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The Z Files: Freeze List Tips
Todd Zola examines some overlooked factors in putting together freeze lists in keeper and dynasty leagues, including the hidden cost of blocking your utility spot with a player like Khris Davis.
Baseball Draft Kit: Strategy for Points Leagues
8 days ago
Todd Zola tackles points-based scoring formats in his article for the 2019 RotoWire Fantasy Baseball Guide.
The Z Files: In Defense of Being Bearish
8 days ago
Todd Zola takes a look at a couple of young stars he has ranked below their current market price, including the Braves' Ronald Acuna.
The Z Files: Building an Aceless Staff
15 days ago
Todd Zola looks at what it would take to build a competitive pitching staff without using early picks on true aces and focuses on upside arms like Zack Wheeler.
The Z Files: Practice What You Preach
22 days ago
Todd Zola looks at a couple of recent drafts in which he avoided chasing aces early, and instead found himself with Mike Foltynewicz topping his staff.
The Z Files: Chasing Aces
29 days ago
Todd Zola dives into the numbers to take a look at whether it's really necessary to grab an ace like Chris Sale with an early-round pick.
The Z Files: Hacking the System
36 days ago
Todd Zola looks at a number of hitters who may be undervalued once you account for the stats accumulated by their temporary replacements on an active roster, such as the Rays' Tommy Pham.
The Z Files: The Truth About Tiered Drafting
43 days ago
Todd Zola explains how to utilize a tiered ranking of the player pool and when it might make sense to pass up Whit Merrifield for a player with similar value but a different skill set.
The Z Files: Finding Profit At the Margins
50 days ago
Todd Zola looks at how profitable some common draft strategies can be, including how much extra value multi-position eligibility is worth for players like Javier Baez.
The Z Files: Does Defense Matter?
56 days ago
Todd Zola examines how far we've come with analyzing how glove work can impact a pitcher's performance and whether it's worth getting into the weeds on how much an A's defense led by Matt Chapman can swing BABIP for Oakland hurlers.
The Z Files: Historical Draft Slot Values
63 days ago
Todd Zola looks at the average expected earnings for each slot in a snake draft and explains why drafting No. 1 doesn't always guarantee victory.
The Z Files: Drafting a Pitching Staff
71 days ago
Todd Zola walks through how he assembles a fantasy pitching staff and explains why Max Scherzer is the only hurler to get a pre-draft plan named after him.
The Z Files: Catching Targets
78 days ago
Todd Zola looks for early-draft value at fantasy's weakest position and finds he's a little more optimistic than the market on Salvador Perez.
The Z Files: Early Market Disagreements Part Two
84 days ago
Todd Zola looks at five players he's not willing to spend current market price on, including rising Rays ace Blake Snell.
The Z Files: Early Market Disagreements
91 days ago
Todd Zola takes another look at five players he's more bullish on than the market right now, and thinks a better season from the Arizona offense could help Paul Goldschmidt regain some of his luster.
The Z Files: What Is a Projection?
98 days ago
Todd Zola examines the philosophy behind player projections, and looks at why having a projected stat line for Anthony Rendon doesn't necessarily help you judge whether he's a good fit for the roster you're constructing.
The Z Files: Historical Top 200
104 days ago
Todd Zola takes a look at the end-of-season top-200 performers over the last five years and thinks Charlie Blackmon's being discounted too heavily in early drafts given his track record.
The Z Files: Early Top 15 Pitchers
113 days ago
Todd Zola offers his initial list of the top arms heading into 2019, and doesn't think Luis Severino's second half is a good enough reason to keep him out of the top 10.
The Z Files: Early Top 15 Hitters
120 days ago
Todd Zola lists his initial top 15 fantasy hitters heading into 2019, and warns against jumping the gun on assuming a big regression from Jose Ramirez.
The Z Files: Early Player Pool Observations
127 days ago
Todd Zola offers his early thoughts on the shape of the 2019 player pool and suggests that J.T. Realmuto may be the only catcher left worth an early-round investment.
The Z Files: Looking Back at 2018 Park Factors
134 days ago
Todd Zola runs park factors from the recently concluded campaign and takes a look at the impact the Chase Field humidor had on sluggers like Paul Goldschmidt.
The Z Files: Mad About Max
141 days ago
Todd Zola looks at his strategy for drafting an ace heading into the first NFBC league of the 2019 season, and wonders how early might be too early for Max Scherzer.
The Z Files: Confession Time
147 days ago
Todd Zola looks back at a couple of tough years in showcase leagues and wonders if he's been relying too heavily on projected breakouts from young players like Luis Castillo.
Weekly Hitter Rankings: Rocks on Top in Final Week
153 days ago
Todd Zola ranks the final week's hitters as the Rockies get a full week of games, all of which should be meaningful.
Weekly Pitcher Rankings: Season Finale
153 days ago
Todd Zola ranks starting pitchers for the season's final week, which likely will be chaotic as usual. But not for Max Scherzer, who is pitching for a Cy Young.
The Z Files: Navigating the Home Stretch
155 days ago
Todd Zola looks at some factors that could impact playing time over the final days of the season, such as whether Mookie Betts will stay in the lineup to try and win a batting title or rest up for the playoffs.
Weekly Hitter Rankings: Rays will Shine
160 days ago
Todd Zola ranks the week's hitting as the Rays should be in for a great week against a bunch of soft arms.
Weekly Pitcher Rankings: Two-Start Options Abound
160 days ago
Todd Zola ranks the week's starting pitching, which is packed with two-start quality arms, including Tampa Bay Cy Young candidate Blake Snell.
The Z Files: Finding a Final Boost
162 days ago
Todd Zola looks at some under-the-radar hitters who could provide your lineup with crucial late-season production, including the Royals' Adalberto Mondesi.
Weekly Hitter Rankings: On the Road Again
167 days ago
Todd Zola ranks the week's hitting as the Diamondbacks, Dodgers and Marlins are on the road for seven games.