Beating the Book: Week 5

Beating the Book: Week 5

This article is part of our Beating the Book series.

It's annoying for the second week in a row I was having a decent week before losing both the Sunday and Monday night games. Even worse, we were 3-0 in the SuperContest before falling to 3-2 courtesy of the Bucs and Raiders. Overall, I finished 8-8, but at least won my best bet (Bears.)

This week, I especially like the Saints and 49ers.  


Rams -2.5 at Seahawks

This is exactly where I set the line, so it's essentially a coin-flip for me. I guess I'll buy the Rams low off the Arizona blowout, but I don't like laying wood on the road between two division rivals. 

Rams 31 - 27


Jets +3 at Falcons*

I forgot this game was in London when I made the line. I thought the Jets should get 3.5 in Atlanta, so three on a neutral field is probably enough. Take the points. 

Jets 20 - 19

* game in London

Dolphins +10 at Buccaneers

This is more or less the right line. The Dolphins with Jacoby Brissett are a borderline doormat, but the Bucs were really missing Rob Gronkowski Sunday night, and their secondary is decimated. But give me the Bucs, as I don't think Brissett can exploit them. 

Buccaneers 31 - 16

Eagles +3.5 at Panthers

This doesn't seem like enough points, so the game strikes me as trappy, but I'll stick to my guns and lay the wood. Take the Panthers. 

Panthers 27 - 23

Saints -1.5

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