Top-150 Roundtable: 2022 Fantasy Football Consensus Rankings Update

Top-150 Roundtable: 2022 Fantasy Football Consensus Rankings Update

This article is part of our Roundtable Rankings series.

Welcome to the second installment of our 2022 RotoWire Roundtable Football Rankings.

Below are our top-150 consensus rankings from RotoWire football writers Jeff Erickson, Mario Puig, Jim Coventry and Jerry Donabedian.

Rankings are based on PPR scoring for single-QB leagues. For each player, we've listed average rank (AV) and median rank (MED), along with each writer's rank.

Much has changed since we posted our initial set of Roundtable Rankings on July 12. Among the top 24 (i.e., the first two rounds of a 12-team league), the biggest movers are:

Davante Adams - Down 4 to 13
Saquon Barkley - Up 5 to 16
Mike Evans - Down 4 to 20
Alvin Kamara - Up 7 to 21

From picks 25-96 (rounds 3-8), seven players moved double-digit spots:

Diontae Johnson - Down 13 to 49
David Montgomery - Down 16 to 54
Michael Thomas - Up 22 to 67
Trey Lance - Up 16 to 78
Drake London - Up 20 to 79
Damien Harris - Down 15 to 88
Kadarius Toney - Up 12 to 96

Seven players are new to the list:

Julio Jones (130)
KJ Hamler (141)
Joshua Palmer (142)
Khalil Herbert (143)
Nico Collins (145)
George Pickens (146 147 see update below)
Romeo Doubs (150)

We'll post another update in a few more weeks. In the meantime, be sure to check out our RotoWire rankings, which can be filtered for standard, PPR, half PPR, dynasty, NFFC, ESPN and Yahoo leagues, and also Jeff Erickson's weekly PPR fantasy football rankings. We also have customizable rankings, which you can tailor to your specific league requirements. 

Click on a column to sort. The default order is listed by median ranking.

Think a player is ranked too high or too low? Let us know in the comments below.

Update: Jerry Donabedian adjusted a handful of rankings Aug. 11. (The overall rankings did not change significantly.)

11.01.0Jonathan TaylorINDRB1111
22.32.0Justin JeffersonMINWR2223
34.34.5Cooper KuppLARWR5354
45.05.0Ja'Marr ChaseCINWR3476
55.35.5Christian McCaffreyCARRB8562
65.56.0Dalvin CookMINRB6637
77.56.5Austin EkelerLACRB41385
810.09.5Najee HarrisPITRB917410
99.89.5Stefon DiggsBUFWR771312
1010.010.0Joe MixonCINRB1091011
1111.011.5Derrick HenryTENRB1212119
1212.012.0CeeDee LambDALWR1510914
1312.013.0Davante AdamsLVWR1381413
1416.513.5Aaron JonesGBRB11151228
1515.814.0Travis KelceKCTE1414278
1615.816.5Saquon BarkleyNYGRB18111915
1717.816.5D'Andre SwiftDETRB16221716
1817.517.5Deebo SamuelSFWR17201518
1921.321.0Nick ChubbCLERB20162227
2021.321.0Mike EvansTBWR23192419
2123.022.0Alvin KamaraNORB19232921
2224.522.5Tyreek HillMIAWR22312322
2322.322.5Tee HigginsCINWR26182124
2423.523.5Leonard FournetteTBRB29241823
2525.024.5Javonte WilliamsDENRB21282031
2623.325.5James ConnerARIRB25261626
2726.826.5A.J. BrownPHIWR24302825
2826.028.0Mark AndrewsBALTE27293117
2926.828.0Kyle PittsATLTE30212630
3033.532.0Michael PittmanINDWR35452529
3133.832.5Josh AllenBUFQB32333832
3237.033.5Jaylen WaddleMIAWR34324933
3340.834.5DJ MooreCARWR31633534
3434.334.5Ezekiel ElliottDALRB28373240
3534.336.0Travis EtienneJAXRB33254039
3640.836.5Terry McLaurinWASWR38563435
3734.037.0Keenan AllenLACWR37423720
3840.339.0Mike WilliamsLACWR36414737
3942.839.5Allen RobinsonLARWR40393656
4044.040.5Justin HerbertLACQB39346142
4141.843.0Cam AkersLARRB45513041
4244.044.5Courtland SuttonDENWR46543343
4347.045.0Darren WallerLVTE63355436
4444.345.0Breece HallNYJRB60274149
4552.045.5Brandin CooksHOUWR42754645
4646.845.5Elijah MitchellSFRB43483957
4750.346.5Patrick MahomesKCQB41476746
4847.047.0Gabriel DavisBUFWR47445047
4947.848.0Diontae JohnsonPITWR53574338
5048.849.0DK MetcalfSEAWR50434854
5155.349.5Marquise BrownARIWR82404455
5254.349.5Darnell MooneyCHIWR48734551
5353.051.5JuJu Smith-SchusterKCWR51387152
5451.052.0David MontgomeryCHIRB52524258
5554.352.5Lamar JacksonBALQB59466844
5654.553.0Rashod BatemanBALWR55625150
5753.854.0J.K. DobbinsBALRB44535563
5855.554.0Jerry JeudyDENWR49555365
5951.055.0George KittleSFTE57365853
6059.057.0Elijah MooreNYJWR56585666
6158.357.5Amon-Ra St. BrownDETWR54617048
6263.061.0Josh JacobsLVRB80506062
6360.061.5Antonio GibsonWASRB64495968
6465.063.0Chris GodwinTBWR67825259
6577.065.0Amari CooperCLEWR661215764
6669.566.0Adam ThielenMINWR62598770
6770.366.5Michael ThomasNOWR88646960
6869.067.5Kyler MurrayARIQB68678061
6967.868.0Jalen HurtsPHIQB72696367
7070.071.0Joe BurrowCINQB74686276
7179.071.0Tom BradyTBQB691106473
7279.873.5DeVonta SmithPHIWR737410171
7373.375.5AJ DillonGBRB65777477
7478.576.5Clyde Edwards-HelaireKCRB70917974
7578.577.0Hunter RenfrowLVWR61859969
7681.578.5Chase EdmondsMIARB81767297
7778.878.5Rashaad PennySEARB75708288
7884.879.0Trey LanceSFQB116657880
7982.881.0Drake LondonATLWR90729772
8092.881.0Devin SingletaryBUFRB771327785
8183.581.5Kareem HuntCLERB85787695
8280.881.5Russell WilsonDENQB79669484
8381.882.5T.J. HockensonDETTE96836682
8483.583.5Dallas GoedertPHITE102866581
8581.085.0Christian KirkJAXWR94609278
8686.586.0DeAndre HopkinsARIWR93818587
8785.886.5Cordarrelle PattersonATLRB83719099
8885.587.0Damien HarrisNERB76929183
8990.587.5Dak PrescottDALQB781098194
9085.587.5Dalton SchultzDALTE92878875
9190.388.5Zach ErtzARITE848889100
9293.089.5Chris OlaveNOWR898011390
9384.889.5Miles SandersPHIRB581028693
9491.390.0Robert WoodsTENWR101898491
9592.091.5Tyler LockettSEAWR7110411479
9698.091.5Kadarius ToneyNYGWR120909389
9794.891.5Chase ClaypoolPITWR878411296
9891.893.0Brandon AiyukSFWR91958398
9993.394.0Allen LazardGBWR99939586
10094.895.0Melvin GordonDENRB8679104110
10193.396.5Tony PollardDALRB1051017592
10292.896.5Rhamondre StevensonNERB959873105
103106.8102.0Russell GageTBWR100100123104
104104.0103.5Treylon BurksTENWR11110698101
105104.5104.0Matthew StaffordLARQB97108100113
106110.5108.5Tyler BoydCINWR10894131109
107109.8111.0Skyy MooreKCWR12112096102
108111.8112.5Kirk CousinsMINQB114114108111
109121.5113.5James CookBUFRB98161106121
110116.0114.0Derek CarrLVQB113115129107
111113.5114.5Rondale MooreARIWR115103122114
112118.8116.0Kenny GolladayNYGWR138105124108
113125.8117.5Alexander MattisonMINRB112112156123
114126.0118.0Dawson KnoxBUFTE107166102129
115123.5118.0Aaron RodgersGBQB106152130106
116120.5119.5Michael CarterNYJRB110133120119
117122.3121.5Jarvis LandryNOWR117107139126
118118.0121.5Ronald JonesKCRB12597118132
119123.0123.5Cole KmetCHITE103138109142
120120.5124.5Albert OkwuegbunamDENTE12999134120
121125.8124.5Mecole HardmanKCWR119111143130
122129.0126.0Rachaad WhiteTBRB133118119146
123130.0126.0Darrell HendersonLARRB135117151117
124131.3127.5Dameon PierceHOURB122116154133
125131.0127.5Justin FieldsCHIQB127153128116
126137.0128.0Garrett WilsonNYJWR131180125112
127125.8129.0Kenneth GainwellPHIRB139119105140
128130.3132.0Hunter HenryNETE128136116141
129130.8132.5Isaiah SpillerLACRB13296133162
130132.0133.0Julio JonesTBWR140126110152
131128.0134.0Pat FreiermuthPITTE104140140128
132132.5134.5Nyheim HinesINDRB134154107135
133136.5136.0Irv SmithMINTE157135117137
134139.5136.0DJ CharkDETWR118145168127
135141.3136.0DeVante ParkerNEWR137178135115
136138.5138.5Tua TagovailoaMIAQB126151152125
137145.0138.5Marquez Valdes-ScantlingKCWR141181136122
138136.5139.0James RobinsonJAXRB124141137144
139136.8139.5Jamaal WilliamsDETRB147134121145
140146.5139.5Jakobi MeyersNEWR130177145134
141141.5139.5KJ HamlerDENWR152124127163
142145.3142.0Joshua PalmerLACWR143125141172
143145.3143.5Khalil HerbertCHIRB123171149138
144143.8144.0Michael GallupDALWR158130163124
145148.5145.5Nico CollinsHOUWR164127126177
146156.5145.5George PickensPITWR144193142147
147146.5148.5Trevor LawrenceJAXQB136147153150
148152.8149.0Mike GesickiMIATE159139177136
149152.0152.0Jahan DotsonWASWR173160144131
150148.5152.5Romeo DoubsGBWR146129160159

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