Fantasy Premier League Rankings: Gameweek 36
Fantasy Premier League Rankings: Gameweek 36

This article is part of our Fantasy Premier League Rankings series.

The (likely) final double gameweek of the Premier League season is behind us, and with just three weeks to go, time is running out to make some big moves. Winning the league's official fantasy game is a pipe dream for almost everyone, but many are still competing for mini-league titles or top one percent goals to make us feel better even though there are likely a staggering number of dead teams among the 6,307,399 current entries.

I am of the opinion that there is no discernible difference between finishing 101,178th or 202,356th or 404,712th, so why not get a little nuts with only three weeks left? Do you really love Liverpool's home match against Huddersfield this week? Instead of captaining Mohamed Salah, why not triple captain Trent Alexander-Arnold? Man City playing away to Burnley leaves plenty of options, but instead of going with guys like Sergio Aguero or Raheem Sterling, why not a triple captain of David Silva or even Bernardo Silva? It's time to think way outside the box, and if you have chips left, it's time to push them (well, one) onto the table.

We also have a pretty good race to the top of the RotoWire league in the Prem's official game, with Scott Peterson's Tortilla United (great name, by the way) topping the table through 35 gameweeks. Not only is Scott leading the very prestigious RotoWire group, he also he sits 1,593rd overall, a remarkable achievement for someone who has already had a number of great finishes, landing in the top 60,000 in seven of the last eight years, including a best 7,705th during the 2011/12 season. As someone who hasn't played the game nearly as long (I didn't know a thing about soccer until 2013 - a story for another time), I am in awe of how well Scott has done over a fairly long period. I can appreciate the feelings of those who find the game's lack of flexibility frustrating, but being able to have that much success over a prolonged time should be applauded. So, here's to you, Scott! Good luck the rest of the way!


1Sergio AgueroMCIBURA21300.804.271.610.341.3182.03%51.54%
2Aleksandar MitrovicFULCARH30110.333.681.370.090.9039.22%25.54%
3Roberto FirminoLIVHUDH26170.412.581.200.211.4887.83%54.90%
4Fernando LlorenteTOTWHUH5830.153.400.620.622.1666.77%37.36%
5Jamie VardyLEIARSH24580.592.561.320.150.9933.44%19.67%
6Alexandre LacazetteARSLEIA22460.522.761.120.441.1239.02%21.94%
7Raul JimenezWOLWATA27730.393.
8Pierre-Emerick AubameyangARSLEIA24610.693.
9Wilfried ZahaCRYEVEH27730.292.140.780.261.4936.03%26.09%
10Callum WilsonBOUSOUA22640.482.191.070.361.1927.55%19.64%
11Danny IngsSOUBOUH14640.433.
12Glenn MurrayBHANEWH22770.431.860.710.000.4042.77%35.77%
13Salomon RondonNEWBHAA23380.352.960.890.231.1926.88%26.09%
14Marcus RashfordMUNCHEH20070.453.231.520.271.2635.79%25.54%
15Gonzalo HiguainCHEMUNA8390.434.
16Joshua KingBOUSOUA27000.372.170.700.101.2027.55%19.64%
17Christian BentekeCRYEVEH7230.
18Dominic Calvert-LewinEVECRYA16120.332.400.780.110.6134.70%26.09%
19Andre GrayWATWOLH12320.442.341.170.150.9539.44%32.48%
20Romelu LukakuMUNCHEH20220.532.361.380.040.9335.79%25.54%


1Mohamed SalahLIVHUDH30030.573.601.770.301.8687.83%54.90%
2Sadio ManeLIVHUDH28150.582.561.180.061.2887.83%54.90%
3Son Heung-MinTOTWHUH19120.563.201.270.331.5166.77%37.36%
4Eden HazardCHEMUNA27240.532.911.350.432.9435.79%25.54%
5Raheem SterlingMCIBURA24170.632.531.340.452.2082.03%51.54%
6Christian EriksenTOTWHUH25010.252.700.970.432.5266.77%37.36%
7Gylfi SigurdssonEVECRYA28620.412.521.040.162.1434.70%26.09%
8Leroy SaneMCIBURA17300.472.811.140.622.0382.03%51.54%
9James MaddisonLEIARSH25940.242.640.940.213.2633.44%19.67%
10Dele AlliTOTWHUH16130.281.900.950.171.2366.77%37.36%
11Ryan FraserBOUSOUA29240.221.390.710.342.3727.55%19.64%
12Lucas MouraTOTWHUH18820.481.820.860.051.1566.77%37.36%
13Pascal GrossBHANEWH16070.111.180.450.112.5842.77%35.77%
14Mesut OzilARSLEIA15610.290.630.350.122.3139.02%21.94%
15Victor CamarasaCARFULA24950.181.370.430.141.7331.37%21.94%
16Gerard DeulofeuWATWOLH18470.442.390.880.241.3639.44%32.48%
17James Ward-ProwseSOUBOUH17390.311.400.720.002.1745.69%29.60%
18Paul PogbaMUNCHEH26490.443.161.630.311.7035.79%25.54%
19Diogo JotaWOLWATA20210.312.000.800.181.0232.23%27.68%
20Luka MilivojevicCRYEVEH31500.341.490.710.061.4936.03%26.09%


1Trent Alexander-ArnoldLIVHUDH21980.041.150.370.331.6887.83%54.90%
2Virgil van DijkLIVHUDH31150.090.810.200.060.2087.83%54.90%
3Andrew RobertsonLIVHUDH29550.000.430.120.301.3487.83%54.90%
4Aymeric LaporteMCIBURA26970.070.800.170.070.3082.03%51.54%
5Benjamin MendyMCIBURA9000.000.700.300.501.2082.03%51.54%
6Danny RoseTOTWHUH16310.000.830.110.221.2766.77%37.36%
7Kyle WalkerMCIBURA24190.040.670.150.040.6782.03%51.54%
8Ryan BertrandSOUBOUH18900.050.710.100.001.0045.69%29.60%
9Jan VertonghenTOTWHUH19140.050.710.090.000.1966.77%37.36%
10Lucas DigneEVECRYA26960.130.970.300.132.0034.70%26.09%
11Kieran TrippierTOTWHUH21880.040.330.120.122.0266.77%37.36%
12Joel MatipLIVHUDH14450.060.500.120.000.1287.83%54.90%
13Ricardo PereiraLEIARSH28550.060.730.250.191.0133.44%19.67%
14Sead KolasinacARSLEIA17550.000.410.100.361.5439.02%21.94%
15Joe BryanFULCARH20770.000.820.220.040.9539.22%25.54%
16Matt DohertyWOLWATA27970.101.320.510.191.0332.23%27.68%
18Aaron Wan-BissakaCRYEVEH28650.
19Seamus ColemanEVECRYA23800.040.450.190.080.7634.70%26.09%
20Nathan AkeBOUSOUA31420.090.600.230.030.1427.55%19.64%


1Alisson BeckerLIVHUDH3150190.571.971087.83%54.90%
3Hugo LlorisTOTWHUH2700120.972.735266.77%37.36%
4Ben FosterWATWOLH315071.433.294139.44%32.48%
5Angus GunnSOUBOUH90031.402.901145.69%29.60%
6Vicente GuaitaCRYEVEH148561.093.031036.03%26.09%
7Mathew RyanBHANEWH279061.582.777042.77%35.77%
8Sergio RicoFULCARH234041.963.694039.22%25.54%
9Martin DubravkaNEWBHAA3150101.262.606026.88%26.09%
10Kasper SchmeichelLEIARSH315081.342.315033.44%19.67%

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