NL FAAB Factor: Waiver Pickups of the Week

NL FAAB Factor: Waiver Pickups of the Week

This article is part of our NL FAAB Factor series.

We have two goals for this article: 

1. Identify likely free agents and discuss their strengths and weaknesses.

2. Estimate how much of your $100 starting free-agent budget you should bid on them.

Bids in general are best guesstimates. With so much uncertainty at least initially, those values may be even greater estimates than usual. The FAAB chart below lets users easily see at a glance how certain players stack up against others and how much they should command in a variety of formats.

The chart, which is sortable by column (click on the header), include a very basic "player grade" column. This serves as a reflection of a player's skills and role on an A-E scale. An "A" grade is reserved for a high-impact prospect stepping into an everyday role.

If you have questions on players, I'm happy to provide my thoughts in the comments. I debated about including Jake Arrieta and Austin Voth this week, but decided against it. Let me know if would like bid information on either or each.

PLAYERTEAMPOSGRADE12-Team Mixed $15-Team Mixed $NL-Only $
Ian AndersonATLSPDNoNo3
Tucker DavidsonATLSPD147
Kyle MullerATLSPDNo15
Bryse WilsonATLSPDNo15
Huascar YnoaATLSPENo04
Tejay AntoneCINSPD015
JT BrubakerPITSPE147
Ryan CastellaniCOLSPENo04
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Jan Levine
Levine covers baseball and hockey for RotoWire. He is responsible for the weekly NL FAAB column for baseball and the Barometer for hockey. In addition to his column writing, he is master of the NHL cheat sheets. In his spare time, he roots for the Mets and Rangers.
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