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The Nightcap (Wife-Related Excuse Edition)

This edition of the Nightcap would've been brought to you sooner if the author's wife hadn't forced him to attend some kind of hippie party.


Carlos Quentin hit a home run today, his 12th. It's also his fourth in four games.

Jimmy Rollins walked four times today while all other Phillies combines only walked three times. Who died and made Jimmy RollinsJohn Jaso?!?

Trevor Crowe in 2009 (183 AB): 11 BB, 39 K. Trevor Crowe in 2010 (149 AB): 11 BB, 19 K. No, he's not an All-Star (batting .255/.311/.356), but that's real improvement. 

Kris Medlen has a heavy two-seamer and a change-up that don't stop to the tick-tock. Today's line versus Detroit: 6.2 IP, 5 K, 1 BB. His strikeout numbers for the season aren't crazy, but he had a 1.60 BB/9 through 67.2 IP entering today.

• I want to have a son, just so I can name him Andres Torres.

Ben Sheets recorded a season-high 9 K in only 6 IP tonight. "But it was against the Pirates" is a perfectly legitimate response to that fact.

Vicente Padilla has a big, fat head. Apparently, it doesn't hurt his pitching, however. Tonight against the Yankers: 7.0 IP, 7 K, 1 BB. Only 5 of 20 balls in play were grounders, but still.

Caution, Warning

• Not only did Carlos Zambrano give up 4 ER in just 1 IP today at the White Sox, but he followed up the poor inning by spazzing out on teammate Derrek Lee. The episode, which included dumping over a water cooler, got suspended indefinitely by the Cubs. In semi-positive news, Zambrano's suspension might get Tom Gorzelanny back into the rotation.

Edwin Jackson threw a no-hitter. "Why's that in the 'Caution, Warning' section?" maybe you're asking. The answer: Jackson walked eight guys. Also: Jackson threw 150 pitches. Yes: 150 pitches!!!!! Be careful for his next start, my dogggz.

• I'm no genius or nothing, but I'm thinking Kevin Slowey might want to consider inducing a ground ball every now and then. His groundball rate was only 28.3|PERCENT| entering today. Amazingly, that number went DOWN against the Mets, as Slower induced only 4 GBs on 20 total balls in play. Eek, is what your heart is saying.

Stolen Bases

B.J. Upton (24), Michael Bourn (22), Elvis Andrus (21), Ichiro Suzuki (21), Chone Figgins (17, 18, 19), Andrew McCutchen (19), Nyjer Morgan (16), Drew Stubbs (16), Denard Span (15), Bobby Abreu (12), Corey Patterson (11, 12), Orlando Cabrera (10), Trevor Crowe (10), Rafael Furcal (10), Carlos Gonzalez (10), Chase Headley (10), Cliff Pennington (10), Ben Zobrist (10), Josh Willingham (7), Ian Desmond (5), Clint Barmes (2), Mike Aviles (1), Jason Bourgeois (1), DeWayne Wise (1).

Caught Stealing

Carl Crawford (8), Scott Podsednik (8), David Wright (6), Justin Upton (4), Everth Cabrera (3).

Save Chances

Francisco Rodriguez, converted (17). He had a three-run lead. Big whoop.

Heath Bell, converted (20). He he a three-run lead, too. Big whoop x 2.

Billy Wagner, converted (15). He faced three batters and got 3 K. Blam!

Matt Lindstrom, converted (18). Also a three-run lead. Bor-ring.

Brian Wilson, converted (21). Just your typical 1.1 IP, 4 H, 2 BB save.

Joakim Soria, converted (18). He's the baseball equivalent of checkmate.

Manuel Corpas, converted (10). In the 11th inning.

Mariano Rivera, converted (17). He got 3 K with only a one-run lead. That's a man's save.

Closer, Non-Save

Matt Capps pitched 0.1 IP, got a grounder, and his team lost 6-7. Isn't life crap?

Alfredo Simon pitched 1 IP in that same game as Capps, gave up 2 H, and got the W. 

David Aardsma got Rickie Weeks to ground out. Just the one batter.

Brian Fuentes pitched 1 IP with 2 K in an 11 inning game versus Los Rockies.


Jake Fox came on as a pinch-runner for Matt Wieters – which might represent the first time the phrase "Jake Fox came on as a pinch-runner" has ever been rendered into print.

Jesus Feliciano started at center field today, filling in for the injured Angel Pagan.

• Depending on your league's position eligibility rules, it's possible that Michael Cuddyer qualified as a third baseman today. Cuddyer started his fifth game of the season at third base, as manager Ron Gardenhire attempts to deal with interleague play and the absence of J.J. Hardy.

• Padre shortstop Everth Cabrera played in his first MLB game since May 23rd, returning from a strained right hamstring to bat eighth in the San Diego lineup.

Luis Valbuena was sent to Triple-A Columbus after Thursday's game. Which, that means that Anderson Hernandez will be holding down the fort at second base in Cleveland. Hmm.

Alex Avila played today and is playing more, in general. He's a better hitter than Gerald Laid, hands down. Defensively, I can't say. But also: I don't really care.

• I guess Geoff Blum is playing shortstop these days. He made his eighth start and 10th overall appearance there today. Sheesh: desperate times, desperate you-know-whats.

• Giants phenom Buster Posey played first base today. It's been unclear how things will shake down after Edgar Renteria's return.

• Good-ish news: Brandon Wood started his eighth game at shortstop today. Most bad news: he's not a major league hitter.

The Young and Potentially Restless

Jake Arrieta got the start for Baltimore tonight – the fourth of his career. It went no-so-good: 4.1 IP, 2 K, 3 BB. He ran a 50|PERCENT| groundball rate. That's something, at least.

• Little Andrew Oliver made his debut for the Tigers today: 6 IP, 4 K, 1 BB, 10 GB in 18 BIP. He was born in 1987!
• The Amazing Jonathan Lucroy hit his first career home run tonight. Also, he's batting .316 through his first 60 PAs or so.

• The Pittsburgh Pirates have an entire roster of babies: Jose Tabata (1-for-4 with a K), Neil Walker (3-for-4, 2B, HR), Pedro Alvarez (0-for-4 with 4 K).