Frozen Fantasy: Necessity, The Mother of Invention

Frozen Fantasy: Necessity, The Mother of Invention

This article is part of our Frozen Fantasy series.

Sometimes the wire works. And sometimes it sucks you into a black hole, just like Stories on Insta, and the in-stream ads that suck you into a bad purchase.

Been there. Got the recurring subscription.

Impulse purchases can hurt. So can impulse wire grabs (and drops). But right now, impulse picks are all we have.

Especially in a PPD world.

I opened my Yahoo! app mid-week to discover that I had just 12 of 15 skaters on the sidelines in one league. And only two were on IR.

That's 80 percent on my roster down. Ugh.

But when I started scrolling the available player list, I quickly discovered a raft of first liners at my fingertips.

I know – weird. But true.

There's been a load of roster movement because of COVID-19. But this isn't really new – the NHL has become a lot closer to stars and scrubs thanks to the salary cap.

Top lines = top pair with one interchangeable part.

There are a lot of interchangeable parts in the NHL. Young guys with energy that are on an entry deal. Or a hungry veteran, both young and slightly older, ready to fight to prove they belong. And they can get a lot of points in those perfect situations.

This week's list is populated with top-line players, as well as a couple top-four defenders. Yes, several are rostered in a lot of leagues. But these guys are popping on and off the wire.

Be vigilant. Be sharp. Take

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Janet Eagleson is a seven-time Finalist and four-time winner of the Hockey Writer of the Year award from the Fantasy Sports Writers Association. She is a lifelong Toronto Maple Leafs fan, loved the OHL London Knights when they were bad and cheers loudly for the Blackhawks, too. But her top passion? The World Junior Hockey Championships each and every year.
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