Regan's Rumblings:  2020 All-Rookie Team

Regan's Rumblings: 2020 All-Rookie Team

This article is part of our Regan's Rumblings series.

Baseball in June?

As a fan, sign me up.

As a player, so you want me to play in 100-115 degree temperatures while being quarantined away from my family?

I know I make a lot of money, but yeah, hard pass.

Now maybe some adjustments will be made to accommodate players with families, but I'm still having a difficult time seeing a path to June baseball. Hopefully, I'm wrong.

Anyway, for this week's piece, I'm going to cover my projected 2020 all-rookie team. Some of these guys made their MLB debuts in 2019, while many others are projected to do so this year assuming there is a year.


Sean Murphy, OAK

Sure, guys like Joey Bart and Adley Rutschman are higher-rated prospects, but I'd expect their 2020 contributions to be minimal at best. Murphy is expected to receive the lion's share of the catching duties after debuting briefly in 2019 with a .245/.333/.566 slash that included an impressive four home runs in 60 plate appearances. Murphy had been hitting .308/.386/.625 in 140 Triple-A plate appearances and his numbers were similarly impressive in 2018, so this is a player who can contribute offensively at a thin fantasy position. Knee and wrist injuries resulted in Murphy missing large chunks of the last two seasons, but in 478 minor league PA in last season, he hit a solid .288/.367/.520 with a 9.6 BB% and reasonable 18.2 K%. He was also 3-for-10 with a 2B and HR this spring before things shut down.

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