The Z Files: Last Minute Draft and FAAB Advice

The Z Files: Last Minute Draft and FAAB Advice

This article is part of our The Z Files series.

Are we there yet?

July has been akin to the one-hour car ride to the amusement park seemingly taking all day.

Of course, if the backseat siblings don't stop misbehaving, there's a chance, "I'll turn this car around and we'll go back home."

Here's hoping the kids do what they're told and we play some ball.

Apologies if the following is too late for your drafts or early FAAB/waiver periods, but some of it can still be actionable via in-season roster management.

Stolen bases and the 60-game schedule

With the imbalanced, regional schedule, there will be clubs facing aggregate batteries better or worse than average at nabbing would-be base stealers. Adept pilferers will get their bags regardless, but the information could help at the fringes, especially since every swipe will be magnified in the impending sprint.

Gauging the ability to run on another team isn't an exact science, as some of the data double-counts attempts, not to mention some of the more prolific stolen base artists skew the numbers against the teams they face. Still, it's worth knowing what potential thieves are up against.

The methodology is as follows. Using 2019 stolen base data, I projected the number of steals and caught stealing for catchers and pitchers. Then, based on the 60 opponents for each of the 30 MLB teams, a pitcher and catcher index was determined with 100 representing the average. Anything over 100 is beneficial for stealing while under 100 is detrimental.





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