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By Christopher Liss
RotoWire Managing Editor
Rankings are based on a standard eight-category league (PTS, REB, AST, STL, BLK, 3PM, FT%, FG%). Rankings are as of October 20. For continually updated rankings - check out our Cheat Sheets or our Customized Rankings.

Rank Player Pos Team Comment
1 Amare Stoudemire C PHO Was huge after Shaq's arrival; big help to percentages
2 LeBron James SF CLE If he ever gets his FT above 75 percent, he's easily No. 1
3 Chris Paul PG NOR Second in the NBA in double-doubles; doesn't turn it over
4 Kobe Bryant SG LAL Durable, consistent and without weaknesses
5 Dwyane Wade SG MIA Would vie for top spot if we knew he'd play 80 games
6 Dirk Nowitzki PF DAL Less 3s and blocks last year, but durable with great percentages
7 Elton Brand PF PHI Star in all the big-man categories (FG, REB, BLK); 1 spg and 77% FT a bonus
8 Deron Williams PG UTA 50 FG/80 FT, 10.5 apg; if he can boost his threes (83) look out
9 Shawn Marion SF MIA Will he thrive in Miami without Steve Nash and Mike D'Antoni?
10 Allen Iverson PG DEN 33-year old hasn't lost a step yet; unclear whether PG or SG this year
11 Danny Granger SF IND Rising star; great source of FT, 3s; gets steals and blocks, too
12 Kevin Garnett PF BOS Will play less minutes, but still huge in FG, FT, steals, blocks
13 Kevin Martin SG SAC Second coming of Reggie Miller? Focal point of Kings offense
14 Josh Smith PF ATL Great source of steals/blocks; weakness is FT% and threes
15 Caron Butler SF WAS Top notch FT and steals source; needs to stay healthy
16 Andre Iguodala SG PHI Added threes to his game, but FT dipped last year; box score filler
17 Rudy Gay SF MEM Rising star; 20.1 ppg, 134 3s, 1.4 spg, 1.0 bpg
18 Al Jefferson C MIN Gets all the big-man stats, but 0.9 spg and doesn't kill FT
19 Steve Nash PG PHO How much will Terry Porter let him run?
20 Paul Pierce SF BOS Finals MVP could see less minutes; still fills up the box score
21 Chris Bosh PF TOR Addition of O'Neal should help; great FT shooter for big man
22 Kevin Durant SF OKC Monster down the stretch; ceiling is off the charts
23 Carmelo Anthony SF DEN Getting better every year; if he adds the 3-pointer, look out
24 Yao Ming C HOU If we knew he'd play 80 games, he'd be top-7
25 Pau Gasol C LAL Great percentages; how will he fit in with Bynum back?
26 Carlos Boozer PF UTA Rock solid big man, but doesn't block shots; helps in steals and assists
27 Joe Johnson SG ATL Great source of threes; bumped up FT shooting, too
28 Jason Richardson SG CHR Shot better last year; led the NBA in 3PM with 243
29 Marcus Camby C LAC Prolific rebounder/shot-blocker; also good source of assists/steals at C
30 Jose Calderon PG TOR Has the job to himself with Ford gone; Steve Nash without the turnovers?
31 Rashard Lewis PF ORL Good combination of threes, percentages and steals for a PF
32 Vince Carter SG NJ Durable, reliable and consistent; not much help in NJ this year
33 Tim Duncan PF SAN Improved FT boosted value last year; if he keeps that, bump up five spots
34 David West PF NOR 1.3 bpg with good percentages - in a great spot with Chris Paul
35 Jason Kidd PG DAL 35-year old still a force; should be more acclimated in Dallas this year
36 LaMarcus Aldridge PF POR Rising star; bulked up this offseason
37 Baron Davis PG LAC Improved shooting and stayed healthy last year
38 Dwight Howard C ORL Part Ben Wallace, part Shaq; like both, a free-throw killer
39 Hedo Turkoglu SF ORL Breakout season at age 28 last year; can he repeat?
40 Michael Redd SG MIL Solid source of threes, FT and scoring
41 Andrew Bynum C LAL The next great center?
42 Michael Beasley PF MIA Odds-on favorite for Rookie of the Year
43 Chauncey Billups PG DET Could lose minutes to Rodney Stuckey, but still easily a top-10 PG
44 Chris Kaman C LAC Great first half last year; how will Camby's presence affect him?
45 Antawn Jamison PF WAS 20/10 with 120 3s last year; could score more with Arenas out
46 Brandon Roy SG POR Durability is key, but very solid all-around game
47 Greg Oden C POR Might be raw, but 10 rpg and 2.0 bpg shouldn't be a problem
48 Mike Dunleavy SG IND Is last year's breakout sustainable?
49 Stephen Jackson SF GS Great source of threes, but FG percentage will hurt you
50 Josh Howard SF DAL Should benefit from a full season of Jason Kidd
51 Devin Harris PG NJ Some upside here, but other than Vince Carter, not a lot to work with
52 Gerald Wallace SF CHR If we knew he'd play 80 games, he'd be top-35
53 Ray Allen SG BOS Great for FT and threes, but minutes could be reduced
54 Luol Deng SF CHI Took a step back last year, but still just 23-years old
55 Corey Maggette SF GS Could carry more of the load with Monta Ellis out
56 Rasheed Wallace PF DET Rare combo of threes, steals and blocks
57 Lamar Odom PF LAL Where does he fit in LAL frontcourt?
58 Peja Stojakovic SF NOR Monster in threes and FT, but needs to stay healthy
59 Mike Bibby PG ATL Good source of threes/assists, but FG-percentage will hurt
60 Ben Gordon SG CHI Unhappy camper, but could thrive with Scott Skiles gone
61 Al Horford C ATL Very solid rookie season; double-double guy with upside
62 Tracy McGrady SG HOU Health is the key, but shooting percentages have trended south
63 Jamal Crawford SG NY Could have a career year under Mike D'Antoni
64 Andre Miller PG PHI Between Brand and Iguodala, Miller will rack up plenty of assists
65 Andrew Bogut C MIL Made big gains last year, but FT-percentage is a problem
66 Emeka Okafor C CHR Double-double guy with blocks that kills your FT-percentage
67 Richard Jefferson SF MIL Great bounce-back year in 2007-08; can he thrive without J. Kidd?
68 Mike Miller SF MIN Quietly very solid the last two years; should see good minutes in MIN
69 T.J. Ford PG IND Improved shooting last year; should see more minutes in IND; injury risk
70 Mo Williams PG CLE In a good spot in CLE - should see more open threes and driving lanes
71 Ron Artest SF HOU Durability's an issue; will be the No. 3 option if everyone's healthy
72 Manu Ginobili SG SAN Will miss a month or so; across-the-board contributor
73 John Salmons SF SAC Produced when he got a chance last year; should start this season
74 Andrei Kirilenko SF UTA Playing out of position and injury prone; big upside when healthy
75 Mehmet Okur C UTA Could do worse than a C who shoots threes and hits free throws
76 Samuel Dalembert C PHI Classic defense-first big-man, but won't kill your FT%
77 OJ Mayo SG MEM Rookie should get shots on a rebuilding team; FG% could be an issue
78 Zach Randolph PF NY Can a half-court player thrive in D'Antoni's scheme?
79 Tyson Chandler C NOR Great source of FG, boards. Modest blocks for his skill set; FT killer
80 Rip Hamilton SG DET Reliable scorer with good percentages
81 David Lee PF NY Wild card - could have some upside running the floor under D'Antoni
82 Ronnie Brewer SG UTA Great steals, FG numbers last season
83 Randy Foye PG MIN Still needs to show he can handle the full-time PG job in the NBA
84 Beno Udrih PG SAC Did a decent job running the show in SAC after Bibby left
85 Zydrunas Ilgauskas C CLE Plodding big man still useful
86 Leandro Barbosa SG PHO The loss of D'Antoni could hurt the speedy Barbosa more than most
87 Kenyon Martin PF DEN Should log plenty of minutes, but will he hold up?
88 Jermaine O'Neal C TOR Hasn't been able to stay healthy, but in a good spot next to Bosh
89 Jason Terry SG DAL Sixth man is a good shooter, but modest production elsewhere
90 Andris Biedrins C GS Poor man's Tyson Chandler
91 Kirk Hinrich PG CHI Likely to hold off Derrick Rose for at least a few month
92 Gilbert Arenas PG WAS Out for at least a month and possibly much more; big risk/reward pick
93 Al Harrington PF GS Center-eligible in many leagues
94 Brad Miller C SAC Great passing big man; could be dealt midseason
95 Marvin Williams SF ATL Still just 22-years old, but needs to do more besides score
96 Francisco Garcia SF SAC Should be in the swingman mix in Sacramento
97 Troy Murphy PF IND Three-point shooting big man
98 Tony Parker PG SAN Solid source of FG percentage from the backcourt
99 Raymond Felton PG CHR Drafting of D.J. Augustin doesn't bode well
100 Rashad McCants SG MIN Likely to start - can score and hit from long range
101 Al Thornton SF LAC Looking to build on solid rookie season
102 Mike Conley PG MEM Blue-chip prospect has upside as starter in Year 2
103 Rudy Fernandez SG POR Looked like a star in Bejing; will be in the swingman mix in Portland
104 Monta Ellis SG GS Out for at least 30 games; needs to get his explosiveness back
105 Rajon Rondo PG BOS Should see a bump in minutes; FT% liability
106 Ramon Sessions PG MIL Played great in April; will compete with Luke Ridnour for minutes
107 Jamario Moon SF TOR Steals, blocks and threes if he retains his minutes
108 Jeff Green SF OKC Should have a bigger role in Year 2
109 Ricky Davis SF LAC Fills up the boxscore when he gets the minutes
110 Charlie Villanueva PF MIL Versatile big man, can score from long range
111 Joakim Noah C CHI Could be a good steals, boards, blocks player if he gets the minutes
112 J.R. Smith SG DEN If AI plays PG, Smith could be a big factor at SG; great source of threes
113 Derrick Rose PG CHI Sky's the limit for No. 1 pick, but PG hardest position to play as a rookie
114 Rafer Alston PG HOU Less assists than normal PG as McGrady initiates offense; beware FG%
115 Tyrus Thomas PF CHI Huge blocks upside if he can secure the minutes
116 Nene C DEN Starting center on a running team; can he stay healthy?
117 Thaddeus Young SF PHI Tremendous athlete; looking to build on solid rookie season
118 Jameer Nelson PG ORL Modest source of assists without hurting percentages
119 Shane Battier SF HOU All-around player returning from foot injury
120 Linas Kleiza SF DEN Could be in for a bigger role due to fragile DEN frontcourt
121 Anthony Parker SG TOR Good source of threes, but battling Jason Kapono for the job
122 Tayshaun Prince SF DET Similar profile to Battier, but with less threes, more points
123 Drew Gooden PF CHI Will battle Tyrus Thomas for minutes; solid, but modest upside
124 Kevin Love PF MIN Should see good minutes out of the gate
125 Earl Watson PG OKC Should win starting PG job
126 Wilson Chandler SF NY Could see decent minutes at both forward spots under D'Antoni
127 Chris Quinn PG MIA Competing for the starting PG job with Mario Chalmers and Marcus Banks
128 Raja Bell SG PHO Could still see good minutes for his defense; good source of threes
129 Marcus Williams PG GS Competing with C.J. Watson for the job - until Monta Ellis gets back
130 Luke Ridnour PG MIL Will battle with Ramon Sessions for minutes at the point
131 Grant Hill SF PHO Held up well last season, but is 36 years old
132 Steve Blake PG POR Starting point guard on very talented young team
133 Nick Collison C OKC Solid banger with modest upside
134 Luis Scola PF HOU Crafty player who can score near the basket
135 Rodney Stuckey PG DET Should see more minutes in DET
136 Sean May PF CHR If healthy, will be involved on offense
137 Mickael Pietrus SG ORL Good source of steals, blocks and threes if he holds starter's minutes
138 Ryan Gomes PF MIN Undersized, but produces when he gets the playing time
139 Bobby Simmons SF NJ He can shoot, but minutes yet to be determined
140 Hakim Warrick PF MEM Athletic power forward should see decent minutes
141 Spencer Hawes C SAC Would see good minutes if Brad Miller gets dealt
142 Amir Johnson PF DET Could land the starting PF job in DET
143 Jason Maxiell PF DET Will battle Amir Johnson and A. McDyess for frontcourt minutes
144 Larry Hughes SG CHI Still in the backcourt mix, but it's crowded for now
145 Yi Jianlian PF NJ Has all the skills, but is he physically and mentally ready for the NBA?
146 Andrea Bargnani PF TOR Former No. 1 overall needs to show improvement
147 Chris Douglas-Roberts SG NJ Strong preseason has him vying for regular minutes
148 Chris Duhon PG NY Could be Mike D'Antoni's starting PG; won't be Steve Nash
149 Brandon Bass PF DAL Improving big man having a strong camp
150 Marc Gasol C MEM Wild card - who could see good minutes in a thin MEM frontcourt

Article first appeared 10/20/08