NFL Injury Analysis: Bell Hits IR

NFL Injury Analysis: Bell Hits IR

This article is part of our Injury Analysis series.

Since the NFL resumed activity, I've felt less like an injury analyst and more like The Harbinger of Doom. For weeks, I've warned about the possibility of an increase in soft tissue injuries to start the year and cautioned about an increased risk for re-injury or aggravation for players nursing even the mildest of strains. Hopefully you bought into my pessimistic prognostications and weren't left emptyhanded by the rash of injuries that occurred in Week 1.

Le'Veon Bell

The veteran running back is expected to miss multiple weeks after aggravating a hamstring strain he initially suffered in training camp. It may seem odd for the hamstring to remain an issue weeks after it occurred, but the healing process for this muscle group can be very slow.

Furthermore, the recovery process is difficult to manage as the injured athlete may feel close to normal even though the injury site is still not at full strength. Usually during this time, the injury site has been addressed by the body but the new scar tissue doesn't exhibit the same biomechanical properties of healthy tissue. As a result, it can be easily disrupted if pushed, restarting the body's repair work. Look for Bell to be in street clothes for at least the next three weeks with veteran Frank Gore assuming the bulk of the carries in New York.

DeVante Parker

The Miami Dolphin wide receiver was limited in the practices leading up to Week 1 with a balky hamstring. Despite logging a full practice

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