Draft Prep: Top 170 Composite Rankings

Draft Prep: Top 170 Composite Rankings

This article is part of our NBA Roundtable series.

Welcome to the first edition of the 2019-20 RotoWire NBA composite rankings. The regular season is just over two months away, and as we creep closer to draft season, our aim is to provide somewhat of a "consensus" opinion on the players most likely to be drafted in standard, 8-category roto leagues.

Of course, when taking personal preference into account, there are bound to be outliers, so along with an average of the four rankings, we've provided a median, which helps to standardize for players who may appear in only one or two sets of rankings.

Each of the four panelists -- Nick Whalen (NW), Alex Barutha (AB), Shannon McKeown (SM) and James Anderson (JA) -- submitted only their top 150 players. To account for differences in the players selected, and to prevent skewing the overall rankings, players who did not appear in an individual set of rankings were assigned a default value of 160.

Note: The column headers are sortable. The default rank on the left is based on the AVG (mean) rank of each player.

Rankings tailored to custom roster and scoring formats will be available in the coming weeks.

Rankings updated 8/14/19

11.751.5James HardenHOUG1213
222Giannis AntetokounmpoMILF2132
32.52.5Karl-Anthony TownsMINF3421
44.254.5Anthony DavisLALF5345
555Stephen CurryGSWG4556
65.756Nikola JokicDENC6674
78.58.5Joel EmbiidPHIC91087
88.758.5Damian LillardPORG10898
99.259.5LeBron JamesLALG/F791011
1010.2510.5Bradley BealWASG813614
1112.2512.5Kawhi LeonardLACF13141210
1214.2514Jimmy ButlerMIAG/F1420149
1314.7511Paul GeorgeLACF1171130
1415.2514Kemba WalkerBOSG15121321
1516.2517Jrue HolidayNORG12161819
161715.5Devin BookerPHOG16241513
1718.517Luka DoncicDALG/F17172416
1819.517Kyrie IrvingBROG18151629
1919.519Nikola VucevicORLC20231718
202021Russell WestbrookHOUG27112715
2120.7520Rudy GobertUTAC19211924
2221.7522Trae YoungATLG24182520
2322.7522Andre DrummondDETC23192128
2423.527Donovan MitchellUTAG28282612
2525.524Kristaps PorzingisDALF25342023
2625.7522John CollinsATLF21382222
2729.529.5Myles TurnerINDC22372831
283030.5De'Aaron FoxSACG39224217
293131.5Draymond GreenGSWF33303427
3031.531Deandre AytonPHOC26412336
313233Pascal SiakamTORF35273135
3235.530.5Mitchell RobinsonNYKC31563025
333734.5Ben SimmonsPHIG43265326
343937.5Mike ConleyUTAG29522946
353939.5Blake GriffinDETF44423733
3639.7538.5Zach LaVineCHIG34483542
3740.2537.5Tobias HarrisPHIF32354054
3840.2539.5Khris MiddletonMILG/F40443938
3940.2539LaMarcus AldridgeSANF45393839
4040.7539.5Buddy HieldSACG38294155
4141.2541.5Chris PaulOKCG30513252
424345Zion WilliamsonNORF48474334
434447Kyle LowryTORG49334945
444548.5D'Angelo RussellGSWG58255641
4546.2538Kevin LoveCLEF36733640
4646.2547DeMarcus CousinsLALC37573358
4746.550.5Jayson TatumBOSG/F53495232
4846.7548.5Eric BledsoeMILG54325843
4947.2547.5Jamal MurrayDENG51435144
5048.548Robert CovingtonMINF42504656
5150.2550Lauri MarkkanenCHIF41455560
5250.548.5Jaren JacksonMEMF46604551
5352.7548DeMar DeRozanSANG/F52314484
545347.5Clint CapelaHOUC47404877
5555.2556Danilo GallinariOKCF59595053
565757C.J. McCollumPORG57536157
575954Otto PorterCHIF50584781
5859.7559.5Victor OladipoINDG60725948
5959.7563Bam AdebayoMIAC61766537
6060.7562Al HorfordPHIF/C64556064
616263Malcolm BrogdonMILG63637250
6262.2563Brook LopezMILC62366487
636459Josh RichardsonPHIG55916347
646555Jonas ValanciunasMEMC564654104
6566.567.5Aaron GordonORLF67686962
6666.7565.5Thomas BryantWASF/C77646759
676761Julius RandleNYKF65545792
6868.2567.5Domantas SabonisINDF69667761
6968.7570Gordon HaywardBOSF73627070
707168.5Marvin BagleySACF70816667
717480Marc GasolTORC86758550
7274.2569.5Steven AdamsOKCC68657193
7375.7576Caris LeVertBROG/F90618765
747674.5Gary HarrisDENG74847571
7576.2573Derrick FavorsNORF/C66806297
767878.5Lonzo BallNORG81877668
7779.7579.5Montrezl HarrellLACF/C80798278
788284Hassan WhitesidePORC84698491
7982.7581.5Terry RozierCHAG758868100
8082.7583Lou WilliamsLACG89838376
8185.582.5Wendell CarterCHIC728679105
8285.587Shai Gilgeous-AlexanderOKCG85897890
8386.7587.5Enes KanterBOSC937110182
8487.583.5Ricky RubioPHOG828573110
8588.7592.5Joe InglesUTAF1006710385
869088.5Jonathan IsaacORLF881108973
879278.5Kelly OubrePHOF767780135
8894.592Dewayne DedmonSACC789886116
8995.591.5Jeff TeagueMING799390120
909695.5Larry NanceCLEF/C7112274117
9197.2599Ja MorantMEMG1019788103
9297.7593.5Miles BridgesCHAF917896126
9398.2589Marcus SmartBOSG878291133
94100.599RJ BarrettNYKG9210593112
95100.75105.5Serge IbakaTORF/C1187411695
96101.7593Jeremy LambINDG949092131
97102104Bojan BogdanovicUTAF10311210588
98102.5103Danny GreenLALG1129211294
99102.5107Goran DragicMIAG1209412175
100105109.5Zach CollinsPORF/C10811511186
101107117.5Fred VanVleetTORG12412011569
102108110.5Derrick WhiteSANG11114711064
103109111Brandon IngramNORF11911395109
104109.75120.5Kevin HuerterATLG12112612072
105110110.5Spencer DinwiddieBROG10496117123
106111112.5DeAndre JordanBROC11670109149
107112.25125.5Dejounte MurraySANG13012113266
108113.5106.5Jaylen BrownBOSG/F8313081160
109113.75114Collin SextonCLEG13295122106
110115.25113Delon WrightDALG129106113113
111115.25101Nicolas BatumCHAG/F9910399160
112115.75114.5T.J. WarrenINDG/F98127102136
113115.75119Dario SaricPHOF13810014580
114117111Alex LenATLC102104118144
115118.25117Tomas SatoranskyCHIG12810616079
116119111Paul MillsapDENF10716094115
117120118.5Mikal BridgesPHOG106109128137
118120.5119.5J.J. RedickNORG115129114124
119120.75109Bogdan BogdanovicSACG105160107111
120121114.5Kyle KuzmaLALF9513297160
121121.25118.5Thaddeus YoungCHIF134114119118
122123.25128Patrick BeverleyLACG12214813489
123123.25137.5Justise WinslowMIAG/F13614413974
124123.5115.5Terrence RossORLG113118113150
125123.5117Taurean PrinceBROF109125100160
126124.75124Joe HarrisBROG127116135121
127127.25125Dwight PowellDALF/C12599125160
128127.75133Kelly OlynykMIAF/C137107129138
129128127Rudy GaySANF123119131139
130128.5129Jarrett AllenBROC96131127160
131128.5135.5Brandon ClarkeMEMF13116014083
132129.25128Darius GarlandCLEG126160130101
133129.5125Cody ZellerCHAC110160108140
134129.5130.5Kent BazemorePORF97101160160
135135.5141.5Jerami GrantDENF16016012399
136135.5137P.J. TuckerHOUF160108160114
137135.75139.5Kevon LooneyGSWC160160104119
138136136.5Evan FournierORLG135111138160
139137.75133.5Reggie JacksonDETG160124137130
140139.25136Harrison BarnesSACF139133160125
141140141.5Willie Cauley-SteinGSWC117123160160
142141.5149.5Luke KennardDETG150149160107
143142142.5Andrew WigginsMINF143142149134
144142153Will BartonDENF146102160160
145144160Landry ShametLACG16016016096
146144.25145.5Elfrid PaytonNYKG160146126145
147144.25151.5Marvin WilliamsCHAF114143160160
148144.5160Derrick RoseDETG16016098160
149144.5160Tyus JonesMEMG16016016098
150145.5160Anfernee SimonsPORG160160160102
151146148D.J. AugustinORLG160128136160
152147160Klay ThompsonGSWG160160160108
153147.5146.5Rajon RondoLALG145137148160
154148.5147OG AnunobyTORF140160146148
155148.5150.5Bobby PortisNYKF133141160160
156149150.5Dennis SmithNYKG160135160141
157150.5160Jaxson HayesNORC160160160122
158150.75153.5Ish SmithWASG160136160147
159151160Coby WhiteCHIG160160124160
160151.75152Cedi OsmanCLEF144160143160
161151.75153.5Eric GordonHOUG147140160160
162151.75160Kyle AndersonMEMF160160160127
163152153.5Rui HachimuraWASF141160147160
164152160Harry GilesSACF/C160160160128
165152.25154Jarrett CulverMING/F148160141160
166152.25160Josh OkogieMING/F160160160129
167153160Ivica ZubacLACC160160160132
168153.25160Robert WilliamsBOSF/C160160133160
169154.5160Trevor ArizaSACF160138160160
170154.75160Justin HolidayINDG/F160139160160

Other players ranked: Tristan Thompson (142, NW); De'Andre Hunter (142, SM); Jakob Poeltl (142, JA); Nickeil Alexander-Walker (143, JA); Dennis Schroder (145, AB); Lonnie Walker IV (146, JA); Markieff Morris (149, NW); Markelle Fultz (150, SM); Marcus Morris (150, AB)

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