would mean a few extra starts for Elson in the short run.

A Second Look

Article first appeared on 2/5/08