Oak's Corner: Looking Ahead to 2020; Focusing on 2019

Oak's Corner: Looking Ahead to 2020; Focusing on 2019

This article is part of our Oak's Corner series.

With six-plus weeks left in the season, I'm still fully committed to finishing strong in 2019, but there was a lot of talk this week about what the 2020 first round may look like. While I haven't researched nearly enough to know who I like at what spots, this is what I think the 2020 first round ADP will look like, with the obvious that the last six weeks will impact this some based on performance and/or injury (especially with someone like Max Scherzer).

1)    Ronald Acuna

2)    Mike Trout

3)    Christian Yelich

4)    Cody Bellinger

5)    Mookie Betts

6)    Francisco Lindor

I think this top six will be pretty rock solid, with maybe the order swapped, and of course some starting pitchers will jump in there in some drafts, especially the NFBC Main Event, but I think when the ADP dust settles, this would be a pretty locked in top six. Personally, I think I go Betts and maybe Lindor over Bellinger, but these top six are all so great, I'm not sure it will matter which spot you have in the top six, but it will be a really nice start to lock in one of them.

After the top six, I think a lot will depend on how your league treats pitching, but it gets wide open quickly with a mix of starting pitchers, established veteran studs, and young up and comers in the next 12 to 15 picks.

7)    Max Scherzer

8)    Trevor Story


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Scott Jenstad
Scott Jenstad is a veteran of both NFBC and CDM fantasy games. He has won five NFBC Main Event league titles and finished twice in the Top 10 Overall. Scott is a hardcore fan of the San Francisco 49ers, Oakland A's and Golden State Warriors. Follow him on Twitter @ScottJenstad.
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