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The Z Files: Leave the Rest to Me
16 days ago
Todd Zola looks over the pitfalls of adjusting rest of season projections, and considers how to handle players like Clayton Kershaw that haven't (yet?) missed as much time as expected.
The Z Files: Welcome to the Circle of Trust
24 days ago
Todd Zola looks at five breakout performers he thinks should remain productive, including Dodgers outfielder James Outman.
The Z Files: Dissecting Disappointing Starts
34 days ago
Todd Zola digs into the data on three underperforming players and tries to remain optimistic about his Tout Wars investment in Juan Soto.
The Z Files: Dissecting the First Three Series
49 days ago
Todd Zola offers an early glimpse at the statistical changes from the beginning of 2022 and doesn't think the lack of a shift can explain what's gotten into right-handed hitters like Matt Chapman.
The Z Files: Shifting Pitchers to Target
91 days ago
Todd Zola considers how pitchers like Sandy Alcantara might be affected by the new shift rules, which should lead to more groundball hits for lefty batters.
The Z Files: Using Composite Player Rankings
103 days ago
Todd Zola breaks down how to account for time missed by a player when ranking them, and sees ways to get a player like Fernando Tatis ahead of ADP but still at a profit.
The Z Files: Adventures in Playing Time
112 days ago
Todd Zola stresses the importance of playing time in player projection and investigates how likely a workhorse such as Marcus Semien is to see big PA volume again.
The Z Files: Pitching and the Balanced Schedule
151 days ago
Todd Zola attempts to break down how a more balanced MLB schedule might impact pitchers like the Guardians' Shane Bieber.
The Z Files: OK, I'm SOLD
178 days ago
Todd Zola reconsiders his stance against adding holds as a roto category, and takes a look at the impact it would have on relievers like Devin Williams.
The Z Files: Projections and the New Rules
192 days ago
Todd Zola looks at how the changes coming to MLB in 2023 affect player projections, including how a more balanced schedule might impact pitchers like Dylan Cease.
The Z Files: Saving the Best for First
223 days ago
Todd Zola discusses the strategic decisions made to lock up a 2022 title in the Premature Edraftulation League, and nabs Trea Turner to headline the 2023 roster.
The Z Files: NFBC Holdem Rankings and Strategies
231 days ago
Todd Zola shares his gameplan and his rankings for NFBC Postseason Holdem contests.
The Z Files: Whipping Your Team Into Shape
277 days ago
Todd Zola tries to dispel the myth that it's harder to make up ground in the ratio categories in roto formats, and examines when it makes sense to roster relievers like Andres Munoz over middling SPs.
The Z Files: Raking Since the Break
286 days ago
Todd Zola looks at players who have been putting a hurting on the ball since the All-Star break as Matt Chapman's results continue to lag behind his batted-ball profile.
The Z Files: The Rundown on Runs
295 days ago
Todd Zola takes another look at the 2022 offensive environment as Dylan Cease has helped lead a summer resurgence in strikeouts and run suppression across the league.
The Z Files: First Half Earnings Review - Outfielders, Starting Pitchers and Relievers
305 days ago
Todd Zola completes his look at first-half earnings and notes that Michael Harris might be among the most valuable hitters in the game if he'd begun the year in the majors.
The Z Files: First Half Earnings Review: Catchers and Infielders
309 days ago
Todd Zola examines the best catchers and infielders of the first half, with Jonah Heim part of a group of young backstops who made some noise.
The Z Files: Pitcher Streaming -- A Cautionary Tale
320 days ago
Todd Zola reconsiders some recent assumptions he made in regard to picking opponents for streaming options like Seattle's Marco Gonzales.
The Z Files: Humidor Me
326 days ago
Todd Zola digs into the numbers to try and determine whether the installation of a humidor in St. Louis has helped Paul Goldschmidt and company launch more homers.
The Z Files: Improving Rest of Season Projections
334 days ago
Todd Zola explains some of the work he's been doing to improve his rest-of-season projections, with the math spitting out some pessimistic numbers for Jose Berrios.
The Z Files: What Happens When the Luck Runs Out?
345 days ago
Todd Zola reviews some pitchers who may have benefitted from good luck to date and isn't convinced Sandy Alcantara has graduated from very good pitcher to true ace.
The Z Files: Flyball Exit Velocity Changes
353 days ago
Todd Zola looks at players hitting the ball with more or less authority than last season, including Toronto's Matt Chapman.
The Z Files: Taking Stock of a Memorial Day Mock
360 days ago
Todd Zola analyzes the results from a Memorial Day mock draft as Mookie Betts re-establishes himself as a top fantasy pick.
The Z Files: Time For a Change
May 28, 2022
Todd Zola breaks down whether adjustments are warranted on the rest-of-season projections for a number of pitchers, including Atlanta's Kyle Wright.
The Z Files: Sometimes, Crime Does Pay
May 20, 2022
Todd Zola examines the league-wide stolen-base environment and identifies some speedy players who could be valuable as streaming options, including Andres Gimenez.
The Z Files: Trade Knows Neither Friends Nor Kindred
May 12, 2022
Todd Zola discusses ways to become a better trader by recognizing the areas in which you can improve, and how ceiling can't be overlooked when acquiring players like Jesus Luzardo.
The Z Files: The Offense Rests
May 6, 2022
Todd Zola digs into some possible causes of the swoon in offense MLB has seen so far, including power outages for sluggers like Marcus Semien.
The Z Files: Coming to Grips with Small-Sample Analysis
April 27, 2022
Todd Zola considers all the reasons why we want to believe small-sample analysis can help us be the first to recognize a breakout player or an actionable trend.
The Z Files: Weekly Rankings Primer
April 13, 2022
Todd Zola breaks down how the Weekly Hitting and Weekly Pitching Rankings columns are put together, and explains why he tries not to overreact to early-season surprises.
The Z Files: The Real Truth About Exit Velocity
March 16, 2022
Todd Zola re-examines his conclusions about how much of a benefit players like Bryce Harper get from hitting the ball very, very hard.