NFL Injury Analysis: Rough Week for QBs

NFL Injury Analysis: Rough Week for QBs

This article is part of our Injury Analysis series.

Week 2 was a rough one on quarterbacks with multiple starting quarterbacks unable to finish games due to injury.

Carson Wentz

The Colts quarterback is dealing with not one but two ankle sprains. Wentz was injured in the team's loss to the Rams when his right ankle was violently twisted. The mechanism of injury was comparable to the high ankle sprain sustained by Broncos wide receiver Jerry Jeudy in Week 1. Additional tests have since confirmed a high ankle sprain for Wentz and a "normal" ankle sprain on his left.

I explained the difference between the two injuries last week with Jeudy. Basically, the injuries occur to two different joints with a high ankle sprain more problematic for the overall integrity and stability of the ankle and lower leg. High ankle sprains often result in multi-week absences, even for quarterbacks. Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan missed just one game with a high ankle sprain in 2019 but he had the benefit of a well-timed bye. 

Unfortunately, Wentz's situation is more problematic as he literally does not have a good leg to stand on. The ankle sprain on his left leg is concerning, considering the left foot surgery he needed during training camp. The procedure was needed to address a problem with his fifth metatarsal, likely where a tendon anchors to the bone. This tendon belongs to one of the primary stabilizers of the ankle joint. When an ankle is sprained, the muscles of the joint are necessary to help stabilize the

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