Announcement: Welcome to the New RotoWire Soccer

Announcement: Welcome to the New RotoWire Soccer

The growth of fantasy soccer over the past few years has seen the game grow from the basic season-long Premier League game offered by the league's official site to daily Premier League, Champions League, La Liga, Bundesliga, Ligue 1, Serie A, World Cup, FA Cup, Euro 2016, Copa America and many others from a variety of sites.

However, useable fantasy statistics can be hard to find. Heck, finding a match game box score can be hard to find, and if you do find one, it either doesn't include all of the statistics you want or it takes five to 10 minutes to put them all together. In an effort to make fantasy soccer easier to research, and therefore easier to play, we've developed a number of new tools for our subscribers based on Opta stats for the Premier League, La Liga, Serie A, Bundesliga and Ligue 1. Here's a break down of what you can now find on RotoWire:

Player Game Logs

This update has been live for a while, but as a reminder, our player pages now include detailed game logs and season stats (both per 90 and totals). They also include depth chart information, and set piece stats for crosses and shots. In addition, the game logs now include a link to redirect to the boxscore page for each game.

Season Stats

We have a new version of the season stats page that uses Opta data, and allows for customization of the stats report. Users can filter by league, season, position, weeks, and select from over 40 unique stat types. Hovering over any stat type will give you a full description of that stat type. Additionally, if you select a single week in the filter, you will see detailed score, opponent and position data for each player.

Season Per 90 Stats

Functions the same as Season Stats but instead of totals, displays player averages this season over a 90-minute period.

Defense vs. Position Stats

This page shows totals this season for defense vs. position, which can be filtered similarly to the Season Stats page. It can also be filtered to a specific side so users can select "Defense vs. Defenders" or specifically "Defense vs. Left-Backs"

Defense vs. Pos/Side per 90 minutes

Similar as above, but with per-90 minute stats.

Team Stats

This page shows season-long stats by team and can be filtered by date range or statistic.

Team Trends

Shows trends/changes in playing time and performance, by team. It can be filtered by position, date range (table will hide columns outside range and recalculate averages/total). The table can be filtered by totals or % of team, and players who are no longer on that team can be hidden. All sortable, with 20 unique stat categories.

Stat Trends

Shows all players in league by stat, i.e. all players' corners trends. Filtered same as above, but users can also apply a "Minimum playing time" filter.

DFS Trends

Functions same as the Stat Trends page, but with DraftKings, FanDuel and Yahoo scoring.

Ceiling and Floor Added to Value Report

The existing value report has been modified to include ceiling/floor based on players' averages.

Player Comparison

Users can select any two players from the major leagues and compare them across 20 stat categories. The "Stat Type" filter can be used to view either season totals or per 90. This page would be useful for Champions League players because you can compare players from the various leagues who participate in the tournament.

League Table

Current standings and record for the top leagues, with home/away splits as well as as season/last six games filter.

Team Pages

View stats, game logs, player news, and schedule for teams from the top leagues.


View games and scores by date.

Box Scores

By game, users can view match details, odds, home/away stats, goalkeeper stats, as well as formations. Users can click the tabs above the formation area to see different stats, which should update the values right on the formation graphic.

We have a few other ideas in the pipeline, but if you have any suggestions or feedback, please feel free to contact us at And if you are not already a RotoWire subscriber, you can join up here. Or, if you'd like to try us out first, please click here for a free 10-day trial (no credit card required).

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