Bernie on the Scene: NL West Analysis & Predictions

Bernie on the Scene: NL West Analysis & Predictions

This article is part of our Bernie on the Scene series.

This week I begin a six-part series analyzing each MLB division.

I will include: My projected lineup for each club. LH or RH hitter or pitcher My fantasy grade for the player from A thru F- and a brief comment.

I will begin with the NL West, followed by AL West, NL Central, AL Central, NL East and AL East.

Again, the lineups are my projections at the time I write the article. Of course, they can and probably will change. It is my best guesstimate at the time.

I will not grade bench players.

You likely will disagree with my player grades. That's to be expected. Everyone has their own opinion. That's why they make chocolate and vanilla ice cream along with 50 other flavors. People's opinions differ.

I believe team win totals are important. Scoring runs is what it's all about. And that holds true in fantasy as well. Scoring runs matters.

Note: For me, fantasy is an individual undertaking. I look at Average Draft Positions (ADP), but I draft or bid on players I want on my team. Players I can root for. And frankly, it isn't always about winning for me. Yes, winning is great. The best. But being competitive, having fun and making baseball more personal and compelling rule the day for me. And I can't control injuries or bad luck. So, I don't dwell on having to finish in first place.


Estimated $248M payroll
My Estimated Win Total:

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Bernie Pleskoff
Bernie Pleskoff is a former professional scout for the Houston Astros and Seattle Mariners.
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