Rounding Third: My Rosters

Rounding Third: My Rosters

This article is part of our Rounding Third series.

My 17th and final draft happened late Wednesday night, with the conclusion of my NL-only "Midnight Madness" league. It's been a helter-skelter March, but we finally made it to Opening Day. Hopefully, you avoided some of the early mine fields. 

Fourteen of my 17 leagues have a free agent component — 10 have weekly FAAB bids, eight on Sunday (four NFBC leagues, TGFBI, Tout Wars, LABR and the RotoWire Staff Keeper League). Two have daily lineup moves — Yahoo Friends & Family and the Ottoneu Industry League. Yahoo F&F also has first-come, first-served pickups. I really enjoy having one such league — I'd go crazy if all my leagues were like that. Here are my rosters, preceded by the key on abbreviations for each league:


ME Thur - NFBC Main Event (snake draft, 15 teams) on 3/27, drafting from the 14th slot
ME Sat - NFBC Main Event on 3/29, from the 6th slot
BJE1 - NFBC RotoWire Online Championship (12 teams) "Beat Jeff Erickson" on 2/24, from 9th slot
BJE2 - "Beat Jeff Erickson 2" on 3/15, from 8th slot
TGFBI - The Great Fantasy Baseball Invitation, same rules as ME, from 2nd slot — slow draft.
LABR - LABR Mixed 15-team snake draft, early Feb., from 8th slot
Tout-AL - ToutWars AL-only auction league, OBP instead of BA, 3/20
XFL - 15-team auction league, OBP, auction on 12/5, reserve/minors on 3/30, keeper league
SKL - Staff Keeper League, 18-team 5x5 auction league, 10-minors, 7-reserves, 3/16
Amici -

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