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Fantasy Basketball Podcast: Point Guard Review
December 7th
Alex, Shannooski and K-Train go through the latest point guard news, including Chris Paul's contract in Houston.
NBA Advanced Lineups: Minutes, Usage, and DvP
December 4th
Josh Jackson should see increased minutes in Phoenix with Devin Booker and T.J. Warren on the shelf.
Rebound & Rant: Point Guard Edition
December 4th
K-Train rummages through the latest point guard news, including a new reason to appreciate Kyle Lowry.
Fantasy Basketball Podcast: Buy & NOT Buy Low Candidates
November 30th
Alex, Shannon & K-Train go through buy low candidates (and NOT buy low candidates) in today's pod.
Rebound & Rant: Trivia Edition
November 21st
To celebrate Thanksgiving, avoid your relatives and try to answer the K-Train's NBA trivia questions.
Rebound & Rant: Panic Edition
November 6th
The K-Train debates whether it's time to panic about slow starts from Otto Porter, Donovan Mitchell and others.
Rebound & Rant: Early Overreaction Edition
October 23rd
K-Train overreacts to early performances from Jonathan Isaac, Jrue Holiday and more.
Rebound & Rant: Western Conference Job Battles
October 10th
K-Train digs into a few more position battles out West to find a few fantasy gems, or at least late round fliers.
Rebound & Rant: Eastern Conference Job Battles
October 8th
K-Train tries to stay optimistic, digging for fantasy gold within various Eastern Conference position battles.
Rebound & Rant: NFBKC Draft Review
October 8th
K-Train joined an NFBKC High Stakes league draft and highlights the anomalies. Big love for Ayton. Not so much for Ball.
Rebound & Rant: Downer Edition
July 10th
The K-Train discusses players with declining fantasy values due to recent off-season moves.
Rebound & Rant: Belize Edition
March 8th
The K-Train is doing his best to live up to expectations from Friday's podcast. Plus, some hoops insights, including Blake's issues in Detroit.
Rebound & Rant: The Love Edition
February 14th
On Valentine's Day, the K-Train shares his NBA man crushes with the world, including The Viper, Victor Oladipo.
Rebound & Rant: Victory Edition
February 7th
Did someone say "award winning podcast"? You're damn right they did! Oh, also, grab Beasley ASAP.
Rebound & Rant: Angry Edition
January 17th
Things are getting chippy in the NBA and K-Train takes notice. Those Rockets seem more like lovers, not fighters.
Rebound & Rant: Assists Edition
December 20, 2017
K-Train focuses on assists for this edition of the R&R.
Rebound & Rant: The Quiet Edition
December 6, 2017
Old Man K-Train gets grumpy about the Spurs, Donovan Mitchell and a certain attention seeking NBA Dad.
Rebound & Rant: The Pace of Play Edition
November 8, 2017
The Nets, Lakers and Suns lead the NBA in Pace of Play. The K-Train dives into their depth charts, hunting for gems.
Rebound & Rant: Way Too Early Observations
October 25, 2017
The K-Train over-reacts to early season returns from Reggie Jackson, Victor Oladipo, Enes Kanter and others.
NBA Draft Kit: Northwest Division Position Battles
October 10, 2017
Will the Jazz struggle to replace Gordon Hayward and George Hill?
NBA Draft Kit: Southwest Division Position Battles
October 8, 2017
Position battles in Memphis, Dallas and New Orleans could unearth some sleeper gems.
NBA Draft Kit: Pacific Division Position Battles
October 4, 2017
Can Austin Rivers hold on to the starting shooting guard job?
NBA Draft Kit: Southeast Division Position Battles
October 3, 2017
The small forward position is a glaring question mark for several teams in the Southeast.
NBA Draft Kit: Central Division Position Battles
October 3, 2017
Even after one of the busiest offseasons in NBA history, it's still the Cavaliers and everybody else in the Central.
NBA Draft Kit: Atlantic Division Position Battles
September 26, 2017
With DeMarre Carroll in Brooklyn, who takes over at small forward for the Raptors?
Rebound & Rant: Uncle Drew IT Edition
August 23, 2017
K-Train, a shameless Celtics fan who once lived in Cleveland, gives his emotional thoughts on the big trade.
Rebound & Rant: Crazy Off-Season Edition
August 10, 2017
The K-Train loves crazy off-season storylines. He also likes making whacky tobaccy references.
Staff Picks: NBA Finals Predictions
May 29, 2017
The RotoWire NBA staff offers up predictions for Cavs-Warriors: Part III.
Rebound & Rant: New T-Wolves Logo
April 12, 2017
Why oh why did the T-Wolves do this?
Rebound & Rant: The Next Year Edition
March 29, 2017
While the regular season winds down, K-Train stresses some insights to remember for next season.